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myWealth slides for discussion


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Rapacki + Co PA myWealth discussion.

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myWealth slides for discussion

  1. 1. website
  2. 2. You’ve arrived
  3. 3. Does the math for you Auto Auto Populates Calculates Auto Auto Auto CalculatesPopulates Calculates
  4. 4. Get set upOnce &Done
  5. 5. Store Important Documents Once & Done
  6. 6. It’s this easy Collect basic online account information Enter once Store in the vault Monitor and adjust Make informed decisions
  7. 7. myWealth Data Collection Form
  8. 8. Data Entry & Scanning Services Reduced rate for Data Entry & Scanning Services Secure disposal
  9. 9. Q&AGive us a call @952-945-5011 We’re happy to help!