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Different Fencing Styles For Your Home


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Fences are created according to the purpose they will serve .

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Different Fencing Styles For Your Home

  1. 1. Ideal Fencing Style For Your HomeSteel Gates
  2. 2. Fences are created depending on the intended use . For example, there are those that are made toimprove security to prevent something from getting out or keep something from going in. Inmany cases, these have barbed wires as the top to ensure the highest level of security. These canbe seen in residential areas where robbery is widespread. You can also find fences that are fairlytall to keep passersby from seeing the home behind it. In these cases, they are referred to asprivacy fences. Fences that have slats placed tightly together to prevent individuals from peeringthrough them is also another type of privacy fencing. These can be set up around the entireproperty or in certain sections, like around pools.Fences are not only useful, they could also be aesthetically pleasing. There are various kinds ofdecorative fences that individuals can use in their properties. One of the most well-known arewrought steel gates. Wrought iron fencing is usually used in historic neighborhoods and isusually installed in Victorian style homes. This fencing style is stunning, iconic, and reallyresilient but it is usually pricey as the fence is worked by hand. Scroll work and robust stoneposts are common inclusions of this type of fence, making them one of the most elaboratedecorative fences out there. Considering the steep price such fencing style, many individuals no longer get wrought iron gates. Moreover, commercial manufacture of wrought iron fences stopped in the 1960s though smaller specialty companies still exist. Instead, those who want the style of wrought iron fences get molded steel which is less costly and easier to find.Split rail fencing is another decorative fence. They were traditionally used to keep livestock in apasture, but over time have become decorative fences which are favored by many homeownersSteel Gates
  3. 3. as they can indicate property lines without obstructing the view. In communities, this can helpkeep off domestic pets from the yard. Picket fences are also very iconic fences, and they areusually two feet high with a sharp tip at the top of the slats.They are installed in a way that a narrow space is retained in between slats. This decorativefencing is perfect for front yards as it offers sufficient security for small children and pets whilestill leaving a great view of the houses in front of your property. Many people also favor livefences or hedgerows which is a fence made live plants, like shrubs and small trees, which areplanted close to one another. Utilizing live plants as fences will improve air quality in yourproperty, and provide a habitat for urban animals.Steel Gates