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No guts, No glory: 5 steps to become a brave new marketer


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Our world is changing rapidly. Technology is developing faster than ever. Information is shared and made available everywhere.

This InSites Consulting marketing paper on Generation Y is based on interviews with 21 global marketing executives from various industries (such as Converse, Heineken, Abercrombie & Fitch, BBC, Microsoft, Reckitt & Benckiser and many more) and it offers a 5step plan for marketers to improve their marketing towards the demanding Gen Y customers.

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No guts, No glory: 5 steps to become a brave new marketer

  1. 1. What to expectfrom this paper?Our world is changing rapidly. Technology is developing faster than ever. Information is shared andmade available everywhere. Generation Y is the first generation to grow up with Internet and isused to having everything at its fingertips.Therefore marketing will never be the same again. Merely pushing advertising doesn’t workanymore. One-way communication simply doesn’t do the trick anymore. Ignoring your failures willnot make them go away.21 global marketing executives from various industries (see list in appendix) provided us withinsights on their definition of Generation Y, the main marketing challenges and some possiblesolutions to tackle these challenges. This paper is composed in this order:• How different is Generation Y as a target group according to marketing practitioners?• What challenges are marketing, branding and communication managers confronted with when dealing with this Millennial generation?• A 5-step plan to improve your marketing towards Gen Y customers.One remark: don’t expect to find all the solutions. After all, it’s about having the guts to dosomething you have never done before.
  2. 2. 1How different is Gen Y?
  3. 3. Defining characteristicsBefore defining the challengesmarketers face when connectingwith Gen Y, it is important to knowhow they define this generation. Itis clear that coming up with oneunilateral definition is a hard task.A lot of verbatim was used butbrought us to four keycharacteristics. ME = FREE
  4. 4. The free generationThe overall trend when marketeers are talking about GenY is that the GenYyouth have a high degree of freedom compared to the previous generation.Everything their parents and grandparents fought for finally paid off: youthtoday is finally free. No pressure to practise a given religion, no worries aboutbeing gay: let’s put it all on the table and talk about it. It’s [also] the firstgeneration that didn’t need to rebel against former generations. Societybecame more liberal and parents more democratic.Mum and dad are pretty cool in a way: they are not an institution to fightagainst, rather a source of reliable advice. Up to GenY to make this advicetheir own. Parents treat their children on an equal level, like friends, and thekids today respond with more compusere towards their folks.That doesn’t mean that there are no issues anymore. For example: they reallycare about the environment and the economic crisis also affects them. Theyhave a strong feeling for justice: it’s not fair that the banks profit fromnormal citizens and it is not okay that we are all polluting the planet we liveon. Fortunately, they have the balls, the skills and the means to address andtackle these issues. And when they have issues with you as a brand, they willtackle those as well.Let’s go more into detail about the implications of these characteristics for thetoday’s marketeer.
  5. 5. PRAGMATIC I want it all Looking for the best deal Kuruma banare As there is less stress about where to belong or how to Let’s take transport as an example: the more convenient, the behave, youngsters feel more confident. They have a better. Improved infrastructure in the big cities, environment realistic view on the state of the world and what their role in issues, the rising fuel costs and everlasting traffic jams make it can be. Therefore, they make choices which best fit their a car a luxury item rather than a necessity for youngsters. needs at that particular moment. They want everything as In Japan they use the phrase “kuruma banare” fast as possible and have no patience whatsoever. They’re (demotorization), which means that youngsters fall out of annoyed when they can’t get what they want. love with cars. They prefer public transport, bicycles or even skateboards to go from A to B in big congested cities. “They are not a generation that wants to wait; if they feel a need It’s not that they don’t like these big cities, they just want to for change theyll immediately want that change. Everybody in this be as efficient as possible. Today’s youth is more generation feels entitled to freedom, to deciding on their own interested in the latest gadgets rather than in acquiring an terms and having a better and bigger life. Life became more rapid expensive car. City cars, like for example MINI, need to be and this fast-paced age has changed their attitudes, their world convenient, smart and easy-to-use. perceptions and their whole life.“ Christophe Fellinger, Employer Branding & Talent Attraction, Beiersdorf
  6. 6. CONNECTED I want to share it now Sharing is caring The success of the Tomorrowland after-movie Connecting was never easier. There are no restraints which keep them from communicating “When the product is good, people start the exactly when, where and how they want it. They campaign for you. And of course we have all these have Internet in their blood and are not afraid to deejays from all around the world who have their own use it. GenYers love to talk with each other blogs or webpages and fans and they are the online. They learn about products, situations, ambassadors of our event too. And we try to surprise experiences by hearing from others. Not only are them, like for instance the people flying in from they sharing, but they also do it continuously. Barcelona, experienced a party flight with deejays Being connected at any time has become more and dancers. They will talk about that.” and more important: Christophe Van den Brande, Marketing & Creative Manager Tomorrowland “Three quarters claim to never be offline for more than an hour. They are accustomed to working on Tomorrowland has been voted the best Dance numerous devices, gadgets, social networks and apps Music Festival in the world in 2011. Everyone and thus live in a perpetually virtual world allowing who was ever there agrees: Tomorrowland is them to maintain a consistent level of engagement.” quite an experience. That much an experience, Anita Caras, Head of Insights Global Agency & that people want to re-live it. The success of the Accounts Microsoft after-movie says it all: in 24 hours the movie already had 2 million unique views. One week later the video already had 10,000,000 unique views. Quite impressive, knowing that there were actually 180,000 people present.
