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Papyrus Winter 2008

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Papyrus Winter 2008

  1. 1. I N T E R N AT I O N A L A S S O C I AT I O N O F M U S E U M FA C I L I T Y A D M I N I S T R AT O R SVOLUME 9NUMBER 3 PAPYRUS FALL/WINTER 2008–2009Earth Gallery at the Natural History Museum in London. See page 11 for more on the 18th Annual IAMFA Conference. INSIDE THIS ISSUE Washington is Worth the Wait . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 The Eighteenth Annual IAMFA Conference in London . . . . . . . . 11 Letter from the Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Boiler Replacement at the Natural History Museum Message from the President / Mot du président / in London . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Mensaje del Presidente . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Regional Updates and Member News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 National Museums Liverpool . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 The National Portrait Gallery: A Plant Replacement Strategy . . . 25 Urban Bird Control: A Green Alternative . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 IAMFA Members Directory 2008 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
  2. 2. Washington is Worth the Wait By Dan DaviesWashington is worth the wait. Whatwait? Your next Annual IAMFA Con-ference will be held November 1–4,2009, in Washington, D.C.—a full 131/ 2months after the London Conference,and just about eight full years since thelast D.C. conference. The conferencecommittee is working hard to preparea program that you will not want tomiss. We have learned a lot from ourLondon, Ottawa and Los Angelespredecessors, and we are planninga unique and dynamic experience. When you last came to D.C. for anIAMFA Conference, the Newseum had Smithsonian Castlenot yet moved to Pennsylvania Avenue,next door to the Canadian Embassy.You visited the Old Patent Office Build- the Gala Dinner at the National Gallery hosted by Alan Dirican and theing housing the National Portrait Gallery of Art was the pièce de résistance. That Baltimore Museum of Art. Membersand the Smithsonian American Art bit of history may conjure up dozens will get there early in the morning byMuseum, which had been closed for of memories from your last trip to motor coach, and guests will followrenovations, with demolition well Washington, if you were among the an hour or two later. We’ll all return tounderway. The new National Museum lucky ones to attend IAMFA D.C. 2001. D.C. from Baltimore after dark. There-of the American Indian had not yet Let’s look forward, now, to November. after, buses will be rare. We’ll do a lotbroken ground on the National Mall, Much has changed in the Nation’s of walking and—if the weather turnsand the Udvar Hazy Center in the Capital. The Capitol Building has a new sour—we’ll use the Metro the way weshadow of Dulles Airport had not yet $600-million visitor center—yes, it is used the Tube in London, but there willopened to rave reviews. George Bush on the agenda. Udvar Hazy and the always be alternatives for those whowas President of the United States, Museum of the American Indian both need assistance. Many of our venuesdealing with the aftermath of terrorist open. Renovations have been com- are within fifteen scenic square blocksattacks on New York City and on the pleted at the National Archives Building, along Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.,Pentagon, just across the Potomac and at The Old Patent Office Building, America’s Main Street. Easy walking,River from Washington’s Lincoln and now renamed the Donald W. Reynolds and great sightseeing. As always, theJefferson Memorials. Marla Chanon Center for American Art and Portraiture. continued on page 3Tobar hosted us at Meridien House, and Barack Obama will be sitting in the White House, tackling issues from war to the economy to stem cells. New leadership abounds, with a new President at IAMFA, John De Lucy, and a new Secretary at the Smithsonian, Wayne Clough. Nancy Bechtol, Com- mittee Chair, and Tiffany Myers, her dedicated Administrative Specialist, are honing a program second to none. You will be educated and entertained, informed and inspired—in short, you will be amazed. The program starts off on Sunday with the now-customary BenchmarkingBaltimore Museum of Art Workshop led by Keith McClanahan, National Museum of the American Indian2
  3. 3. Letter from the EditorJoe May — Editor, PapyrusGreetings from Los Angeles! Despite the economic troubles, it’sAs I write this letter, it is the week after interesting to note that the world’s cul- IAMFA/ Papyrusthe U.S. holiday called Thanksgiving. tural institutions are probably the best FALL/WINTER 2008–2009Many of our international members example of how we can sustain our- Editorhave heard of this American and selves during troubled times. Our cul- Joe MayCanadian holiday: a day originally set tural institutions are filled with artifacts Papyrus Correspondentsaside to give thanks for the harvest. that are hundreds and thousands of Glynnan BarhamToday, we all celebrate this holiday years old. These artifacts have sur- Joe Brennan vived countless challenges, and still John Cranewith a broader meaning, giving thanks Dan Daviesfor everything that we have in our lives. they emerge intact. My hope is that all John De Lucy This year has been a very difficult those who read this edition of Papyrus André Kirouac have a wonderful year-end, and emerge Guy Larocqueone for many people around the world. Joe MayEconomies have suffered; many have in 2009 stronger, healthier, and happier Dean Marshalllost their jobs; many have lost a signif- as we begin a fresh new year. Jim Moissonicant portion of their savings and retire- I would like to finish by thanking all Patricia Morgan of you who contributed to this edition Jane Pangbornment accounts as the world’s markets Allan Tyrrellhave tumbled to levels that no one ever of Papyrus. Your imagination and the Stacey Wittigthought were possible. As we close in new ideas that you share through Design and Layouton the year’s end, we see a glimmer Papyrus are shaping how twenty-first- Phredd Grafixof hope that the worst is over. We century cultural institutions emerge. Translationhope that next year will bring new Joe May Dominique Fortier (French)opportunities for all. Editor Jeanne Pascal (Spanish) Editing Artistic License (English) Fernando Pascal (Spanish)Washington is Worth the Wait — continued from page 2 Printed in the U.S.A. byGuest Program will be so spectacular in Manassas, Virginia. So, your calen- Lake Lithothat members will be enticed to play dar should already be marked and ISSN 1682-5241hooky from the regular program! Mem- your