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War on western front

The War on the Western front in class

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War on western front

  1. 1. WORLD WAR I (1914-1918)
  2. 2. The SIDES  Triple Entente Russia England France
  3. 3. The SIDES  Triple Alliance Austria-Hungary Germany Ottoman Empire
  4. 4. The MAP
  5. 5. WESTERN FRONT  Schlieffen Plan Germany’s plan for quick victory by invading France through neutral Belgium.  Win quickly against France then turn around and fight Russia on the Eastern front.
  6. 6. WESTERN FRONT  Resistance in Belgium slowed the German army enough for France to stop Germans at the Battle of the Marne
  7. 7. WESTERN FRONT  The war turned into a stalemate as both sides began to dig trenches
  8. 8. TRENCH WARFARE Basically, weaponry has now become so powerful that both sides had to dig into the ground like moles to stop being blown to smithereens!Form of warfare in which soldiers fight from trenches dug into thebattlefield– trade huge loss of human life for pitiful small land gains
  9. 9. TRENCH WARFARE  Trench Foot  Trench Rats  Constant shell-fire (shell shock)  Dysentery stomach pains/diarrhea)  Lice (itch, carry disease)  trench fever: firstOne soldier wrote: "The rats were symptoms were shootinghuge. They were so big they would pains in the shins and was followed by a veryeat a wounded man if he couldnt high fever.defend himself."
  12. 12. TRENCH WARFARE Trench Foot: This was an infection of the feet caused by cold, wet and insanitary conditions.
  13. 13. POISON GAS  Bothsides used a variety of chemical weapons to overcome the trenches
  14. 14. POISON GAS The gas was delivered in shells… Fired across “No Man’s land”…
  15. 15. POISON GAS Impact released gas into the air… Wind blew it towards the trenches…
  16. 16. POISON GAS Gas masks were needed for survival… For both humans and animals…
  17. 17. POISON GAS Victims suffered severe burns… Nerve and respiratory damage…
  18. 18. POISON GAS Blindness… And Death…
  19. 19. ROLE OF COLONIES  The countries fighting WWI needed human and natural resources from their overseas colonies
  20. 20. ROLE OF COLONIESAfrican soldiers in British army…
  21. 21. ROLE OF COLONIESIndian soldiers in British army…
  22. 22. ROLE OF COLONIESAustralians in British Army…
  23. 23. ROLE OF COLONIESIrish in British Army…