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Business Social Media


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This introductory presentation on Social Media will give the viewer a general understanding of how Social Media works, the major players in the SM sphere (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), an idea as to how one can create a consistent, online persona, as well as giving a list of some of the major trends in Social Media today.


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Business Social Media

  1. 1. Why Social Media? Joe Robb Twitter: @JoeLRobb Delicious: JoeLRobb
  2. 2. What is Social Media?
  3. 3. Social Media is not a light bulb plugged into a lemon.
  4. 4. Social Media is a Way to Connect.
  5. 5. . . . and use SEO to tell your story.
  6. 6. Who Does It Well? Procter And Gamble
  7. 7. What Not To Do: •Hope it happens organically, because people like you and your company. •Set up an account on every platform and post to it every few months, whenever the mood takes you. •Create accounts for your business and talk primarily about Dancing With the Stars. Remember, you are using Social Media to get business, not just for socializing.
  8. 8. Which Network is the Best Network?
  9. 9. Three Major Players Reconnect with friends and acquaintances, share thoughts and commentary, and spend innumerable hours on third party applications. Reach a large, captive audience. Exchange ideas, opportunities and knowledge with trusted business contacts, while exploring the social web that connects you with other people of interest. Interact with businesspeople. A micro-blogging and service that allows members to send and receive short messages (140 characters or less). Rapidly updated, it is easy to become subsumed by postings. Monitor real-time conversation.
  10. 10. • A new member joins LinkedIn approximately every second, and about half of all new user are outside the U.S. • LinkedIn has over 75 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the world. • Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members. • As a businessperson that might not be engaged in Social Media, this is the place to start. Social Media for Professionals, by Professionals
  11. 11. • The largest, verified social networking site in the world, perhaps the universe! • Second most visited page in the world, after Google. • Grew to 500 million active users—more people actively use Facebook than live in the US. • Grows, roughly, by ten new users every second, and there is no sign of stopping. • 3rd Party apps, Tagged Photos, Advertising and more. The Social Behemoth Why, How, World, Most, Top
  12. 12. • 140 characters or less. • Estimated to have anywhere from 25 million to a billion users-- Twitter does not release hard data. • Estimated to have a 40% retention rate. • Your profile is searchable, no matter what. People’s tweets can be blocked, but they can still see what you’re saying. • Lots of chatter, but an excellent way to quickly pass content and meet new people. The Bird and the Whale
  13. 13. Twitter may be better than Facebook . . . . . . for business*
  14. 14. Who is Kevin Colvin?
  15. 15. Differences in Privacy Policy Participates in EU's International Safe Harbor Privacy Principles & abides by them. Anyone can follow your conversation . . . almost. Twitter collects personally identifiable information and shares it with third parties. Actively mines your data. Reserves the right to share your information with 3rd parties, if they so choose. (They choose so.)
  16. 16. What Not To Do On LinkedIn:
  17. 17. What Not To Do On Facebook: Fire your employee for something said on Facebook. People the idea of “Privacy” on Facebook They get angry when forced to acknowledge otherwise. Just Ask:
  18. 18. What Not to Do On Twitter:
  19. 19. What To Do: • Fill out profile completely • Post regularly • Learn the platform philology • Maintain a consistent persona
  20. 20. Location-based Platforms and Mobility
  21. 21. RealSimpleSyndication • A collection or web feed formats that pushes updated information to readers. • Information is aggregated in a central repository and held for future reading. • Allows you to monitor the online conversation. The Internet’s Most Powerful Business Tool.
  22. 22. Where to Start? Set up a Monitoring Plan and Decide How to Participate: • Google Alerts: Create RSS feeds based on a word or a phrase searched in Google. • Twitter Search: Same premise as Google Alerts, but for Twitter. Some different functionality. • Icerocket: Google Alerts and Twitter Search, but for Blogs. • Google Reader: Collect your RSS feeds in one place, monitor your company, your name, and your reputation. • Namechk: will search out your desired user names, show you what is and isn’t available, and direct you to relevant SM sites. • Mashable: website dedicated to tracking the new and exciting frontiers of Social Media.
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  24. 24. Remember: Set Goals And Abide By Them
  25. 25. Thank You Have a Tuesday
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