  7. 7. BOLD I„m sharing it all Belvedere Vodka: not so smooth Past March, Belvedere placed a Heart on the sleeve rather controversial commercial online. Within an hour, Belvedere Having original and conversation-worthy experiences and had to take the ad down. opinions is key. If it’s not buzz-worthy, it’s not cool. Comments on Twitter and Everything is shared, good and bad news. They have their Facebook were furious, even after own voice and they are not afraid of using it. They like to apologizing with the following give their feedback to friends & family, but also to brands tweet: and companies. Review sites are more popular than ever. “We apologize to any of our fans who were offended by our recent And you’d better be listening, because they won’t stop tweet. We continue to be an advocate of safe and responsible drinking.” talking: Even more complaints came in after this apology, because the “The challenge with this generation is that your organization company only apologized for offending their fans, not going to the should be ready to act rapidly as a response to their feedback. core of the case. Charles Gibb, president of Belvedere, wrote a Social media are a good way to have feedback right away, but personal message on Facebook: this generation has a high need of quick reactions to their feedback. If you want to satisfy them, you need to respond with “My name is Charles Gibb and I am the President of Belvedere Vodka. I product or campaign changes much faster than before and try would like to personally apologize for the offensive post that recently to deliver what they are asking you.“ appeared on our Facebook page. It should never have happened. I am Clelia Morales, Head of Social Media & PR eBay Europe currently investigating the matter to determine how this happened and to be sure it never does again. The content is contrary to our values and we deeply regret this lapse.” The company also made a donation to RAINN, the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, as an expression of their regret.
  8. 8. ECLECTIC I want it my way Puzzle time Karl Lagerfeld for Coca-Cola light Today’s youth isn’t about predefined structures or rigid A special cooperation is the one between Karl Lagerfeld, movements anymore, it’s about creating your own style the famous Chanel designer, and Coca-Cola light. The dimension. Freedom implies freedom of choice: clothes, fashion legend has already signed twice for the design of music, travel, hobbies… Instead of one main point of special edition bottles for one of the most well-known interest there are several smaller ones which construct drinks in the world. Not only do Coca-Cola and clothes their identity. Mixing and matching brands, expensive or not have that much in common, the high-end image of non-expensive, hippie, chic or vintage: it makes them feel Chanel and the image of the mass-produced soft drink unique and original. are also not an obvious match. It works, however: on all fashion blogs, the cooperation was a hot topic. The “Millennials break the traditional segmentation and bottles were sold exclusively in only a few specific shops marketing theories. They may buy a very expensive fashionable per country. Louis Vuitton bag because of its badging value, but at the same time they’ll buy very cheap private label crisps simply to go for the cheapest. As consumers they are far less predictable than before. They may buy the gorgeous next Paul Smith dress for €1000 even, and the next day buy a €20 H&M copy of something fashionable, just to use it for a couple of months.” Mark Van Iterson, GlobalHead of Brand Design Heineken
  9. 9. 2Challenges in marketing to Gen Y
  10. 10. These characteristics create challenges Pragmatic “If you don‟t do what you promised me I‟ll get bored, I‟ll go away and talk about my feelings (offline and online).”Eclectic Bold Connected
  11. 11. But …“If you do everything you promise me I’ll stay with youand share my thoughts (offline and online).” (until you no longer surprise me…)
