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The Business Case for Node.js


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Node.js is coming up on its fifth year of existence and is clearly showing signs of maturity, from the core APIs becoming more stable, to the exponential growth of modules in npm to even a number of books being published to support the education needs of developers who want to learn Node. Node.js is officially past the infancy it was once in and is developing into a proper first class technology solution.

With this growth, there are growing pains. We have an exceptionally large and growing community of developers and now, enterprise companies who are adopting and actively supporting and contributing to Node. With this growth comes new challenges and new opportunities to strengthen the value propositions behind using and adopting Node.

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The Business Case for Node.js

  1. 1. The Business Case for Node Joe McCann
  2. 2. Foreward
  3. 3. Five Business Tenets • Innovation • Productivity • Developer Joy • Hiring/Retaining Talent • Cost Savings
  4. 4. Why Node?
  5. 5. Node’s goal is to provide an easy way to build fast and scalable applications.
  6. 6. Why Now?
  7. 7. Success Stories
  8. 8. Success Story: PayPal Built a Node version of a Java app in half the time with fewer developers. Business Tenet: Cost Savings Business Tenet: Productivity
  9. 9. Success Story: PayPal Node version of the app doubled the number of requests/second. Response time dropped 35% or 200 milliseconds. From 1 to 12 Node apps in six months. Business Tenet: Productivity
  10. 10. “Velocity was the key driving point for PayPal's move to Node. We found it enabled a huge boost to our workflow allowing us to iterate faster and innovate more.” –Jeff Harrel, Director of User Interface Engineering Business Tenet: Innovation
  11. 11. “PayPal has a long history of enterprise technologies such as Java and C++. Since PayPal has adopted Node, I've been told countless times from engineers in passing that they are energized by their job again and excited to be adopting a ‘modern’ technology to build our future. It's nice to hear that.” –Jeff Harrel, Director of User Interface Engineering Business Tenet: Developer Joy
  12. 12. Success Story: Groupon Easily serving 50,000 requests/minute (this was 6 months ago and before rolling out to 48 countries). Node services are now handling the same amount of traffic as before but with less hardware. Business Tenet: Cost Savings
  13. 13. Success Story: Groupon Page load times decreased by a whopping 50%. Now able to make site-wide feature and design changes much more quickly. Business Tenet: Productivity Business Tenet: Innovation
  14. 14. Success Story: Walmart 55% of all traffic on Black Friday went to Node servers. Not a single Node server went down. Zero. Business Tenet: Developer Joy
  15. 15. Success Story: Walmart CPU Utilization hovered around 1%. Developers “were bored” that day. Business Tenet: Developer Joy
  16. 16. Business Tenet: Hiring/Retaining Talent
  17. 17. Success Story: Yahoo On average, Node services handle around 1,680,000 2,000,000 requests/minute. Yahoo has around 200 developers writing Node code. Business Tenet: Hiring/Retaining Talent
  18. 18. Success Story: Yahoo 500 internal Node modules; 800 external Node modules “Biggest Win: speed & ease of development” Business Tenet: Innovation
  19. 19. The Business Case
  20. 20. Five Business Tenets • Innovation • Productivity • Developer Joy • Hiring/Retaining Talent • Cost Savings
  21. 21. Innovation
  22. 22. Productivity
  23. 23. Developer Joy
  24. 24. Hiring/Retaining Talent
  25. 25. Cost Savings
  26. 26. .end()