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Utar 07112012 eannee


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Utar 07112012 eannee

  1. 1. Awakening of memories, revival of history! ‘The Way Home’ Book Launching Presented by : Tan Ean Nee
  2. 2. Reconnecting With Their Loved Ones
  3. 3. Reconnecting With Their Loved Ones Noraeni’s eldest son Abdullah Naufal, daughter in law Suhayrah and grandson Misph’al came along. They asked Misphal to call "Nekyang! Nekyang!“ (great grandmother in Kelantanese Malay)
  4. 4. Reconnecting With Their Loved Ones Naufal, Suhayrah and Mis’phal have group photo in front of the headstone. A graveyard reunion that transcend religion and race.
  5. 5. Reconnecting With Their Loved Ones Name: Noraeni Mohammed Age: 55 Nationality: Malaysia - Born in Sg. Buloh and adopted by the driver of Sultan of Kelantan - Was told that her birth father was a soldier in British Malaya, he had died before she was born.
  6. 6. Reconnecting With Their Loved Ones The day after Noraeni’s adoptive mother passed away, she found her adoption certificate among her things. A friend of hers helped to get a copy of her original birth cert from NRD. She realized that she is a Chinese and her name was Cheong Yee Moi.
  7. 7. Reconnecting With Their Loved Ones She contacted Michael Chong from MCA Public services and complaints Department, who held a PC to enlist the help of the media to search for her birth parents. Noraeni placed a notice in the newspaper seeking her biological parents.
  8. 8. Reconnecting With Their Loved Ones In Dec 2009, accompanied by her 2 sons, Noraeni searched for old records at the settlement’s Record Department, she found records of her parents and discovered that she actually has a sister who is 2 years older than her. They were in great excitement with these findings.
  9. 9. Reconnecting With Their Loved Ones It is the first time Noraeni and her sons have ever stepped foot in a Chinese cemetery.
  10. 10. Reconnecting With Their Loved Ones “At Sungai Buloh you were imprisoned, A lifetime there you spent, Never to feel a hug, a touch, a caress. What is the meaning of a birth? What is the meaning of a family? Mother! Oh, mother! I will fight for you. Even though when we meet, You are lying peacefully in your grave.” ----Noraeni.
  11. 11. Reconnecting With Their Loved Ones Name: Julie Age: 52 Nationality: Australian - Julie was adopted by an Australian and raised in Perth. -In October 2006, her foster mother accompanied her back to Malaysia in search for her root.
  12. 12. Reconnecting With Their Loved Ones In 2006, Julie’s adoptive mother brought her back to Sungai Buloh in search of her roots.
  13. 13. Reconnecting With Their Loved Ones “I clearly remember the day that I was to meet my father for the very first time. I walked into his quarters and felt a connection instantly, despite our not speaking a common language. I also immediately saw a family resemblance. My father cried when I presented him with the photo album. My stepmother was crying happy tears and I was crying from the overwhelming happiness that came from not only finding my father but with the feeling of love that surrounded us. My father offered us some beer. I kept the empty bottles as a memento of the beautiful time we had together.” (Extract from Julie’s story in The Way Home)
  14. 14. Reconnecting With Their Loved Ones In 2007, Julie and her children had a reunion meal together with her biological father and stepmother.
  15. 15. Reconnecting With Their Loved Ones
  16. 16. Purpose of this book 1 To eliminate discriminations and reserve the past history of leprosy inmates and their descendants 2 To reconnect the inmates with their descendants 3 To defend the inmates’ rights to be reunited with their descendants
  17. 17. Responses from the Public The book had aroused great interest among the public and it was widely reported by the media. Because of this book, more people had the opportunity to understand the isolated world of the former leprosy patients and their descendants.
  18. 18. Book Campaign In the past year, we have conducted more than 15 big and small public road shows, seminar, talks and sharing in different states. Besides that, we have also given free books to local and international leprosy organizations/individuals, the Sungai Buloh Settlement Council and Malaysian Secondary Schools libraries.
  19. 19. Donation to SBCommunityCheque presentation to the Sungai Buloh SettlementCouncil for their welfare fund.
  20. 20. Online Museum Project Half of the proceeds from the sale will go towards supporting the Sungai Buloh community museum fund. This website will use the online museum idea to publish the inmates’ oral history and relics as an effort to preserve the collective memory of the Sungai Buloh community.
  21. 21. Online Museum Project For the past year, we have interviewed more than 50 inmates, collected their old photos and personal relics. We digitalized all the gathered historical data and material to make the online museum project a success.
  22. 22. Malay Or al Histor y ProjectEncourage the second and third generation fromSungai Buloh to write a Malay oral history book, sharetheir root-searching stories, plight and their hope.