  12. 12. The question isHOW “You constantly have to be up-to-date about what is actually moving in their heads, whatmakes them happy, what makes them worried and what makes them prefer one company overanother.” (Jörgen Andersson, SVP and global brand & new business director Esprit)
  13. 13. Challenges for the marketeer PRAGMATIC CONNECTED Deliver value for money Be where they are Companies are obligated to deliver value for If there are no restraints which keep them from money. This doesn’t necessarily mean monetary communicating exactly when, where and how they value. Their personal needs (identification, want it, there are none for your company either. It’s experience, trust…) will influence their definition of not about mass marketing anymore, but about value for money. It has to be the whole package: managing all different touch points. it’s not about adding a nice design or giving a special experience, it’s about having both. ME = FREE ECLECTIC BOLD Act like a chameleon… Activate a conversation …but don‟t become a lizard! Their eclectic nature Youngsters talk about brands and decide what is implies that companies nowadays should be flexible said about them. Cool and interesting information and able to react quickly to all sorts of new trends. Gen could be fun to share, irritations and bad Y has another way of consuming than the previous experiences are also a conversation starter. Open generation: harder, better, faster, stronger. Still, the dialogue, participate (add value) and have a consistency in time, channel & culture remains honest conversation. important.
  14. 14. 3Five steps to Gen Y-proof marketing
  15. 15. Step 1 Step 2 PRAGMATIC CONNECTED RELEVANCE TOUCH POINTS GenYers won‟t take bullshit. They So many possibilities, so difficult to search for products which satisfy their manage them all. Reaching out to them needs the best way possible. Being and communicating with them requires relevant is key. good touch point management. Step 5 HAVE5-step plan GUTS Step 4 Step 3 ECLECTIC BOLD LOYALTY ENGAGEMENT Their constant hunger for new You can‟t just expect them to impulses makes it hard to keep swallow every message. Do you them interested. How can you really tap into their minds? How make them loyal? can you really engage them?
  16. 16. 1 StepMake it relevant
  17. 17. 1 It all starts Don‟t forget about Creating the with the product the company experience “The first way to be cool and stay hot “Corporate CSR became more “We used to focus on creating the best is to have a nice and differing product. important because Gen Y is also smarter product benefits. Today thats not enough These days you cannot build a brand just and will spend and invest their money anymore, its all about creating the best by marketing, you need a great product carefully, in a way that it actually product EXPERIENCE. But creating a and adapt all the marketing to the core reflects their value system and they will relevant experience is always related to strengths of the product, not the other challenge companies to use their money understanding the world of your way around.” in a conscious and social way.” consumers and trying to be as close to Renzo Rosso, Founder Diesel Hubert Grealish, Global Head of them as possible.” Marketing Communications Diageo Mariken Kimmels, Marketing Director If your product isn’t doing what it Heinz Continental promises, you may as well close up. Of course, being true to who you are Youngsters can find information is key. It’s about wearing the Stories will be stories, and the anywhere and are asking feedback company value glasses in everything product should give your consumers from peers all the time. you do. Storytelling, authenticity what they’re expecting, nothing more It is all about price/quality: are you and uniqueness could add more and nothing less. Creating an actual offering something valuable? That than you would expect: they reflect experience around it, online and will cost a certain price. Finding their values and build up your offline, is something intangible that exclusive promotions and getting corporate identity. could elevate your product and even more value than expected is the brand experience. top of the bill.
