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Artefact Proposal


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Artefact Proposal

  1. 1. Readme subject: Gaming & Ludics At what point do games become art? - Visuals - Sound - Story - Feel - Message
  2. 2. I missed the pointI will stick with the “games” topic as I have a lot of experience in that area.
  3. 3. Games that caught my attention Desert Bus Cowclicker
  4. 4. Thought about a game like these, but the opposite Instead of the only goal is to raise your score by clicking, you complete a variation of goals but your score remains at 1. Instead of playing to unlock things, the longer you play, the less things are available. All about smooth, nice feeling gameplay rather than scores and achievements.
  5. 5. Too simillar to endless games (adventure/rpg/creation games)Make it about something controversial and popular, such as war, politics, censorship etc
  6. 6. SOPA! At the time of planning it was big It will always return Use parody games to argue against SOPA
  7. 7. How would I parody it? SOPA is all about censorship so:Censor things that dont need censoring?Create something fully censored?“Break the law” of SOPA and copyright infringement, but censor it...
  8. 8. TV Censorship
  9. 9. Popular games series - censored Beep out iconic music
  10. 10. What game should I “copy”? The legend of Zelda (The legend of SOPA) Sonic the hedgehog (SOPA the hedgehog) Super Mario bros (SOPA Mario bros)
  11. 11. Could I rip off a whole game? What things could I censor? Faces Music Levels Objects Menus
  12. 12. What could SOPA stop? Characters, but fan art? Gameplay mechanics? Would games companies support SOPA or not?
  13. 13. The music “beep” out certain parts? Recreate entire sound with beeps for instruments Have fan-made music that is open-source Have open-source music on the same page as game, but not inside it
  14. 14. Art censorship Level censorship? What characters are iconic enough to censor? Blocks faces with black blocks or blurring?
  15. 15. Name changing “Sonic” and other characters are owned by SEGA and Sonic Team. Should I change them or cover them?
  16. 16. What am I trying to show? SOPA would give companies too much power and control over everything. Its too late to introduce censorship with all the content already available. People would always find a way around SOPA.
  17. 17. I whipped up a menu
  18. 18. What will hopefully be:
  19. 19. Questions?