Social media presentation by Joe Pryor Oklahoma City real estate investment specialist


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Intorduction to social media presented by Joe Pryor President Elect of The Oklahoma Association of REALTORS®, to the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association on November 5th, 2012. We will explore how to use no and low cost media for Oklahoma City real estate to extend reach and lower cost.rr

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Social media presentation by Joe Pryor Oklahoma City real estate investment specialist

  1. 1.  It’s all about engagement It keeps getting better It’s about becoming famous for the right reasons Famous is local It’s a two way conversation It can be overwhelming It’s cool to be an amateur
  2. 2.  Advertise in the newspaper, send direct mail, do open houses, make cold calls Find homes for buyers in books that came out every two weeks Write contracts on paper and hand deliver Call the title company constantly to ask are we there yet Go to closings and look official
  3. 3.  Advertise on the web through web site and social networks Pick up buyers we have never met in person Set up showings on listings on the web and use electronic assistance’ Write contracts on electronic forms and use digital signatures Have closing packet sent to our office
  4. 4.  In 1990 we were in the car a lot and the only other business we could do is over the car phone. Advertising was expensive and our bottom line shrank In 2012, we could write contract remotely and while we waited the three hours for it to come back, we wrote a blog, did a video, sent tasks to our digital assistant in Romania
  5. 5.  Web 1.0 was all about connectivity and populating the web with content Web 2.0 was all about creating the social contract and connections Web 3.0 will be all about mobile access with half of the U.S on smart phones and the rise of tablets
  6. 6.  48 hours of video 47000 Apple apps downloaded 27,778 new blog post 347 new WordPress blogs 204,166,667 emails sent 571 new websites created 3,600 new instagram photos 684,478 new Facebook shares 100,000 Tweets 2 million Google searches 272,070 spent on web shopping 2.083 Foursquare check ins
  7. 7.  For all of us who are not major corporations traditional media has two problems: First, it is beyond our reach financially. Second, it relies on a universally recognized brand. Even if you are a part of a major corporation use BOA as an example. This is also a shotgun approach where we should be using the specialty and niche marketing opportunities that the democratic web offers us.
  8. 8.  The Library Travel Agent Book Store Music Store iTunes Attorney Pre-Paid Legal Technology Movie rentals Contract labor Real Estate Lots of places
  9. 9.  The story I looked forward to as a child annually. I want to focus on once they go to the Emerald City and the Wizard’s palace. Contrast the two times they appear before the wizard and use this as the way we relate or don’t relate to people who would be our customers.
  10. 10. 1. Its not about the technology its about the change it enables2. The shift of control from institutions to communities3. It’s about being yourself4. It’s to influence people to act on our behalf5. It expands our scope of operations6. It will change again and fast
  11. 11.  What would you rather have, 100,000 people playing or 4,000 people using you? What did the $8000 tax credit buyers Google to find information? Why are,,, and spending money to get ranked on Edmond Real Estate?
  12. 12.  1. What are you passionate about 2. What are your Specialties and expertise 3. What’s is your personality? 4. Slogans, UPS, logos, colors 5. Who is the audience and how can we findthem 6. How do we build our personal brand awareness 7. Where is it used  Website  Signs  Business Cards  Email  Flyers  Video  Stationary
  13. 13.  Blogging Video Picture sites like Pinterest Press Releases Public speaking Facebook Google Plus
  14. 14.  Twitter I’m eating a donut Facebook I like donuts Foursquare I’m at the donut shop Instagram Photo of Vintage Donut You Tube How to eat a donut Linkedin My skills include donut eating Pinterest Here’s a donut recipe G+ Join my Donut Circle Spotify My song set about donuts
  15. 15.  Stay small and hyper local Look for niches, events, similar rivals Utilize Google Trends for rising stats Check for keywords and are they rising If you see Breakout it means a 5000% increase It’s not cheating if you Piggyback like my James Harden story
  16. 16.  Let’s use blogging and video as examples. They can be embedded in a blog, sent to a Facebook page, shared on Google plus, put on your Pinterest site, shared on social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon.
