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Twitter - engaging effectively with our followers


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A short, stat-heavy presentation about current Twitter trends that may affect the ways brands engage with their followers.

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Twitter - engaging effectively with our followers

  1. 1. Engaging more effectively withour Twitter followersJoe Field, PR team@joemcafield
  2. 2. Who are we?
  3. 3. Engagement• Two-way communication• Putting the customer first• Active listening• Community management• Consistency
  4. 4. Audience
  5. 5. What are their habits?Who are we trying to reach?How do we get noticed?
  6. 6. The Twitter landscape
  7. 7. Trends• Mobile - 46% of social media users use asmartphone• Apps account for a third of socialnetworking time• Growth - variety, proliferation of networksThe Social Media Report 2012- Nielsen
  8. 8. Trends• The global living room - social TV• Social care - customer service• 1-in-3 users prefer complaining throughsocial media The Social Media Report 2012- Nielsen
  9. 9. Trends• Social word of mouth - users generate andtap into opinions• Hyper-informed customers - learn aboutother customer experiences, find addedvalue
  10. 10. Trends• 32% of 18-24 year-olds use social mediaon the toilet• 51% of 25-34 year-olds use social mediain the officeThe Social Media Report 2012- Nielsen
  11. 11. Trends• Growth of social images:Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat• Humanised brands are a consumerexpectation
  12. 12. Trends• October 2012, Twitter reported 500mtweets per day• 12,600 tweets per minute mention brands
  13. 13. • Twitter usage in UK is 68%engagement, 32% broadcasting• 3.6% of tweets mention brands - more thannumber discussing music or celebrities• Males complain more, females discusspurchases moreTrendsThe Twitter Landscape 2013- Brandwatch
  14. 14. The Twitter Landscape 2013- Brandwatch
  15. 15. The Twitter Landscape 2013- Brandwatch
  16. 16. The Twitter Landscape 2013- Brandwatch
  17. 17. Engaging• Connecting, person-to-person• Participation• Requires resources• Requires consistency
  18. 18. "To meet the challenge of deliveringpersonal value at scale, brands will have toinvest in larger teams of socially savvyemployees. These individuals will be clearon the purpose or spirit of the brand and willbe empowered to represent the brand with ahuman voice."- Social Brand 100 report2012, Brandwatch
  19. 19. Summary• Mobile social is the norm• Social images• Humanised brands• Hyper-informed users• Rise in social care• Know your aims and audience
  20. 20. Question oneDo you join conversationspositively, and consistently? Or doyou only step in when a negativeemerges?
  21. 21. Question twoWhen you start a new threadin the conversation, how doyou frame it? Do you ask openquestions to invite response, ordo you ‘announce’ content in atraditional broadcast way?
  22. 22. Question threeAre you spendingas much time listening andresponding as you are runningyour own content plan?