travel plans penciled-in, makingbers’ days will be full, and evenings Washington your destination forwill be capped off with the networking IAMFA D.C. 2009, November 1–4.opportunities we have all come to rec- And now, a challenge to you: inviteognize as an IAMFA best practice. We’ll a new attendee from your area to joinpolish off the conference with a Gala us in D.C. for their first IAMFA Confer-Dinner at the Great Hall of the Library ence. It will be one they—and you— Statements of fact and opinion are made on the responsibility of authors alone andof Congress. will never forget. Watch this space for do not imply an opinion on the part of the editors, officers, or members of IAMFA. The Then, as if we learned a neat new announcements as conference plans editors of IAMFA Papyrus reserve the righttrick in London, we’ll provide an are finalized in the next few months. to accept or to reject any Article or advertisement submitted for publication.optional (but not-to-be-missed) post- While we have made every attempt to ensureconference tour to the new Hazy Air Dan Davies is Facility Manager at the that reproduction rights have been acquired& Space Museum Annex next to National Zoo in Washington, D.C., for the illustrations used in this newsletter, please let us know if we have inadvertentlyDulles Airport, and to the new Library and is a former Secretary of IAMFA overlooked your copyright, and we will rectify the matter in a future issue.of Congress collection storage facility and Editor of Papyrus. 3
  4. 4. Message from the President Mot du président Mensaje del Presidente John de Lucy President / Président / Presidente, IAMFAThank you for electing me as your Merci de m’avoir élu président lors de Gracias por elegirme su nuevo Presi-President at our recent Annual General notre récente assemblée générale annu- dente durante la Reunión GeneralMeeting, and for the many “Thank you” elle et pour les nombreux messages Anual y por todos los mensajes espe-messages telling us how much you all de remerciements nous mentionnant à cialmente cuanto disfrutaron todos deenjoyed the London conference—I quel point vous tous avez apprécié le la conferencia en Londres - ! me parecethink Merida received more praise than congrès de Londres – je pense que que Merida recibió más elogios queanyone else! Memories of great times Merida a reçu plus d’éloges que qui- nadie! Los recuerdos de momentosabound, and I hope you visit the photo conque! Les souvenirs de bons moments fabulosos abundan y espero que visitenwebsite (details below) to remind your- abondent, et j’espère que vous irez el sitio de Web de fotos (los detallesselves what everyone got up to. The voir les photos sur le site Web (détails están a continuación) para acordarsegala dinner photo certainly looks like ci-dessous) pour vous rappeler ce que de lo que hicieron todos. En la fotoeveryone was having a good time. Is chacune et chacun a fait de beau. La de la cena de gala se ve que se estánJoe Brennan really that tall or is it the photo du souper de gala témoigne à divirtiendo. ¿Es realmente tan alto JoeCalifornia sunshine that has made him n’en pas douter que tout le monde a Brennan o lo convirtió en gigante elgrow into a giant? eu du plaisir. Est-ce que Joe Brennan sol de California? Many thanks must go to the London est si grand? ou serait-ce plutôt le soleil Hay que agradecerles mucho a losorganising committee (British Museum, de Californie qui en aurait fait un géant. miembros del comité organizador deNational Gallery, Natural History Mille mercis doivent être adressés Londres (El Museo Británico, la GaleríaMuseum and British Library) who put aux membres du comité organisateur Nacional, el Museo de Historia Natural,on a great show at each of their venues, de Londres (British Museum, National y la Biblioteca Británica) los cualesand contributed to an excellent learn- Gallery, Natural History Museum et realizaron una obra espectacular ening experience as well as a lot of fun— British Library), qui ont mis sur pied cada uno de sus puntos de encuentroweren’t those Gospel singers at the de merveilleuses activités à chacun de y contribuyeron a una oportunidadBritish Museum on the Sunday night ces endroits et contribué à une excel- excelente de aprendizaje al igual queopening ceremony just great? The boat lente expérience d’apprentissage assortie una oportunidad de sana diversión –trip to Greenwich to see the Queen’s de beaucoup de plaisir – les chanteurs ¿no eran fabulosos esos cantantesHouse and the new Royal Observatory de gospel, lors de la cérémonie d’ouver- evangélicos quienes nos acompañaronat the National Maritime Museum, and ture au British Museum, le dimanche durante la ceremonia de apertura enthe dinner on the way back, were most soir, n’étaient-ils pas simplement la noche del domingo en el Museomemorable. Everyone stood astride fabuleux? L’excursion en bateau vers Británico? Vale la pena recordarse, elthe Meridian Line to be in both the Greenwich pour voir la Queen’s House crucero a Greenwich donde pudimoseastern and western hemispheres at et le nouveau Royal Observatory du ver la Casa de la Reina y el nuevothe same time—we facility managers National Maritime Museum de même Observatorio Real del Museo Marítimolike a challenge! que le repas pris sur le chemin du retour Sitio de Web de fotos de la Reunión General Anual : Annual General Meeting photo Site Web des photos de Website (dirección de Internet): website: l’assemblée générale annuelle : URL: URL : pictures.jsp pictures.jsp pictures.jsp Vayan al “Member Sign in” y escriban: Go to Member Sign in and enter: Aller à Member sign in et entrer Email (dirección de correo de Internet): E-mail: Courriel : Password: IAMFA Mot de passe : IAMFA Pass Word (palabra de clave): IAMFA4
  5. 5. Hopefully it was a seamless confer- sont inoubliables. Chaque personne Nacional y la cena de vuelta. Todo elence for you all, and you did not notice s’est tenue sur la ligne méridienne, un mundo se paró encima del Meridianoany panic behind the scenes—no mat- pied dans l’hémisphère occidental et de Greenwich para estar en los hemis-ter how much planning goes into the l’autre dans l’hémisphère oriental – ferio este y oeste al mismo tiempo – atwo-year preparation, there are always nous, les administrateurs d’installations, nosotros los profesionales de instala-last-minute changes. on aime le défi! ciones nos gustan los retos. Everyone seemed to throw them- On espère que cela a été un congrès Espero que haya sido una confer-selves into having a good time, rene- sans anicroche pour vous et que vous encia sin contratiempos para Ustedeswing friendships and learning—yes, n’avez décelé aucune panique en y esperamos que no se hayan dadoit is possible to do both at the same coulisses – peu importe le degré de cuenta de ningun panico