  18. 18. Step 1 Be cool A cool product A cool company is A cool experience is innovative and smart and reliable is exclusive surprising Making genuine efforts to be Youngsters are afraid to be just like Being the first to do something new relevant to them is considered to be the rest. They want to stand out, will certainly arouse the interest. Of cool. It is showing them that you have their own identity and course, your innovation should be have done your homework and are experience things that are clear and add an extra value to the willing to go beyond the obvious. exceptional and exclusive. These product. After all, the pragmatic Being cool nowadays means being moments are most likely to be GenYer won’t like anything that smart: inventiveness and creativity shared with their closest friends. It is seems irrelevant or doesn’t add create buzz. about having a moment they will some extra value. never forget. ‘Remember that evening we had thanks to brand x?’ Instant coolness. “It is about relevance, being meaningful and worth sharing. Like tweeting it to your friends. That’s a pretty good sign that it is cool. We’re not kidding ourselves into thinking that people are really going to talk about it: “Oh, I had a great experience when I paid with my debit card at the local pizza place”. What will get people to talk is when you tap into their emotion and add some sort of value, so some of them will say: “Oh, I got this through MasterCard. How cool is that?” Peter Jung, Senior Business Leader MasterCard
  19. 19. Step 1 Be real A real product is A real company is A real experience is transparent and fair approachable and engaging (online and open offline) Be clear about what you are: what are the ingredients, where have you Authenticity is key. What does Captain Morgan is a very popular made your clothes, how authenticity mean? First of all: you rum brand, named after a real 17th environmentally friendly are you? need to have a story to tell. Second: century pirate from Jamaica. This Youngsters appreciate honesty: you should stay true to your brand character is used as a real-life being clear about your intentions values. It is all about being human. entertainer in bars and pubs, offline. and your goals and living up to them Social media is a perfect platform to People are then able to share their is a huge asset. have direct contact with your pictures and experiences online. consumers. Brand ambassadors even more so are giving your brand a human face. “It can bring so much fun and personality to those places in ways we’ve just not seen before. And to think that all of that is brought together again with the digital background is so important because it allows people to share their pictures, share their stories and it allows the Captain to say where and when he will be in different places. It creates a whole new type of engagement opportunities for Millennials based not only on branding but actually on personality.” Hubert Grealish, Global Head Brand Communications Diageo
  20. 20. Step 1 Be unique Every company, product, service, commercial… has to be unique in some way. The time of one single USP is over. Having a combination of several USPs is what every company strives for. A unique product is A unique company has A unique experience is personal a story to tell memorable Personalisation is still key. The clue A unique company has a story to For Gen Y, creativity is also very is to go beyond personalisation: it’s tell: they talk about heritage, important. There is so much to not only about adding or changing consumer experiences, employees choose from that you have to stand something to the layout of a product, and company culture. out in the crowd. Abercrombie&Fitch but also about being open to co- are doing a great job in giving their creation and co-ownership. customers the ultimate in-store experience: “When people enter an A&F shop, they expect high energy, a cool fun environment with shop staff with a great sense of style and appearance. We bring that same consistent shop experience in all countries. We are cool on many levels: songs, music, lyrics, feel, smell, taste, touch, in the shop, how we look. Its important that our staff humanizes our brand and experience of walking in the shop. When you walk in people will talk to you and help you.” Todd Corley, Senior VP, Abercrombie&Fitch
  21. 21. Step 1 Make them happy The product fulfils The company believes The experience met or my needs I‟m important even exceeded my expectations It’s all about managing expectations. It’s about truly engaging with your Don’t promise what you can’t make consumers: are you listening? Are For this generation, it’s all about fun, happen. Listen to the needs of your you reacting to what they’re saying? happiness, excitement, feeling part consumer and try to adapt your Only when you’re showing your of something, feeling empowered. product to these needs. honest interest and link actions to It‟s about living the light life. Let’s this, the consumer will really feel again take the example of that they make a difference. Tomorrowland. Tomorrowland is a dance festival in Belgium which has captured the hearts of youngsters all around the world in no time. In only four years time the visitor count went from 50,000 to 180,000 this year. Tomorrowland is more than just concerts, it is a total concept: “We work on exceeding the expectations. We want to create an atmosphere of phantasy, a separate imaginative world, everything must be part of that experience: from high quality food (Michelin starred chefs cooking, fresh vegetables and good meat even at the burger stall...), over comfortable entrances, showers and luxury cabins for overnight stay, some of them with Jacuzzi and sauna and butler. We build an experience comparable to the good feeling after a long holiday with memories to cherish for life, the ability to get in touch with new people, start a relationship. Its more than just people watching a good show and then leaving again, we want to bring them a creative and sexy unique experience.” Christophe Van den Brande, Marketing & Creative Manager Tomorrowland
