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Presentation given by Niamh Tumelty and Jo Alcock at CILIP Umbrella 2013.

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  1. 1. CPD23 and CILIP PKSB Niamh Tumelty and Jo Alcock
  2. 2. Overview • 23 Things for Professional Development (CPD23) • Professional Knowledge and Skills Base (PKSB) • CPD23 mapped onto PKSB • Conclusions
  3. 3. CPD23 timeline
  4. 4. CPD23 - What did they think? ‚It’s given me wider and deeper opportunities than I was expecting, largely due to my engagement with ACLIP. It’s very well structured to provide the relevant kind of evidence for CILIP’s CPD programmes.‛
  5. 5. PKSB – What is it? • CILIP Professional Knowledge and Skills Base • Broad spectrum of knowledge and skills required across the profession • Self-assessment tool for personal and professional development • Part of CILIP's Framework of Qualifications used to assess academic and vocational qualifications
  6. 6. The PKSB wheel
  7. 7. Activity Tick the appropriate box in each area of the PKSB for your current level. 0 - None
  8. 8. CPD23 and PKSB - mapping process • Mapping tool used for accreditation • Each CPD23 'thing' mapped against PKSB areas
  9. 9. CPD23 and PKSB 50% or more of area covered by CPD23
  10. 10. CPD23 and PKSB
  11. 11. IT and communication 78%
  12. 12. IT and Communication CILIP PKSB CPD23 ICT skills Blogs, online calendars, document creation and collaboration, wikis, podcasts Social media Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, wikis, Mendeley Communication skills Blogs, online networks, face-to-face networks, events, screen capture, podcasts, advocacy Networking skills Blogs, Twitter, online networks, face- to-face networks, attending/organising/presenting at events
  13. 13. Leadership and advocacy 71%
  14. 14. Leadership and advocacy CILIP PKSB CPD23 Leadership skills Speaking up for the profession Strategic thinking and evaluation Reflective practice, integrating ‘things’ into working routine, identifying strengths Advocacy Advocacy, speaking up for the profession, Day in the Life and Library Roots/Routes Demonstrating value Attending/organising/presenting at events, publications
  15. 15. Organising knowledge and information 70%
  16. 16. Organising knowledge and information CILIP PKSB CPD23 File planning Evernote, Google Docs, wikis, Dropbox Cataloguing and resource description Blogs, wikis, Zotero, Mendeley, CiteULike Subject indexing Blogs, wikis Information architecture Wikis, blogs, Dropbox
  17. 17. Knowledge and information management 63%
  18. 18. Knowledge and information management CILIP PKSB CPD23 Data management Data visualisation, Prezi, Slideshare Knowledge synthesis and information integration Blogs, wikis, Slideshare, Storify, reflective practice Knowledge transfer/organisational learning Blogs, wikis Knowledge sharing and collaboration Blogs, Storify, online networks, face- to-face networks
  19. 19. Literacies and learning 63%
  20. 20. Literacies and learning CILIP PKSB CPD23 Digital literacy Social media, blogs, wikis, Google Drive Writing, numeracy and creativity Blogs, data visualisation, Slideshare, Prezi, reflective practice Supporting users Jing, screen capture, podcasts Virtual learning environments Blogs, wikis
  21. 21. Wider organisational and environmental context Wider library, information and knowledge sector context
  22. 22. Other PKSB elements CILIP PKSB CPD23 Wider library, information and knowledge sector context Blogs, online networks, face-to-face networks, attending/organising/presenting at events, Library Day in the Life and Library Roots/Routes, volunteering to gain experience Wider organisational and environmental context Blogs, online networks, face-to-face networks, attending/organising/presenting at events
  23. 23. Points to take away 1. CPD23 programme is a professional development programme, open to all, that has seen success 2. CILIP's PKSB can be used to assess programmes and courses as well as individuals 3. CPD23 develops skills which cover many of the areas of the PKSB 4. Although PKSB can seem daunting and all- encompassing it's easy to get experience to get you started on new areas - CPD23 is just one option for doing that
  24. 24. Thank you for your time Jo Alcock @joeyanne Niamh Tumelty @niamhpage