tras basti-time—and I know many of you went planification nécessaire à la préparation dores - no importa cuanto se planificahome with good ideas for your own de deux ans, il survient toujours des los dos anos de preparativos, siempreinstitutions, fully justifying your atten- changements de dernière minute. hay cambios de ultima We were particularly pleased Tout le monde a semblé s’être Me pareció que todo el mundo sethat so many people came all the way promis d’avoir du plaisir, de renouer esforzó en disfrutar del aprendizaje yfrom New Zealand and Australia—five avec des amis et d’apprendre – oui, la renovación de viejas amistades – siin all—it was great meeting you all. c’est possible de faire les deux à la es posible hacer las dos cosas a la vezNothing to do with Merida being fois –, et je sais que plusieurs d’entre - y se que las buenas ideas que muchosAustralian, of course! vous êtes retournés chez vous avec de de Ustedes se llevaron a casa para The optional extra day on Thursday, bonnes idées pour vos propres établis- utilizar en sus propias organizacionesvisiting an important new project at sements, ce qui justifie pleinement votre justificaron completamente su partici-the British Library site near York, was participation. Nous nous sommes par- pación. Nos agrado en especial la grancertainly worthwhile (we were delighted ticulièrement réjouis du fait que tant cantidad de participantes que viajaronthat over 80 people chose to come)— de personnes soient venues d’aussi desde Nueva Zelanda y Australia – 5so much so, that Washington plans to loin que d’Australie et de Nouvelle- en total – oigan, fue una gran reunió the same with an off-site visit on Zélande – cinq en tout; cela a été un ¡Por supuesto esto no tenia nada quethe Thursday after their conference. plaisir de vous rencontrer tous. Rien à ver con el hecho de que Merida fuere As usual, the British weather proved voir, bien sûr, avec le fait que Merida australiana!you sceptics all wrong—no one needed vient d’Australie! Fue valioso el día extra opcionaltheir umbrellas or ponchos—and we La journée supplémentaire du jeudi, el jueves cuando se visito un nuevoprovided a week of lovely sunshine offerte en option et qui proposait la proyecto importante de la Bibliotecato top-up your tans. visite d’un nouvel ouvrage important Británica cerca de York (nos encantó The Executive Director of one de la British Library près de York, a que mas de 80 personas eligieran ir).London host told me he had not valu à coup sûr le déplacement (plus Fue tan exitoso que los de Washingtonrealised how large IAMFA was, and de 80 personnes y ont participé, à planean hacer lo mismo con un viajewhat illustrious organisations were notre grand plaisir) – à tel point que fuera del punto de encuentro principalmembers, and he was delighted that Washington projette de faire la même el jueves después de su conferencia.his organisation was represented. It is chose comme visite hors les murs le Como de siempre, el tiempothe support of our own executives to jeudi après le congrès qui s’y tiendra. británico se encargó de demostrar queour membership of this organisation Comme d’habitude, la météo britan- todos Ustedes los escépticos se habíanthat will enable us to continue to grow. nique a confondu tous les sceptiques – equivocado - nadie necesitó de susLet’s hope the success of the London personne n’a eu besoin de parapluie paraguas o de abrigos para lluvia – yconference will form the bedrock ni de poncho – et nous avons profité proveemos una semana de sol preciosofor yet another superb conference d’une semaine de soleil radieux pour para perfeccionar sus bronceados.gathering in Washington, D.C. on parfaire notre bronzage. Un director ejecutivo de uno deNovember 1–4, 2009. Le directeur administratif d’un établis- nuestros anfitriones en Londres dijo Going forward, I am keen we sement hôte de Londres m’a confié qu’il que no se había dado cuenta de cuanmaintain the high standards we have n’avait pas réalisé l’envergure de l’IAMFA grande era IAMFA y de cuantas orga-already achieved in the three most et quels organismes illustres en étaient nizaciones prestigiosas fueran miem-important aspects of your membership: membres, et il était ravi que le sien bros y que se sentía encantado de quePapyrus, the benchmarking exercise, soit représenté. C’est le soutien de nos su organización fuese representada. Esand the learning and networking oppor- propres dirigeants à nos membres de el apoyo que nuestros propios ejecu-tunities at our annual conference. I am l’organisme qui nous permettra de tivos brindan a nuestra membresía que continued on page 6 suite à la page 6 sigue en la página 6 5
  6. 6. Message from the President — Mot du président – Mensaje del Presidente –continued from page 5 suite de la page 5 viene de la página 5concerned that there are not enough continuer à croître. Espérons que le nos permitirá a crecer. Esperemos quelocal chapter meetings to encourage succès du congrès de Londres con- el éxito de la conferencia en Londresmembership and events in the regions, stituera le fondement d’un autre ras- nos sirva de base para otra conferenciaand I hope you will all help John semblement exceptionnel à Washington sobresaliente en Washington del 1 alCastle in his new role on the board, D.C. du 1er au 4 novembre 2009. 4 de Noviembre inviting members to tours of your Pour ce qui s’en vient, je tiens à ce Para continuar el camino, me esbuildings, and then sending some que nous maintenions la grande qualité esencial que mantengamos las altasphotos to Joe May for Papyrus. What que nous avons déjà atteinte en ce qui normas ya logradas en los tres aspectosis so good about our group is the free concerne les trois aspects les plus mas importantes de su membresía –exchange of information, helping each importants de notre adhésion : Papyrus, Papyrus, la Encuesta Anual de Evalu-other solve problems so that we do not l’exercice d’étalonnage ainsi que les ación Comparativa (Benchmarking) yhave to reinvent the wheel. Do please occasions d’apprentissage et de réseau- las oportunidades para aprender ye-mail each other more often whenever tage à notre congrès annuel. Cela me desarrollar sus redes de contactosyou have a question to solve. préoccupe qu’il n’y ait pas assez de durante la conferencia anual. Me Our membership in ICOM has réunions des sections régionales pour preocupa que no haya suficientesalready led to enquiries from Russia, encourager les adhésions et les activités reuniones de los capítulos locales paraIreland and Poland, so hopefully with dans les régions, et j’espère que vous fomentar la membresía y los eventosGuy Larocque now heading up our aiderez tous John Castle dans son regionales y espero que todos le ayudeninternational relationships, we will nouveau rôle au conseil en