  22. 22. Step 1 Let them identify! A product I can A company I can An experience I can identify with identify with identify with While globalisation no longer left youngsters Values are a reflection of a consumer’s An experience should have a personal clueless about each other and styles are a identity. Identifying these values and approach and elaborate on a person’s mixture of several influences, GenYers still responding to them makes consumers feel interest. Involving peers in the experience will want to have their own identity. They want to connected with the company. make it more valuable and memorable. When be proud of the products they are using. being connected with each other, youngsters Tapping into their personal atmosphere and “For Esprit last Christmas we did the "make will share interesting content. Add a local adding a local touch stays important: your wish" campaign around the world with the experience to your global campaign and you Facehunter (famous street style fashion already have the right mix to approach a Xerud the fortune teller photographed/blogger). Urban people were diverse audience. holding a card with their personal wish in the Despite the liberal mind-set of Taiwan, talking pictures and some candid movies were shot too. about safe sex is still a sensitive subject. Everything was posted on Facebook and people How to adapt to this cultural threshold if your could add their own wishes and then a jury would brand is called Durex? In Taiwan, fortune select wishes relevant to the Esprit brand and tellers are very common. Durex decided to make them come true. So instead of just showing develop an unbranded fortune-telling clothes, we were showing the values and automaton that provides love/life predictions. expressing that we care about people and the They let her tour in bars and clubs over the world around us.” country. With their prediction comes a Jörgen Andersson, SVP and global brand & new condom and a message. An example: business director, Esprit "In a relationship it is vital to just be your free self. Dont worry. With Durex your romantic undertakings are in safe hands... For more predictions go to of look for Xerud on Facebook.“
  23. 23. To stay relevant for Millennials, marketers should take inclusiveness AND exclusiveness into account.On a corporate and brand level, they On a product level, it is important to be In marketing campaigns, activations,should make sure their brand is accessible for everyone (inclusive) on events and retail experience, successfulincluding as many Millennials as the one hand but to create stimulating Gen Y brands know how to createpossible. Gen X marketing was all exclusive novelties, limited editions, extraordinary, exceptionalabout creating an exclusive brand. To higher priced temporary items or experiences. They should feel likeapproach the social Gen Y, brands innovations on the other. The latter will exclusive and personalized experiencesshould be involved in all lifestyles and keep the attention of the fickle that Millennials find worth sharing withsegments of Millennials. Brands must be stimulation-junkie generation. their friends.innovative, surprising andinspirational for all of them. This is theonly way Gen Y will identify with thebrand.
  24. 24. Abercrombie&FitchBeing an inclusive company becomes more and moreimportant. After a racist scandal, where potential employeeswere discriminated because of their skin colour, hipster shopAbercrombie&Fitch decided to focus on an inclusivenessprogram, creating a special function which would beoccupied following up this program. “We rolled out a programme to make our staff more dexterous,more flexible with different cultural styles or different ways oflooking at thing, to help them figure out the common ground andmeet someone who is perhaps more passive or less direct,somewhere in the middle. In 2004, when I started this office/newfunction, A&F had 400 shops, based in the US only, in 2011 we hadgrown to 1,000 shops, the majority still in the US but also in manyother nations. We moved from a 90% white in-store population toa 50% white and 50% non-white population. With that evolutioncame an increased level of awareness and dealing with not onlyissues of race but also nationality.”Todd Corley, Senior Vice President & Global Chief Diversity Officer A&F
  25. 25. MasterCard & Exclusive experiencesMasterCard, a difficult product for youngsters to reallyengage with, tries to connect with consumers through exclusiveexperiences. By surprising their consumers and tapping intotheir true interests, MasterCard becomes more relevant. “An example of engaging young consumers in conversations: apilot project in Mexico built around one of the core passions: music.Weve invested in mobile apps which actually profile consumers basedon their listening behaviour. So, for instance, if you like Coldplay andyou live in Mexico, you will receive an invitation to post something orshare something and then get an invite for a VIP cocktail receptionbefore the concert. Or you will get access to presales of ticketsexclusively for MasterCard holders so that you will be guaranteed toget a ticket before the mass sales start... So exclusive, experientialoffers based on your preferences.”Peter Jung, Senior Business Leader MasterCard
  26. 26. 2 StepThe touch point mix
