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Slides from scalability talk at Wordcamp Toronto 2009

Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Wordpress Scalability Joe Taiabjee b5media Inc.
  2. 2. (Dramatization)
  3. 3. Wordpress and Performance • Performance is always a tradeoff between functionality and speed • Wordpress out of the box is pretty fast • Plugins add functionality, but also have a cost in terms of performance
  4. 4. Some plugins are heavier than others! Watch for plugins that: • Display differently for different users • Personalize the site with user preferences • Extra database queries • Database writes on page loads
  5. 5. WP Cache WP Super Cache
  6. 6. Oops! Too late! • If people can’t get to your site, chances are your wp-admin is dead too • Use .htaccess to deny everyone except you • Disable “heavy” plugins, and any non- essential ones • Confirm wp-cache, or wp-supercache is active and enabled • Offload some page content to another host (images, js)
  7. 7. Blog Growth Roadmap • Optimize your config first • Poorly written themes, and heavy plugins will cost you as you grow • Scaling your infrastructure multiplies your good habits as well as bad
  8. 8. Hosting Infrastructure • Short Term Spike vs. Traffic Growth • As your base traffic grows, the spikes get bigger • Try to stay one step ahead of your traffic growth
  9. 9. Shared Hosting
  10. 10. Shared Hosting
  11. 11. Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  12. 12. Blog Growth Roadmap • Have access to change configuration • Can even replace apache with other webserver software • Information on Wordpress Codex to help optimize your configuration • Disadvantage: you need to know what you are doing!
  13. 13. Dedicated Server
  14. 14. 2 Servers Database Web
  15. 15. Scale out Web Servers Database Web Load Balancer
  16. 16. Blog Growth Roadmap • Keep docroots in sync – Particularly wp-content/uploads – Just a few servers, use NFS • Issues with Supercache – Batcache with Memcached • Removes single point of failure • Doesn’t have to be expensive • Scales really well from here, just by adding web servers
  17. 17. Scale out Web Servers Database Web Load Balancer
  18. 18. Redundancy Databases Web Load Balancer
  19. 19. Questions? Joe Taiabjee @joetek