invitant les a John Castle en su nuevo papel en lasee a growth in new countries joining membres à des visites de vos édifices, Junta a través de invitaciones a otrosIAMFA. puis en en faisant parvenir des photos miembros para visitar a sus instalaciones I look forward to seeing you all à Joe May pour Papyrus. Ce qu’il y a y luego que envíen fotos de las visitasagain next November at the Washington de bien par rapport à notre groupe, a Joe May para incluir en Papyrus. Loconference; in the meantime, please c’est l’échange d’information à titre bueno de nuestro grupo es el libredon’t hesitate to contact me, or other gracieux, l’aide apportée aux autres intercambio de información para ayu-members of the IAMFA board and pour résoudre des problèmes de sorte darnos a resolver problemas para quemembership with any ideas or concerns qu’il n’est pas nécessaire de réinventer no tengamos que volver a empezaryou may have. la roue. N’hésitez pas à courrieller plus de cero siempre. Por favor mándense souvent les uns avec les autres lorsque mensajes a través del Internet más aJohn de Lucy vous avez besoin d’une réponse à vos menudo cuando tengan una incógnitaPresident of IAMFA questions. para resolver. Notre adhésion à l’ICOM a déjà Nuestra membresía en el Consejo donné lieu à des demandes de ren- Internacional de Museos (ICOM) ya ha seignements provenant de la Russie, traído peticiones para información de de l’Irlande et de la Pologne, alors Rusia, Irlanda y Polonia; estoy seguro souhaitons-le, avec Guy Larocque que con Guy Larocque a cargo de maintenant à la barre de nos relations nuestras relaciones internacionales, internationales, nous verrons une veremos un aumento en el número croissance dans l’adhésion de de nuevos países que se afilien. nouveaux pays à l’IAMFA. Estoy con ganas de volver a verlos a Je me réjouis de vous revoir tous à todos en la conferencia de Washington nouveau en novembre prochain au el próximo noviembre; mientras tanto, congrès de Washington; entre-temps, no duden en ponerse en contacto n’hésitez pas à communiquer avec moi conmigo, o con otros miembros de la ou avec d’autres membres de l’IAMFA Directiva de IAMFA o con la membresía ou du conseil pour toute question ou en general para manifestar las ideas o idée qui vous viendrait. preocupaciones que les surjan. John de Lucy John de Lucy Président, IAMFA Presidente, IAMFA6
  7. 7. National Museums Liverpool By Ian Williams National Museums Liverpool’s origins date back to 1851 and the founding of Liverpool Museum. In 1986, the Liverpool Museum was given official institutional status, due in part to the outstanding quality of its collections. Its estate currently consists of seven public venues, which together attract over two million visitors each year. These are: • The World Museum Liverpool (founded in 1851, formerly known as the Liverpool Museum) • The Walker Art Gallery (opened in 1877) • The Lady Lever Art Gallery (opened in 1922) • Sudley House (built in the early Artist’s rendering of the proposed Museum of Liverpool. nineteenth century) • The Merseyside Maritime Museum (opened in 1980) public in 2010. The old Museum of during which the team determined that Liverpool Life, with its limited floor the £71-million waterfront building • The National Conservation Centre space, could no longer accommodate posed no threat to the World Heritage (opened in 1996) the more than 300,000 visits a year it Site. Building work began in April • The International Slavery Museum was receiving. With a greater amount 2007 on the site, construction being (opened in 2007) of space, the new museum will be able constrained by three significant issues: to better represent the history of the • The building is located on the site In 2006, the Museum of Liverpool city, and can place Liverpool within a of the previously in-filled historic Life, located on Liverpool’s historic wider British urban context. Manchester Dock, which required waterfront, closed to allow building In November 2006, UNESCO gave significant archaeological investiga- work to start on the new Museum of the all-clear to the Museum of Liverpool tion before work could commence. Liverpool, which will open to the following a special mission to the city, continued on page 8COURTESY: ENGLIGH HERITAGE MILLS MEDIA Aerial photograph of the Museum of Liverpool under construction, Museum of Liverpool in May 2008. July 2007. 7
  8. 8. National Museums Liverpool — continued from page 7• There is a railway tunnel running • 5,700 m2 of natural Jura stone beneath the site, which required is being used to clad the museum that excavation and construction of which, if laid out flat, would cover the substructure and steelwork had an entire football pitch. to be carefully planned, in order to • 1,500 m2 of glazing will be installed, ensure that the loads in the area over mainly in two large picture windows, the tunnel did not impose unequal one at each end of the building. forces on the structure beneath. These windows will be 8 metres• The site is bounded by three high by 28 metres wide, and will other major construction projects: offer striking views of the Pier Head Profile of limestone cladding panels. a £120 million commercial mixed and the River Mersey use development, the construction • A spectacular atrium, containing a of a £20 million extension to the cultural legacy of 2008: Liverpool’s unique elliptical staircase, will be Leeds-Liverpool canal linking the year as European Capital of Culture. lit by natural light from a skylight North and South dock system, and The Museum is based on a striking in the centre of the building. the re-landscaping of Liverpool’s Pier geometrical design and is clad in natural Head. Co-ordination and co-opera- • The Museum is striving for strong Jura stone. Beneath the surface is a environmental credentials. It will tion between the sites is essential to cutting-edge, complex steel frame that the delivery of each project. feature a rainwater harvesting sys- sits on a cellular concrete raft founda- tem and will be powered by an tion. The steel structure allows the energy centre with a combined Housed in a landmark building at Museum’s largest exhibition spaces—the core of Liverpool’s World Heritage heat and power plant. which are 40 metres long by 28 metresSite, the new Museum will provide wide, to be column-free, ensuring that • Total cost of the project from base8,000 m 2 of public space across three the galleries and public spaces are build to fit-out is around £71 million.floors, and visitors will have access to maximised. Some construction factsover 6,000 objects that are currently in for the new Museum: To find out more about the newstorage, many of which have never Museum of Liverpool project orbeen on public display before. As a • 20,000 m3 of soil, equivalent to the National Museums Liverpool, pleasemajor boost to the Liverpool economy, volume of eight Olympic-sized swim- visit our website at is estimated the Museum of Liverpool ming pools, have been excavated attract more than 750,000 visitors from the site.per year, providing at least 500 con- • The steel frame is constructed with Ian Williams is Director of Estatestruction jobs and 73 direct permanent 2,100 tonnes of steel, equivalent to Management at National Museumsjobs. It is also a major physical and the steel in 270 double-decker buses. Liverpool.Progress at Museum of Liverpool as of September 2008. Museum of Liverpool by November 2008.8
