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Joe music vid eval


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Joe music vid eval

  1. 1. Evaluation
  2. 2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? As I was planning the digipak and print advert I kept in mind that the style ofthe texts had to connect with the stylistic imagery of the music video. Thedigipak and print advert have kept a noticeable resemblance and maintained aclear brand identity for the artist allowing the audience to familiarisethemselves with the artist. The fact that the ‘Daylite’ music video has a strong resemblance to thedigipak front cover promotes the album creates a clear relationship betweenthe media texts. For the front cover of the digipak and print advert I took aphoto from a scene in the music video. This link helps build noticeability forthe video. For my the front cover of the digipak, I used Photoshop to create the effectsimilar to the image and mood of the music video, creating a relationshipbetween the media texts which brings out the dark tones and expands thesinister theme of the music video.
  3. 3. Representation of the artistI initially wanted the artists brandidentity to be underground or outsideof the mainstream. The unusual filmingtechnique and gritty post-productioneffects that have been duplicated in thedesign for the digipak were used tomake the camera look cheap and oldfashioned-something the oppositemainstream artists would use. This The artist is wearing a grey jumper, black skinnymakes the artist seem it doesn’t want jeans and Doc Martin boots. The image I haveto be mainstream and is against the created for the artist is an indie look that ismass production of the modern day outside of the mainstream artists, allowing tomusic industry. focus more on the music rather that the image.This contrasts with many voyeuristic This build on the brand identity of the artistrepresentations of women in music which appeals to people with similar attitudesvideos. and fans of the genre.The black and white effect creates adds a gritty atmosphere to the artist. I used thiseffect in my digipak and print advert to create a link between the texts, building on theartists brand identity making the artist more recognisable among the audience.
  4. 4. Digipak and print advert The theme of the digipak and front cover has clear references to the musicvideo including the two main characters of the story. This promotes the singleas the main single which increases recognition of the song. I used Photoshopto achieve the stylistic imagery that was portrayed in the music video tocontinue the brand identity. To allow my digipak to attract people into buying it I have included additionalfeatures that fans could otherwise not get. With the inclusion of a poster acode that can be inputted on the artists website to get 20% off merchandiseand a bonus DVD including a live concert and a documentary, the digipakappeals to fans to make them feel they are getting more than just the music.The front cover of the digipak has been used for the print advert to promotethe album and make it more familiar. Featured on the print advert are reviewsbuy leading music magazines and newspapers. This ensures fans that they willnot be disappointed with the record. Also on my digipak, it features another two images chosen to reference thevideo and further referencing the artist.
  5. 5. Audience Feedback 100% of people recognised that the music video has conventions of rock/indie music videos. This is good as I intended to represent the artist and use the camerawork and effects to create an indie/underground video that was anti- corporate and reflected to attitudes of indie culture. From this result there is not a clearoverall opinion. This is good as I intendedto challenge the forms and conventionsof music videos. The music video has adark ambience whereas the song is muchbrighter. I intended to challengeGoodwin’s forms and conventions tomake my music video unique andinteresting.
  6. 6. Most people agreed that my music video challenges the forms and conventions of usual modern music videos. I intended to break Goodwin’s forms and conventions with the use of a sinister, violent narrative and a dark tone. These features would not be shown in mainstream music videos as the age group intended for my music video is 16-24 and appeals to that target audience 100% of people said that editing is effectively whereas mainstream videos have to appealused. This was really important to my music to all as editing brings out the mood andemotions in the song to make it moremeaningful. It cuts back and forth between theartist and the characters in the story. Thistechnique is done in many staged music videosto promote the artist while creating aconnection between the lyrics and visuals andmaking a story out of the song. The editing was also carefully done to at somepoints build tension, reflect the mood of theprotagonist and create a psychotic mood for theaudience to be positioned in the protagonistssituation.
  7. 7. Planning the shots and angles for the music video took a long time as it had to evolve the story while simultaneously connecting with the audience to bring them into the story. POV shots were used to achieve this. Less vigorous shots were used it the beginning to build the story whereas in the chorus and as the story progresses the shots become more violent as the darker themes came up such as the attack. The shots of the artist was done to allow the audience to become familiar with the artist, something that record labels intend to create a brand identity to allow them to become recognisable and promote the artist. As 85% of people agreed the camera shots and angles were conventional of the genre, people agree that my This is good as it shows people agree that different approach to filmmaking is suitable for thethe representation of the artist is appropriate genre and works well with it.for the genre as she is wearing indie clothing.I wanted to artist to relate to the targetaudience by wearing similar clothing and notbeing represented as mainstream pop artistsare. This allows the audience to identifythemselves in her. This creates a connectionbetween the artist and the audience. I also intended for the artist to look ‘anti-corporate’ and stay as ‘one of the people’.Rock/indie cultures tend to rebel against themainstream so the representation of theartist allows her to reflect her fans attitudesand opinions.
