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Digital Media Trends in 2013 - BLKBOXLabs


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From disposable content to brands becoming media outlets, I spoke with the PRSA about new trends happening in the digital space from BLKBOXLabs clients and others in the digital space.

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Digital Media Trends in 2013 - BLKBOXLabs

  1. 1. A Digital Branding Agency A company or product is not simply the facade that is most visible to an audience or consumer, but the outcome of a series of events, iterations and decisions that ultimately define who or what said company or product is. Much like a black box in an airplane fully understanding the process of a flight, BLKBOXLabs, puts great effort and intention into fully understanding and taking part in the events, iterations and decisions that ultimately define our partners and their products. We seek to actively serve as a creative partner in thinking not simply about today but the future. By understanding the big picture, goals and aspirations of our partners, we are able to effectively take part in the process by which our partners and their products evolve.
  2. 2. echnology GROUP
  3. 3. New Trends In Digital Media Joey Nelson – CEO BLKBOXLabs Chase Hundley – Digital Marketing Manager
  4. 4. Syndicated Content Brands are becoming media outlets. • Authentic Content, natural • Shared Media (Viral) • SEO optimized • Long tail keywords • Cost to Produce/Life Time Value • Not just blogs posts anymore
  5. 5. Editorial Content Brands are publishers. • Beautifully designed content • Curated content • Not just blog content • Quarterly magazines • Ezines • Personalized purchase recommendations based on past purchases • Publish content frequently
  6. 6. Social Content • Hashtag Driven • Visual content (Instagram, tumblr, pinterest) • Social media focused UGC
  7. 7. Content with Product • Lookbooks • Video Lookbooks • Daily Lookbooks
  8. 8. Disposable Content • Video Content • Disposable Content – SnapChat • 200MM – 350MM snaps created each day • Stories stitched together (Taco Bell)
  9. 9. Brand Moments • • • • • • • Changing Agency workflow New agency spin offs 24 hr turn around Concept, shoot, edit and launch in same day Create content optimized for sharing Microcontent Highly visual Purina uses photos for Facebook with quotes
  10. 10. Brand Development • • • • • Build a brand vs. selling more product Tell a story with your brand Brand Influencers Brand Ambassadors Customer Service
  11. 11. Social Search • • • • Validate Ideas Determine Audience & Market size Use Kickstarter for validation Identify trends and what’s being created
  12. 12. Email Strategies Highly Targeted Email Campaigns: • Segmentation of lists based on behavior • Variable subject lines • A/B Testing • Inbox tabs decrease • Promotions that drive “Likes” • Not just product but content
  13. 13. Search Engine Marketing You have to pay to play: • Google organic search less than 13% of page • PR working with SEO strategists to optimize • Social SEO & search working together • Google Penguin, Hummingbird, Panda, keyword encryption • Google+
  14. 14. Advertising You have to pay to play: • LinkedIn B2B Channel – Sponsored Posts • Facebook ad targeting – Power Editor, Nanigans • Twitter ads • Ad Retargeting – Only 2% converting, cookies to track
  15. 15. Digital Incubators Involves CMO, CTO and not just dollars out: • Co-op programs • Startup Weekends – Businesses born in 54hrs • Co-working spaces - collaboration
  16. 16. Design Mobile Apps were so 2012: • Responsive layouts are the new thing
  17. 17. Email: Web: Twitter: @blkboxlabs Email: Web: Twitter: @blkboxlabs