  9. 9. Urban Bird Control: A Green Alternative By Stacey WittigFalconry is the Sport of Kings, withhistory dating back over four thou-sand years. Today, one of the world’soldest field sports is being used as agreen alternative for urban bird control.As a “green” and “natural” method ofbird abatement, the emphasis whenusing raptors is on prevention ratherthan eradication. This form of pestcontrol minimizes impact on theenvironment. “The aim of pest control with birds ofprey,” says Canadian Trevor Mellish—owner of The Birdman, Nature’s PestSolution in Vancouver, British Columbia,“is to offer an environmentally sensi-tive option. The intent is basicallyscare tactics.” A natural, genetically-coded fearinstinct is the primary reason for the Falconer Richard Polley and Emu at the British Museum in London.effectiveness of using raptors in birdcontrol. The hunting birds soar overroosting areas and the predator-prey National Gallery on Trafalgar Square, Two Harris hawks and a falconinstincts of the problem birds kick in, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and patrol the ruins and keep the pigeonsforcing them to take flight to find safer the British Library. from nesting in the excavated villasroosting areas. “Pigeons are amazingly adaptable, that were buried by the same eruption and netting or using spikes as a deter- that covered Pompeii in A.D. 79. The rent does not always get rid of them,” ancient timbers that survived the infernoA Pigeon-Free, No-Fly Zone explained David Van Vynck in an were being deteriorated by peckingDerek Martin, Head of Building Services interview with London’s Evening pigeons. Italian law prohibits pigeonsat the British Museum, uses raptors to Standard. “Hawks work by disturbing from being shot. In Texas, however, itcontrol roosting pigeons at his institu- the pigeon’s pattern of roosting and is a different story.tion. He introduced Emu, a Harris nesting. They make them feel uneasyhawk, as “the youngest member of the and they move on.”Facility Management team” to attendees Bird Abatement sansat the 2008 International Association of Poison or GunpowderMuseum Facility Administrators Annual Herculaneum Hawks In the south-central area of the UnitedConference this past fall. IAMFA par- Protect Roman Ruins States, Facility Administrators don’tticipants were welcomed to the steps At the Roman ruins and open-air typically have to contend with pigeons;of the British Museum by the three- museum of Herculaneum just south of however, from October to March—year-old hawk, balanced on the gloved Naples, Italy, museum administrators when migratory cowbirds, starlingsarm of falconer Richard Polley. The hired falconers to protect the ancient and grackles fly south for the winter—young raptor works two days a week to ruins from acidic pigeon droppings. their nighttime social roosting behaviorkeep the British Museum pigeon-free. “Pigeons represent a serious threat to creates problems. Attracted to lit, open Falconer Polley, an employee of the conservation of the area,” reports areas with trees (sound like your park-VanVynck Avian Solutions, explained, their website. “The acidity of their drop- ing lot?), the birds congregate at night.“We use predatory species to displace pings seriously damages the structures “With flocks of over 10,000 birds, youand interrupt the behavioral patterns of and the ancient decorated surfaces. can imagine what parking lots lookthe pigeons.” VanVynck Avian Solutions, They are also constantly pecking at the like after the night is over,” says fal-which specializes in urban bird manage- wooden beams and the carbonized coner Roger Crandall of Fort Worth,ment, has clients which include the wooden fixtures.” continued on page 10 9
  10. 10. Urban Bird Control — continued from page 9 Texas. “Falconry is an excellent method number of suppliers to determine the ers now fly off when the hawks appear for dispersing these huge nighttime best solution to this problem.” and begin staking out their territory. roosts,” he states. Crandall trains Harris Ryan advises other FM adminis- “Birds of prey are very territorial,” hawks to fly at night. “They don’t trators: “Look at all of the bird control explained the falconer, whose hawks naturally fly at night; it is a learned systems available and determine which are “trained specifically for gulls; they’ll behavior.” looks to best suit your application. It chase them right out of the Square.” “This is as green as it gets,” adds the may take a combination of systems to Frankian claims that using raptors Texan, who moved 10,000 nuisance alleviate the problem, as the birds can is “the green and most efficient way” birds from Dallas-Fort Worth Interna- become used to only one system.” to get rid of problem birds, but is it tional Airport terminals and parking lots Reportedly, the plastic device repels effective? “You’ll see quite a reduction with 18 trained raptors, and without most birds, including cockatoos, crows, in numbers. Originally when we got the use of poisons or gunpowder. corellas, starlings, jays, parrots, and there, there were quite a few thousand. mynahs. The only birds with which Now it’s dropped to under a couple A Visual Deterrent 100% results have not been achieved hundred. When the systems are full are the resilient house sparrow and up and operational, you’ll see less Down Under the crane. than ten or 12 birds running around.” Since it is currently illegal to practice Although its roots are in medieval falconry in Australia and Tasmania, Causing a Flap in Toronto history, using raptors for urban bird full-size replicas of hovering hawks control may be the next green initiative made of weatherproof plastic are used. As Ryan warns, a singular method of for FM administrators in this new The National Museum of Australia’s bird abatement does not always work. century. The IAMFA Benchmarking problem with seagulls fouling the sides In Toronto, Canada, hawk handler Steering Committee is considering of their glass building was solved by Dan Frankian adds hunting dogs to adding questions on “Green Initiatives” installing an imitation hawk and playing the formula when