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safety tinting


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Safety and security risks have in recent times intensified around the world leaving many buildings with sizable glazed areas exposed. The damage to commercial property from violent weather or some other extreme events can be severe, as can the injuries to you and your staff.

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safety tinting

  1. 1. Have your home made cooler and more private with Southern Cross Window Tinting’s new services in home window tintingand office window tinting.
  2. 2. Energy Rated Solar Film Cooler, Reduces Energy Costs Large expanses of glass in our homes and workplaces are becoming more popular as designers create a greater harmony between inside and outside spaces.
  3. 3. Automotive Window Tinting Automotive Window Tinting and Car Window Tinting are just some of the services that Southern Cross Window Tinting offer to Melbourne and the surrounding areas
  4. 4. Economical upgrading of existing designs, flexible design tool that transforms plain glass, wide range of decorative finishes or pre-printed designs, exterior or interior use, creates dramatic effects, digital graphics and computer technology design service available. Interior and exterior glass surfaces can be transformed into exciting and practical works of art. Corporate identity can be reinforced, retail spaces, offices and workspaces enhanced. The possibilities are simply endless and are as varied as your imagination. Glass partitioned offices take on a brilliant new look, providing privacy without the ‘closed in’ feeling or the capital cost and the maintenance of traditional sandblast and acid etched glass, curtains or blinds. Company logos and graphics, office identity markers and retail fit-outs are just some of the many eye-catching possibilities that can be achieved using MEP’s Decorative and Designer Window Films.
  5. 5. Car Window Tinting Magnum Auto Security Film with 35% visible light transmission (MASF 35) is designed for the side glass/windows in vehicles to substantially increase protection against theft and vandalism when compared to the same application of standard window film.
  6. 6.