  17. 17.  Reduces lead cost  More Frequency by 60% equals more business Increases indexed  Why used more is the pages by 434% economy and past Increases website success visitors 55%  Blogs & Inbound 97% more inbound advertising is now links 39% of small business budgets and rising Biggest % of business getting a client  2nd to Social media in lowest cost
  18. 18.  Listing Community Green Real Estate Market Data Specialty Event Personal Story National Events Real Estate Education Video Guest Blog
  19. 19.  4 trillion views in first 4 months 53% more likely to be on Google 1st page 78% increase in REALTOR® getting client 2nd most searched site on the web Owned by Google Can be indexed by both It is free It can be branded
  20. 20.  1 Billion users but ½ are in Asia Remember it is Social Divide it into Personal, Business, and group pages PPC It can act like a billboard You can post into it It is also a news network like Twitter
  21. 21.  Permission based marketing Don’t make it spam Target your market Use stationary or template Look at a program like Constant Contact or or Aweber Some programs have analytics Don’t send me your listings unless I ask for it Use Mail Merge or BCC please If you use Gmail you can use to unsubscribe Cox is cracking down on home offices
  22. 22.  1. It is a Micro Blog. 2. It is a Hyper Local Advertising Vehicle 3. A Connector if the right people are by design rather than accident 4. A Local or National Breaking news network 5. A Spam Lite Communicator ½ users between 15-25
  23. 23.  It is the fastest growing Social network ever, 400% month to month Not at lead generation yet 80% women users, 20% men 50% of users have children Heavy use in the Midwest Tops pins are crafts, gifts, hobbies, interior design 80% of pins are repins Great for beautiful homes & even video
  24. 24.  LBS is on the way Learn to use the Ipad for business Use cloud based services They are computers Immediate access is now marketing Replacing the desktop or large storage laptop as main device Gen Y doesn’t email, they text They are the mobile generation and the average age of our client
  25. 25.  Evernote  Wikihood DropBox  GoToMeeting GoodReader  Zite OnLive Desktop  Dragon LogMeIn  Real Estate Calc Social Media  Keynote, Pages Print N Share  Travel & Weather, Zillow  CRM Trulia,  Fusion
  26. 26.  2 Iphones 2 Ipads 2 MacBook Pros Time Capsule Cloud Systems Apple TV Support
  27. 27.  Evernote  Instagram Dropbox  Dragon Dictation  Pinterest and Calcmoolator Instagram Google Maps  QRReader Chrome  PaperKarma Social sites  EasyMeasure HomeSnap  Panorama App CamScanner  Flashlight App Ustream  CardMunch or Bump Kurio  MagicPlan
  28. 28.  If you don’t have something good to say The internet is forever Do not over post on Facebook Politics and religion? Personal and professional intersect Content with out context doesn’t work Do not hard sell Don’t focus on the wrong metrics like Facebook total users
  29. 29.  Learn Google Adword keyword tool Make sure you have Gmail for it Target your media according to your abilities Be authentic Being an amateur is okay, you will not get a Pulitzer or Nobel Prize Do it until you learn it Use free resources like webinars and Google search and youtube how to Please have fun
  30. 30.  Create a hyper local blog Create events Create maps of amenities Create a Facebook page Send directed mail with MailChimp Your phone is instant video and pictures Create a Pinterest site, join Yelp, use Foursquare Get on Linkedin, flesh out your Bio, join groups, create groups
  31. 31.  Use Zite on the Ipad
  32. 32.  Blue Ocean Strategy Kim &  Emotional Intelligence Daniel Goleman Mauborgne  Swanepoel Trends Report Stefan Tribes Seth Godin Swanepoel Linchpin Seth Godin  The Energy Bus Joe Gordon The Little Big Things: 163 Ways to Pursue  The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Excellence Tom Peters Patrick Lencioni Thoughts Without a Thinker Mark  The Botany of Desire Michael Pollan Epstein  The Tipping Point Malcolm Gladwell Predictably Irrational Dan Ariely  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People The World Is Flat Thomas Friedman Stephen R. Covey The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success  The Millionaire Next Door Stanley & Deepak Chopra Danko Switch: How to Change Things When  Mastering The Rockefeller Habits Verne Change is Hard Chip & Dan Heath Harnish Funny Money Mark Singer  Influence, The Psychology of Sermon on the Mount Emmet Fox Persuasion Robert B. Cialdini The End of Business as Usual Brian Solis  Give your speech, Change the world Nick Morgan A Whole New Mind Daniel Pink  Crisis Economics Nouriel Roubini & Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson Stephen Mihm
  33. 33.  Go to