using hawks to to the 2009 Benchmark Survey. If you a recording of seagull distress calls. disperse Canadian Geese. “Our permit have recommendations, please call “The program has been reasonably says ‘scare only’,” reports Frankian, Stacey Wittig at 001-928-255-4943. successful,” reports John Ryan, Manager of Hawkeye Bird Control, in a recent of Facilities and Risk Management at CBC radio interview. For more information: the Museum. “We play the ‘seagull in The City of Toronto hired Hawkeye Roger Crandall distress’ call intermittently, because Bird Control to clean up Nathan Phillips Fort Worth, TX USA if you play it continuously the birds Square, a lively public gathering place Tel.: 1 817 238-8644 become used to it and start to ignore located in front of Toronto City Hall. it. The hawk is a kite on a pole, similar French-fry-toting tourists were “literally The Hawk Bird Scarer to those used to keep birds away from overwhelmed and attacked by gulls,” P.O. Box 36, Morpeth NSW Australia 2321 fruit trees. The FM staff spoke to a said Frankian. Gulls pestering picnick- Tel.: 02 4934 8330 www.hawkbirdscarer.comGEORGE SERRAS, NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AUSTRALIA Hawkeye Bird Control Inc. RR#4 — 11255 Highway #25 Halton Hills Ontario, L7J 2M1 Canada Tel.: 1 416-HAWKEYE VanVynck Avian Solutions Fort Road, Tilbury Essex RM18 7ND UK Tel.: 44(0) 800 731 7462 Stacey Wittig is the Marketing Director for Facility Issues. For FREE infor - mation on how benchmarking can improve your FM organization go to Registration for the 2009 IAMFA Benchmark survey The National Museum of Australia in Canberra. is now open. 10
  11. 11. The Eighteenth Annual IAMFA Conference in London A Week of Culture, Reunion, Professional Development, Networking, and the Ultimate Demonstration of Hospitality By Joe MayThe 18th annual conference of theInternational Association of MuseumFacility Administrators was held inLondon, England from September 14to 18, 2008, and what an amazing eventit was. The origins of London dateback to an original Roman settlementin A.D. 46, and it is now the capital cityof the United Kingdom of Great Britainand Northern Ireland. No wonder thatLondon, with its nearly two thousandyears of history, captured the attentionof IAMFA conference attendees withsuch distinction. Let me begin by expressing gratitudeto all of the conference organizers: John de Lucy, British Library Harry Wanless, British Library Merida Fitzgerald, British Library Participants in the 2008 benchmarking workshop. David Sanders, Natural History Museum contributed to the intellectual content Emcor Facilities Services Ltd. Michael Gainey, Natural History and financial support of the conference. (Facilities Management Services) Museum It is important to mention that member Norland Managed Services Ltd. Bill Jackson, National Library of and guest conference fees cover just (Facilities Management Services) Scotland a portion of the conference’s total Stephen Gill, British Museum expenses. The generous support of As in prior years, Day One (Sunday) Derek Martin, British Museum sponsors allowed the organizing com- was the benchmarking conference for Philippa Edwards, British Museum mittee to incorporate the spectacular a record 60 participants in the annual Steve Vandyke, National Gallery venues, trips, and meals we all benchmarking exercise. The bench- Charles Ross, National Gallery enjoyed during this year’s conference. marking exercise is coordinated by Sponsors for this year’s annual Facilities Issues Inc., and led by Keith I know how much time these indi- conference were: McClanahan. The list of participantsviduals spent planning the conference has grown by 65% over the past twoover the last two years. Welcome to Black and McDonald Ltd. (Building years, and continues to be a corner-the fraternity of past IAMFA confer- Service & Maintenance) stone of the IAMFA organization. Thisence hosts! Everyone knows how much Capita Symonds (Project & Cost growth in participation is evidence thatyou did to make this one of the truly Management) IAMFA members are sharing knowledgegreat conferences our organization has Gardiner & Theobald LLP gained from operating their individualever held. (Construction & Property institutions—just as envisioned ten years This year’s conference was attended Consultants) ago when the annual benchmarkingby a record 146 members and guests, Camfil Ltd. (Energy Efficiency Air exercise began.not including the many sponsors that Filtration Solutions) continued on page 12 11
  12. 12. The Eighteenth Annual IAMFA Conference in London — continued from page 11 Day One wrapped up on Sunday Monday morning brought the start tion Tools for Environmental Dataevening with the opening ceremonies of the IAMFA Conference, beginning used at the National Gallery); Keithfor the conference at the British with a Tube ride to Leicester Square, McClanahan, President of FacilitiesMuseum. The British Museum is a and a short walk to Trafalgar Square Issues (2008 IAMFA Benchmarkingmuseum of human history and culture and the National Gallery. The National Summary); Steve Vandyke, Head Tech-dating back to 1753, with more than Gallery houses one of the finest collec- nical Services (Chiller Plant Develop-seven million objects in collections tions of Western European paintings in ment at the National Gallery), andthat are amongst the largest and most the world, all belonging to the British Howard Hall of Andrew Reid andcomprehensive of their kind in the public. Founded in 1824, it houses a Partners (Environmental & Engineer-world, documenting the story of human rich collection of over 2,300 paintings ing System Audits & Improvementsculture from its beginnings to the pre- dating from the mid-thirteenth century at the National Gallery). Before lunch,sent day. Our evening at the British to 1900 in its home on Trafalgar Square. the group chose between tours of theMuseum included a wonderful combi- The façade by William Wilkins is the chillers, ETFE roofs, the East Wingnation of welcoming speeches by our only part of his original building from Project completed in 2006, or a tourhosts and organization leaders, and 1832–1838 that remains essentially un- of the collections.refreshments of canapés and cocktails. changed, as the structure as a whole has Guests of conference attendees spent What an amazing evening it was, been altered and expanded throughout Monday morning touring the city bygreeting old friends and meeting so its history. coach, then joined IAMFA membersmany new members. The atmosphere The theme for the first official day at the National Gallery for lunch.after dark was elegant in the British of the conference was Energy Perfor- Following lunch, everyone walkedMuseum as we assembled in the King’s mance and Performance