  27. 27. Step 2 Point of sale Media & Advertising Look at your (web) shop as if it‟s your own home: when What about good old-fashioned above-the-line campaigns? you invite people to your home, you want everything to be in Of course they’re not dead. You just need to know that you order. You want people to have a nice impression of you and won’t make it with a single TV advert. Actually, campaigns you want to make them feel comfortable. Hopefully they will are great to create global awareness. But it not enough to just spread the word and will be eager to come back. Don’t forget leave it at that. Integration with social media is a must. The about social shopping either: it’s an important trend that will campaign should trigger some kind of interaction with your emerge more in the future. Offline and online go hand in consumer. hand: GenYers have the tendency to ask feedback from a friend when shopping offline or online. The faster, the better! “Gen Y understands very well what marketing and advertising is about and that marketing people paid big sums of money to put "One of the new services we are testing now with eBay is all their logo on TV. If the content is not entertaining or relevant its about this instant gratification. It is called "help me find". For useless. Of course TV commercials are still important but its all the instance, if you see a bag you like, you can immediately take a digital marketing around it, the extra content like in films or behind picture, tag your friends and ask them to help you find out which the scenes, the challenges and little games make the commercial brand it is and where you can buy it. It is this type of instant more talkeable and interesting. So its all about understanding the services allowing you to connect with your friends that are context of a touch point.” endorsing the social shopping trend among Gen Y“ Mark Van Iterson, Head of Global Brand Design Heineken Clelia Morales, Head of Social Media & PR eBay EU
  28. 28. Step 2 Website Social media Mobile integration A website is more than just an Of course, social media are a must. Use mobile efforts to connect with your information stall about your product. It is Facebook for example should be consumers and connect them with each what you are: you can share your past, integrated in all communication actions. other. Don’t create just another app: your present and your future and get Don’t think of it as a one-way make it relevant. feedback from your consumers. You can communication platform though: the most engage and connect on a deeper level valuable feature of Facebook is the fact • Take location-based marketing to than for instance on your Facebook page that it enables interaction and the next level: it’s not about knowing (which is obviously linked to your website inspiration (by brands, celebrities and where your customer is, but about and vice versa). Contests, games or friends). Not only with the brand, but also customizing your communication in advertising often refer to the website. with their peers. It is a great platform to try the right context. If you know your Make sure you keep your new visitors new things and to innovate. Playing with customer is working out at the gym, connected by making them more curious: trending topics, asking them about the you might as well communicate about hide a riddle, reveal a secret or show latest news and using humour are your energy drink. exclusive footage! Don’t make it successful ways to connect with your Gen • When are your customers the most overcomplicated though: your website Y audience. active? Maybe during lunch? Maybe should be a portal where everything your just before or after school? Link consumer needs to know is presented in “Brands have to be more social today and certain actions to these timings! an intuitive and engaging way. that doesnt just mean adding a Facebook tab • It’s not about culture, but about and Twitter account. Its about investing in services: where are the good “Mobile and web is not a differentiating community management and establish a restaurants, where are the other strong social voice. It means that you have to factor, it is just something you have to have.” respond and syndicate conversations about people around here who have the Christoph Fellinger, Talent Relationship your brand and payments and create real two- same product as I have? How can I Manager Beiersdorf way dialogues. It takes serious commitment connect with them as quickly as and engagement to get people to talk about possible? your brand or service - you should ask • Don’t make a rip-off of your website, yourself: why should they care, why should but do something unique. An app is they share?” a perfect platform for branded utility. Peter Jung, Senior Business Leader MasterCard
  29. 29. Step 2 Event Being relevant is defined on three levels: product level, company level and experience level. Events are the way to go when you want to create the ultimate customer experience. Not only can you connect with your consumers, but consumers can also connect with each other. This results in WOM, sharing stories online and long-lasting memories. “When it comes to touch points, although we have the right product in the right shops and successful social media networks, we believe connecting with consumers in real life, physically, is still very important. So skateboarding events like Coastal Carnage at Huntington beach are important because we bring 10,000s of people together to interact socially with each other and its an exceptional experience that they will discuss with their friends both on- and offline. (see also 100 club events in London)” Geoff Cottrill, CMO Converse Managing touch points nowadays means having a well-balanced mix of online and offline channels. Take a good look and bear in mind the tips and tricks of the previous chapter when choosing the appropriate way to communicate with Generation Y. “The true CEO of the company is the consumer. And it is all about his/her emotions, what he/she feels when coming into a shop: its not just the clothes or colours: its also about feeling inspired. So with every touch point of the brand, you have to feel something. If youre passionate about something, you become engaged.” Jörgen Andersson, SVP and Global Brand & New Business Director Esprit
