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The GRITS End-Game


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Opportunities for analysis, learning, and optimization made possible by the Green Revolving Investment Tracking System. Presented at Financing the Future of Energy Efficiency Conference at Harvard University on May 15, 2012. See

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The GRITS End-Game

  1. 1. Save Energy. Grow Money.
  2. 2. The Green Revolving Investment Tracking System(GRITS) is an innovative web tool for tracking every aspect of a green revolving fund (GRF). In this presentation, Joe Indvik—lead technical advisor in the development of GRITS—demonstrates three ways in which the system could revolutionize how institutions design and manage GRFs. For more information on GRITS, see that all data is simulated and for demonstration only
  3. 3. The GRITS End-Game:Opportunities for analysis, learning, and optimization made possible by GRITS Financing the Future of Energy Efficiency Harvard University May 15, 2012
  4. 4. Internal Applications of GRITSGRITS
  5. 5. How can GRITS produce meaningful and actionable insights beyond data tracking? 5
  6. 6. Share (limited) data External opportunitiesGRITSAnalyze macro- level trends
  7. 7. What would this look like in practice? Three examples… 7
  8. 8. Opportunity 1: Prioritizing Investments Marginal CO2 Abatement Cost Calculations Solar PV +$10 ...and here later Heating Plant Retrofits Boiler +$5 Retrofits Solar ThermalCost / Ton $0 Smart Metering CO2 Abatement Chiller Upgrades -$5 Lighting Upgrades Lighting Controls Building -$10 Envelope Invest here first...The Upside: You can analyze the performance of differentinvestments types and prioritize the best opportunities. * Data on this slide is simulated for demonstration purposes only.
  9. 9. Opportunity 2: Insights Into Fund Design Optimizing GRF design through analysis of GRITS data We can use statistics to determine the relationship between fund design elements and key performance metrics across many funds. Project Expec. vs. Real Capital Fund Design Element ROI Throughput Performance Utilization Management Board (Yes/No) Payback Requirement (Per % ROI required) Empirical M&V (Yes/No) Loan interest (Per % Interest) The Upside: You can customize and optimize your fund design using data-driven analysis of existing funds* Data on this slide is simulated for demonstration purposes only.
  10. 10. Opportunity 3: Project Performance Analysis Benchmark and improve your fund’s performance Lighting Upgrade Performance Spread 60% If you are here... If you are here, good job! ...learn from them. 50% Return On Investment 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% $0.00 $2.00 $4.00 $6.00 $8.00 $10.00 $12.00 $14.00 $16.00 $18.00 Upgrade Cost ($/square foot) The Upside: You can know where you stand, learn from high performers, and celebrate success while protecting sensitive data.* Data on this slide is simulated for demonstration purposes only.
  11. 11. Questions?Mark Orlowski, Founder & Executive Director, SEI 617-202-3630Shoshana Blank, Senior Research Fellow, SEI 617-528-0334Joe Indvik, Consultant, ICF International 202-862-1252