Audits. Fol- from Trafalgar Square to WestminsterLibrary, then browsed at our leisure in lowing opening remarks by Nicholas Pier on the banks of the Thamesthe Great Hall and Gallery 4, which Penny, Director of the National Gallery, River, and boarded a riverboat for thedisplayed such exhibits as the Rosetta attendees heard presentations by Laura one-hour cruise to Greenwich. ManyStone and Elgin Marbles. MacDonald, Facilities Manager (Moni- thanks to Chris Ecob, and Camfil Ltd., Many thanks go to our hosts and toring and Targeting, Deviation Report- who sponsored the river cruise tothe evening’s sponsor, Gardiner and ing, Sub-metering); Joe Padfield, Senior Greenwich.Theobald LLP. Scientific Officer (Web Based Presenta- Upon arrival at Greenwich, it was just a short walk to the largest mari- time museum in the world, where the entire group heard remarks by Peter Fotheringham, past president of IAMFA, and now Head of Estates at University of Greenwich. Chris Halliday, who is Head of Estates at the National Mari- time Museum, then arranged a tour of the Queen’s House. The Queen’s House, Greenwich, was commissioned by Anne of Denmark, wife of James I (reigned 1603–1625). James was often at the Tudor Palace of Greenwich, where the Old Royal Naval College now stands—it was as important a residence of the early Stuart dynasty as it had been for the Tudors. Tradi- tionally, he is said to have given the manor of Greenwich to Anne in apol- ogy for having sworn at her in public, after she accidentally shot one of his favorite dogs while hunting in 1614. Next, everyone hiked up to theDan Davies and Mark De Mairo gaze at the Rosetta Stone during the conference’s opening Royal Observatory, home of Greenwichceremonies. Mean Time and the Prime Meridian,12
  13. 13. institutions. Following welcoming comments by Stephen Gill, Director of Visitor and Building Services, we heard presentations by Craig Little (Gardiner & Theobald LLP), Rob Potts & Jonathan Pearson (Norland Managed Services), and Derek Martin, Head of Building Services. Tony Wilson, Senior Project Manager, Capital Projects and Estates, made a presentation on the Museum’s North-West Development. Morning tea and a choice of tours concluded our morning at the British Museum. Guests spent that morning at the Tower of London, where they had an opportunity to view the Crown Jewels, and also to meet the Queen’s personal jeweler. Guests toured the Tower of London, and then traveled by coach to the British Library, where they joined members for lunch. The British LibraryConference Attendees on the upper deck about to pass under London’s Tower Bridge. is the national library of the United Kingdom, and one of the world’s great-one of the most important historical visited the Trafalgar Pub, which was est libraries. It receives a copy of everyscientific sites in the world. It was the ideal location for a pint or two to publication produced in the U.K. andfounded by Charles II in 1675 and is, quench our thirst. This magnificent Ireland, and collections include 150 mil-by international decree, the official Regency-style pub was built in 1837, lion items, with three million new itemsstarting point for each new day, year the year Queen Victoria came to the incorporated every year. The Libraryand millennium (at the stroke of mid- throne. Durng the mid-nineteenth houses manuscripts, maps, newspapers,night, GMT, as measured from the century this was one of several grand magazines, prints and drawings, musicPrime Meridian). There, everyone had Greenwich pubs, which became scores, and patents. These collectionssome free time to walk the Greenwich famous for their Whitebait Suppers. require over 625 kilometers of shelves,Meridian Line and view Harrison’s Time Dinner on Monday evening was growing by an additional 12 kilometersKeepers in the Time and Longitude aboard the Naticia on our dinner cruise every year.Gallery at Flamsteed House. The laser, back to London. What a wonderful During the afternoon, following aseries of clocks and line markings evening on the Thames with great welcome by Steve Morris, Director ofindicate zero degrees longitude for food, beautiful views of the city lights, Finance & Corporate Services, membersour planet. We were then seated in and presentations from John DeLucy heard presentations on the theme ofthe Peter Harrison Planetarium for and our Sponsors for the evening. Capital Projects by John DeLucy, Heada welcome by Dr. Kevin Fewster, Many thanks to EMCOR Facilities of Estates and Facilities (Introduction toDirector of the National Maritime Services Ltd. who sponsored the the Additional Storage Building); MarkMuseum, and then a live show in the evening dinner cruise. Blake and Paul Terry (Capita Symonds),planetarium entitled “Sky Tonight” by A quick night’s rest brought us to and Harry Wanless, Property & Con-Astronomer Dr. Claire Bretherton. We Day Two of the official proceedings, struction Project Manager (Lessonsheard daunting facts about our universe with events beginning at the British Learnt from Construction of BL Centreas we leaned back and gazed upward Museum. The theme for the morning for Conservation). Members then touredwhile the night sky generated in the presentations was Maximizing Per- the Library’s new Conservation Centre,dome above us brought in focus the formance and Continuous Improve- and conducted the annual IAMFAplanets, constellations, and galaxies ment through Contract Specifications. Business we had never seen them before. Several presentations by members and During the business meeting, After the show the entire group sponsors outlined criteria in contracts John DeLucy was elected to serve as“nipped” back to the Thames River that can have a significant impact on our IAMFA President following Guyto sample one of England’s greatest the performance of contractors engagedtraditions, namely the English Pub. We to provide care and cleanliness for our continued on page 14 13