  30. 30. 3 StepThe engagement toolbox
  31. 31. Step 3
  32. 32. Step 3 Top users You probably have some true brand lovers. Those consumers are crazy about your product, love to talk about it and share their experiences with others. So why not connect with your top users and engage them to engage others? "Its not only about selling stuff to them, its about getting into a relevant conversation with them related to their interests in daily life and get involved. For instance: eBays spring&summer fashion campaign in the UK ( #mymix). We had a meeting with the 20 most influential fashion bloggers and through a Twitter party everyone could connect, ask questions and make live comments. Three bloggers created their own style with eBay items -and became a model of their own look! Its an example of how we engage with our clients through different channels.“ Clelia Morales, Head of Social Media & PR eBay EU
  33. 33. Step 3 The engagement toolbox Co-creation Collaboration Ok, so now you have Consumers are no longer waiting for Co-creation is evolving more towards used your relevance an invitation to co-create brands. collaboration. The pragmatic, eclectic checklist, you checked They are building their own brands and bold GenYer wants to have a say the touch point mix and with other consumers, involving your in the products he uses. How should you involved your top brand whether invited or not, and you facilitate this? Create a platform users. How can you now expecting their influence to be where they can share their thoughts engage with consumers? rewarded. So it is not a question of and ideas. Act upon these thoughts Look in the toolbox and incorporating co-creation or not, it is a and involve them in the early stages of choose an engagement question of how far you want to go. the creation process. technique. “Many companies are still afraid of “I do think brands are co-owned. what I would call the real co-creation. Companies need to learn to let control of Not just using co-creation as a one-off the brand by consumers. Before it was more shot for marketing purposes but really centralized and more, small groups making involving consumers in an early stage of decisions on how the brand acted, and what developing new products, concepts and type of campaigns you portray, activate and ideas. At Heinz, we are now what type of platforms you use. I think now experimenting with the Talking Labels: we are shifting towards more co-ownership people can order their own label with a of the brand.” personalized text but the next phase Francisco Bethencourt, Director Strategy & should be collaborating with them in an Marketing PepsiCo earlier phase.” Mariken Kimmels, Marketing Director Heinz Continental
  34. 34. Step 3 Surprises Stories Surprising your consumers is the best Do not underestimate the power of way to give them a shake and make stories. Tell a story about yourself, let sure they stay focused. A surprise can your consumers share stories about be anything: send them a birthday their personal life, or even better: card, post a video that nobody has combine both. People want something ever seen before, show up to talk about. What kind of stories? unexpectedly at an event… As long as Cool, real, unique, personal and it is relevant (see previous chapter) emotional stories! and you don’t stalk them, they’ll love it: “Red Bull is a good example of a brand “When the product is good, people want which represents experience life to the to be part of it, share movies and pictures full, with adrenaline kicks. Maybe the on YouTube and Facebook and start the biggest fear of Gen Y is to lead a dull and campaign for you. And we have of course boring life. So Red Bull does all this numerous deejays from all around the exciting interesting stuff with adrenaline world who have their own blogs or kicks, stuff worth uploading and sharing webpages and fans and they are the on FB or through Twitter.” ambassadors of our event too. And we try Mark Vaniterson, Global Head of l Brand to surprise them, like for instance the Design Heineken people flying in from Barcelona, experienced a party flight with deejays and dancers. They will talk about that.” Christophe Van den Brande, Marketing & Creative Manager Tommorowland
  35. 35. Step 3 Games Games are engaging, no question about that. The problem is: everyone is doing it already. So how can you stay relevant and stand out in the crowd? First of all: link it to your product and try to make it cool, real, unique and relevant. Second: don’t make it too difficult so your consumers can still feel good about themselves. Most of the time they are playing for attention and achievement. And last: don’t forget to leverage on the social potential: your target group probably has a wide social network. Try to engage your gamers to activate that network as well! “Achieving something and feeling happy (in a social context) is utterly important to Gen Y. Gamification can fit into this aspiration to achieve and self-improve but in the same time you gain feedback and comments of your social circle.” Anita Caras, Head of Insights Microsoft “To develop the new cap of the Heinz bottle we used some gamification elements. For instance the first 57 visitors of a new website to develop a new cap were invited to share their ideas. (57 refers to the 57 varieties of Heinz also mentioned on the bottle). They could create their own content and share it with their friends. It really worked and we found out that mire young people participated because of these gamification elements.” Mariken Kimmels, Marketing Director Heinz Continental