  23. 23. Further Efforts to Help the descendants Helping the descendants trace their official documents at the Registration Office at Putrajaya.
  24. 24. Further Efforts to Help the descendants Bridging the descendants and the hospital authorities, letthe descendants bring up their struggle to the hospitalauthority and appeal for their help.
  25. 25. Further Efforts to Help the descendants Build rapport with the hospital authority, strive for DNA testing after the documentation trial failed.
  26. 26. Perform DNA testing to reconnect the familiesaffected by leprosy.
  27. 27. Doctors and nurses, former leprosy patient, descendantand their families work together to carry out a DNA bloodsample collection.
  28. 28. Our Hope……Support the Chinese and English editions of “TheWay Home”, so that we can continue to serve thiscommunity and make the SB project a success.
  29. 29. Our Ultimate Goal 1. To reconnect the elderly inmates with their missing offspring before they pass on. 2. To ensure that the inmates’ stories and past sacrifices can live on in the hearts of the next generation.
  30. 30. Your support will definitely make our community servingproject even more successful! Thank you 
  31. 31. What is leprosy? •Leprosy is a slightly contagious disease caused by a tiny rod-like germ called Mycobacterium Leprae (M.leprae) . • It was first discovered by Dr. G.A. Hansen in 1873. •
  32. 32. Is Leprosy Contagious? Yes, but leprosy is far less contagious than other infectious diseases. It is only contagious when a person has untreated leprosy. Once the disease has been treated, a person becomes noninfectious within a short period of time. Most specialists agree that more than 95 percent of the worlds population has a natural immunity to the disease.
  33. 33. SIGNS OF LEPROSY Hands and feet - Leprosy bacteria attack . the nerves in the hands and feet and cause them to become numb. Eyes - Leprosy bacteria attack the nerves around the eyes, causing the loss of blinking reflex. Face - Damage to the internal lining of the nose causes scarring and eventual collapse of the nose.
  34. 34.  眼盲、鼻残、毁容
  35. 35.  终生瘫痪
  36. 36.  终生残疾
  37. 37. 被扭曲的容颜
  38. 38.   几乎被掩盖的历史
  39. 39.   外人不知道的故事
  40. 40.   永远的希望之谷 1 。消除歧视、珍惜麻疯病患 者的经历 2 。 重建社会对麻疯病的认 知,捍卫院民的居住权 3 。新生代继续经历他们的故 事,体验他们的绝望与希望。
  41. 41. The Marriage Quarter Couples would be allowed to live in quarter upon availability after years of waiting for their turns
  42. 42. Baby’s Home The Early Settlement Policy: • Disallow living with biological parents • Prohibition of breast- feeding to prevent spreading of disease • 1 hour visit /month was permitted for respective parents within 6 months grace period
  43. 43. Le gal Adoption • For the sake of the child and knowing it to be in his interest, we make this gesture of our own free will, fully conscious that we have renounced all our claim of this children now, or any time in the future.
  44. 44. Guardians Arrangement • Taken care by the relatives or friends of respective inmates • Sent to welfare homes which managed by different charity organizations • Inmates visited and contributed monthly monetary support
  45. 45. Welfare HomesBukit Nanas Orphanage Home (1930’s)- managed by Sisters of the Infant Jesus
  46. 46. Welfare HomesIpoh Salvation Army Home (1940’s) - managed by the Salvation Army
  47. 47. Welfare HomesPuchong Pure Life Orphanage Home (1950’s)- managed by The Pure Life Socitey
  48. 48. Welfare HomesBatu Arang Good Shepherd Welfare Center(1960’s)- managed by Good Shepherd Convent
  49. 49. Welfare HomesDesa Jaya Children Home (1970’s)- managed by Sisters of the Infant Jesus
  50. 50. Welfare HomesRumah Care (1970’s)- managed by Malaysian Care
  51. 51. Sending Away…. •Total renouncement of child claim with legal agreement •Adoptions by foreigners and different races • Resulting hardships in future tracing
  52. 52. Story of Lee Ren Ai- a glance of my daughter Age: 69 Nationality: Indonesian -Gave birth her 2nd daughter in Sg. Buloh - was given when 4 months old to a discharged single male patient from Sg Buloh -Agreed to have a glance of her daughter after grown up however promise was broken by adopted father
  53. 53. Story of Tan Cheng Hoe- please find anyone of my children Age: 84 Nationality: Singapore - fathered 4 daughters and 3 sons in Pulau Jerejak - sent directly to Penang Maternity Hospital; Adoptions arranged by Social Welfare - Without legal agreement; only verbal communication - Met youngest daughter ; 4th child passed away; hoping to find the remaining children