  8. 8. I am pleased that 100% of people said that my digipak and print advert looked professional and attractive. I was careful with the design of the two media texts to make them look both professional looking whilst creating a brand image. This response was also appreciated more as, from my research of other CD covers and print adverts, my design was unique and of my own creation. 6 out of 7 people replied that allmy media texts look related. Iplanned before I produced to piecesof texts how they would be related.With the use of Photoshop I madethe texts maintain the sinister moodand narrative of the music video topromote it as well as to make itmore familiar andrecognisable, building the brandimage of the artist.
  9. 9. All of the responses show that all threemedia texts in a positive light. Manyresponded with ‘very good’ and ‘veryprofessional’. The comment ‘well edited’was important as I wanted to challenge theforms and conventional of editing in musicvideos to create something unique so thisone was meaningful to me. 4 out of 6 people replayed that they wouldn’t change anything about the music video which Im really pleased about. Two of the comments read ‘lighting’ and ‘I like it all really, perhaps if there was less of the shakey camera’. The lighting was really important as it had to reflect the mood of the narrative. Also, the camera work was intended to be ‘shakey’ to get that effect of the audience being in the video and to reflect the psychotic mood of the protagonist and his situation, building tension and make the action scenes more convincing.
  10. 10. How did you use media technologies inthe construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?YouTube was a huge help in my planning. As Iplanned my music video I wanted to understandmy style that I wanted to achieve. I took influencefrom music videos like Oasis-Cigarettes andAlcohol directed by Mark Szaszy. The mix of highcontrast, black and white with agritty, underground look appealed to me and Iused this style in mine. One shot that was reallychallenging form me was the dolly zoomshot, where it appears to undermine normal visualperception. YouTube helped me as there weremany tutorials that helped me achieve thisunusual shot in order to convey the antagonistspsychotic mind.
  11. 11. To get used to the technology that I would be using, the induction project was set to helpus. We could familiarise ourselves with the cameras, how to use effects on AdobePremiere and Photoshop, many of this training I used in my final piece and was veryconfident with the equipment to get the takes that I wanted. To get the track I used a non- copyright website called I originally wanted a guitar driven track to appeal to a more male base. Although, the hauntingBlogger allowed me to track Daylite by Conwaygain information including Hambone conveyed to sinisterGoodwin’s theory, and tones of the video muchlook at previous works to better to create a contrasthelp me understand the between the song and theproject to achieve the visuals. This helped mybest I can do. I was also intentions of reallyable to upload my work challenging the forms andfor people to see what I conventions ofhad achieved. typical, mainstream music videos.
  12. 12. To construct my digipak and print advert is used Photoshop. Thisenable me to change to look of the images to create an overallbrand image for the artist so all media texts could relate to eachother. I looked at existing CDs to understand how to set out theback cover of the digipak. The track listing, label information andwebsites were used to make my digipak look as authentic aspossible. The Conway Hambone circular logo was designed and constructed from scratch. I took inspiration from the designer brand “Pretty Green”., and the “Rubber Soul” font on the Beatles album to get a retro, 60s styling. I used a font called ‘vintage’ that I found on the website By warping the image and altering its shape into a circle using Photoshop, I created a logo that reflects the music from the artist.In the editing stage, the software I used was Adobe Premiere. Ihad used Premiere before in the induction project, but I wantedto experiment with it. Premiere allowed me to get theeffect, tone, and mood I wanted to convey whilst maintaining abrand image. The shot timing was vital to express the emotionsin the narrative to create meaning. Premiere was brilliant atachieving this. It also helped me do my voice over evaluation.
  13. 13. Facebook and Survey Monkey were really helpful.They allowed me to gain feedback on my music videoand digipak and use that information to see howpeople respond to it and how I can improve in myfuture work. Facebook allowed me to share my videowith my friends and show what I had achieved. It alsoallowed me to put the survey I create to get feedbackquick and easily.