  36. 36. 4 StepEnhance Loyalty: be FAIR
  37. 37. Step 4 Want fame? Be FAIR! Be fast How to keep them involved, for more Let’s get Famous – have a continuous conversation with your Gen Y than just 15 minutes of fame? consumers Great that you managed to create a Famous is the first advertising agency which truly connects with consumers, good campaign which receives a lot of in order to make their campaigns more relevant. For consumers and for their positive reactions. But it doesn’t end clients. Via an on-going online research community, Famous has a constant there. A frequent mistake is to take a connection with consumers. Not only campaigns, but also trends, brand break whenever something goes well. positioning and strategy are discussed. Famous is always in touch with Wrong: you have to keep your young consumers and can ask questions at any moment of the day. consumers involved. If not, you just had your fifteen minutes of fame, but you The faster you react towards your consumers, the more likely you are to have want to be legend, or not? Follow the a bond with them. It’s all about conversations: the more fluent you FAIR model: communicate with each other, the better you will understand each other. Fast action shows them that you actually listen and care. And it’s not only about literally acting fast on Facebook or Twitter, it’s also about monitoring their behaviour and keeping on learning more about them. Go out and talk! As their world is so rapidly changing, an on-going approach is the most successful way for keeping up: “Research now is done online, both qualitative and quantitative. Companies that are more forward-thinking and are starting to embrace those ideas, will understand much better what is up and coming in the new generation, engaging with them on an on-going basis.” Francisco Bethencourt, Director Strategy and Marketing PepsiCo
  38. 38. Step 4 Innovate (or let them innovate) Reward them for their loyalty Standing still is going backwards. By innovation you The pragmatic GenYer won’t do anything for free. are showing interest, creativity and proactivity. Always Showing them your appreciation for the fact that they question your product with the end-user in mind. And choose you is key. Compare it with a relationship: you very important: involve your users in the innovation also like appreciation for the fact that you’re process. They will feel heard, appreciated and will stay committed, no? Some nice words, a little surprise, a loyal to the brand they helped building. gift… It makes you feel appreciated and motivates you to go on! Going beyond the obvious could even make “Apples communication is very much about innovations, your consumers happier: a random act of kindness is improvements and simplicity, but always clearly linked to an instant satisfier. daily life. Their strength is that they dont bother too much about dominating technologies but are able to imagine what “Durex sponsors Valtifest, a festival in Amsterdam. The the future will bring.” theme of one of the previous editions was religion. A sign Mark Van Iterson, Global Brand Designer Heineken dropped from the sky upon the festival visitors when Durex dropped 3,000 condoms on the festival terrain. A random “Who creates the content? Historically this was done by act of kindness.” the agencies. Companies engage with agencies to create a Ilse Westerik, Senior Brand Manager Personal Care Reckitt new marketing campaign based on a big idea. That content Benckiser was pretty much created internally, within the four walls of the company. Together with the agency, but in that internal environment. I do think we are seeing more and more FAIR= FAst, Innovative, Rewarding examples and we will see more successful companies and brands engage in that two-way dialogue and create content together with their consumers.” Francisco Bethencourt, Director Strategy and Marketing PepsiCo
  39. 39. 5Step Have guts
  40. 40. Step 5 Go out there and create a daring but relevant appeal “Keeping the Heineken brand cool and stay hot… in the end it’s a couple of people who had the imagination and the guts and thought “okay, let’s do it”. Because this is typically how cool stuff happens, not by endless business meetings and calculations on return of investments. That will come later, you know. If you’re cool, people will buy it. I think that in the end it’s about having guts. It’s daring to do stuff that’s never been done before. This Milan club is a brilliant example of it. We didn’t know at all what this was going to bring, my boss and his boss thought: Okay, wow, this sounds like a great adventure, it’s probably going to cost quite a lot of money… we cannot calculate the return of investment up-front but somehow it fits the brand, it’s a territory in which we must start experimenting.” Mark Vaniterson, Global Head of Design Heineken
  41. 41. 5-step planKey take-aways
  42. 42. 1 2 3 4 5Being relevant goes The shop in your One of the biggest Keep your consumers Have guts!beyond the product: favourite city is linked fears of a GenYer is to involved by acting Go out there andit‟s about the to Facebook, where lead a boring life. fast in everything you create a daringcombination of you can find the latest Bring in your toolbox do and show your but relevantproduct, company collection you can to keep it exciting and appreciation for their appeal.and experience buy online and share use your top loyalty by doingcreation. Use the with your friends and consumers to spread random acts ofrelevance checklist wear afterwards on the word. kindness.and make sure you the event the brandhave what it takes. organizes: integration is everything.
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