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ALA LITA MCIG presentation


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The JISC Mobile Infrastructure for Libraries programme is a series of projects in UK supporting initiatives that utilise mobile computing in academic libraries. The presentation will give a brief overview of the institutional projects, and discuss the broader community support project which aims to help support and engage the emerging m-library community by reviewing and synthesising existing research and evidence-based guidance.

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ALA LITA MCIG presentation

  1. 1. JISC m-libs UK academic library perspective Jo Alcock @joeyanne ALA LITA MCIG webinar
  2. 2. JISC Mobile Infrastructure for Libraries programmeFive institutional projects and acommunity support projectUK higher education focusNovember 2011 - August 2012
  3. 3. Institutional projects The Open University University of Bristol London School of Economics and Political Science City University London
  4. 4. Macon Mobilising Academic Content Online • Mobile discovery interface (using the EBSCO API) • Mobile authentication bookmarklet tool • Good practice toolkit for publishers and libraries • EvaluationProject blog: Twitter hashtag: #OUMACON #mlibs
  5. 5. M-Biblio Project – University of Bristol• Develop a mobile phone application that can record and organise references to books, journals and other resources• Provide user-derived usage statistics of books and journals to the library• Blog:
  6. 6. PhoneBoothPhoneBooth will repurpose the Charles Booth Maps, Descriptive ofLondon Poverty and selected police notebooks (which record eye-witnessdescriptions of London street-by-street) for delivery to mobile devices • enhance the current online delivery • deliver content to the location to which it refers • pilot in a teaching course • mobilisation will be a model for further development of digital library services
  7. 7. Mobile library community support projectEvidence Base at Birmingham City University Owen Stephens Consulting
  8. 8. Evidence gatheringCollecting existing m-library case studiesGathering information on m-libraryinitiativesCollecting information from the programmeSharing information and case studies withinterested parties (within and outsideprogramme)
  9. 9. Community buildingFacilitating communication withinm-library community Information sharing events Online communicationEncouraging sharing of goodpractice
  10. 10. Useful resources #mlibsPlease add resources using #mlibs
  11. 11. Further informationSupport project bloghttp://m-libraries.infoBundle of related links
  12. 12. ContactJo