  14. 14. The Eighteenth Annual IAMFA Conference in London — continued from page 13Larocque’s two terms as President. tion, before ending the afternoon at guests “shopped London”. The NaturalJohn Castle from the Winterthur the Orangery. History Museum is one of the world’sMuseum was elected VP, Regional On Tuesday evening, members and finest and largest museums of naturalAffairs, filling John DeLucy’s open guests had an opportunity to explore history, with hundreds of exhibitsboard position. All board members London’s nightlife, while the IAMFA ranging from the volcano experienceaddressed the membership providing a board met to further discuss the busi- to the dinosaurs exhibition, creepy-state of affairs of IAMFA with regard to ness of the organization. Spouses and crawlies exhibition, blue whale, earthsfinancial status, membership, Papyrus, guests joined the board for a late treasury, and central hall, with itsthe website, goals and objectives, and dinner at St. Pancras Station. Nancy Victorian architecture and dinosaurstrategies and tactics for the near future. Bechtol from the Smithsonian joined skeleton. The Museum is home to life Dan Davies, of the National Zoo in the board, assuming the role of host for and earth science specimens com-Washington, D.C., gave members an next year’s annual conference in D.C., prising some 70 million items withinoverview of the progress in planning and Joe Brennan from the San Francisco five main collections: Botany, Ento-next year’s annual conference in Museum of Modern Art also joined the mology, Mineralogy, PalaeontologyWashington. The D.C. organizing meeting as he will assume the role of and Zoology. The museum is a world-committee is going to have a “hard conference host in 2010. Although we renowned centre of research, special-act” to follow, but preliminary plans say farewell to Guy Larocque as our izing in taxonomy, identification andare spectacular. Please stay tuned to outgoing President, Guy has graciously conservation. Given the age of the insti-Papyrus and for details. agreed to continue in his role as Chair tution, many of the collections haveNext year is sure to be another of the International Membership Com- great historical as well as scientificamazing annual conference. mittee, further developing our asso- value, such as specimens collected Guests traveled Tuesday afternoon ciation with the International Council by Charles Kensington Palace, where they visited of Museums (ICOM), and IAMFA’s very Members were greeted at thethe Gardens, the Last Debutantes Exhi- specific goal of growing international Museum by the Director Dr. Michaelbition, the State Apartments, a tour of membership through that affiliation. Dixon, and heard presentations on thethe Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection On Wednesday, members met at theme of Sustainability. Presentationsand Diana’s Fashion and Style Exhibi- the Natural History Museum, while were made by Simon Tileard (LondonBoard Members and guests, following the Board dinner at St. Pancras Station.14
  15. 15. Climate Change Agency, Sustainability more breathtaking. Many of the mem- Oxygen” Automated Storage Facility inPolicy for London, and Combined bers arrived at this year’s gala wearing Boston Spa. This facility is one of rela-Heat and Power and the New Energy dinner jackets, adding to splendor of tively few in the world with a reducedCentre); Nick Ray (Cynegin, The the evening. After a wonderful dinner oxygen atmosphere to proactivelyCarbon Reduction Master Plan, and and selection of regional wines, we eliminate the risk of fire, instead of aInvest to Save Initiative); Richard heard presentations from John DeLucy conventional reactive sprinkler systemShennan (Fulcrum Consulting, Darwin beginning his term as IAMFA President; to extinguish a fire once it starts. Con-Centre 2 Presentation), and David Guy Larocque, our Past President; Jim structed alongside the Library’s existingSanders, Director of Estates at the Moisson, Derek Martin, and others buildings in Boston Spa, this facilityNatural History Museum (What Do including the evening’s sponsor, will provide additional storage capa-I Do?). Norland Managed Services. Norland city for seven million items from the Guests joined members for lunch, graciously sponsored this year’s gala, U.K. national collection, which is cur-then toured the Natural History Museum, and also made a contribution offsetting rently expanding at a rate of 12 kilo-the Victoria and Albert Museum, or the the greenhouse gases created by mem- meters of linear shelf space per year.Science Museum. Following lunch, bers and guests attending this year’s The fully automated facility will housemembers chose from a selection of conference. At evening’s end, we also low- and medium-use items from thearranged tours, then had free time to caught a glimpse of next year’s orga- Library’s immense collections of bookslook around the Museum prior to nizers as they continue to plan next and journals, helping the Library toheading back to the Hotel Russell. year’s Washington, D.C. conference. meet its storage requirements over the A little time to rest, and then it was The 2008 IAMFA Gala was truly an next decade, while also providing atime to get dressed for the IAMFA Gala, unforgettable evening! storage environment that is superior toheld this year in the Earth Galleries The final day of the 2008 IAMFA some of the premises currently in use.Atrium at the Natural History Museum. Conference began with a walk to A guided tour and presentations This year’s conference gala was held King’s Cross Station, where members at key locations in the new facilityin a stunning venue with lighting and and guests boarded a train to York for explained major operating processessurroundings that couldn’t have been a visit to British Library’s new “Low continued on page 16Conference Attendees in the Earth Galleries Atrium of the Natural History Museum at the beginning of Gala Night. 15
  16. 16. The Eighteenth Annual IAMFAConference in London — continuedfrom page 15 IAMFA Board of Directors Regional Chaptersand unique characteristics of the new President Atlanta, USAfacility. Following the tour, members John de Lucy Kevin Streiter, High Museum of Artrejoined guests in the city center of The British LibraryYork for lunch at the Merchant London, United Kingdom AustraliaAdventurer’s Hall. Dean Marshall, National Gallery The Merchant Adventurer’s Hall is of Australiathe largest timber-framed building inthe city of York. Founded in 1357 as V.P., Administration Bilbao, Spain Richard Kowalczyk Rogelio Diez, Guggenheim Museuma religious institution known as the Smithsonian InstitutionGuild of Our Lord and the Blessed Washington, D.C., USAVirgin, the Hall was later taken over by Chicago, USA kowalczykr@si.eduthe Merchant Adventurer’s Company, William Caddick, Art Institute ofwhich controlled foreign trade in the Chicagocity. They were first given a Royal V.P., Regional AffairsCharter by King Edward III. The four- John Castle Hawaii, USAteenth-century great hall, undercroft Winterthur Museum, Robert White, Honolulu Academy Garden and Library of Artsand fifteenth-century chapel are allopen to the public and display the Winterthur DE, USAhistory of the Company, along with Los Angeles, USA Joe Maytheir collection of silver and portraitsof local benefactors. Treasurer After lunch, the train ride back New England, USA Jim Moisson John H. Lannon, Boston Athenaeumto London was a perfect opportunity Harvard University Art Museumsto reflect on a very busy week with Cambridge, MA, USAso many memorable events and New York, USA Mark Demairo, Neue Galerieactivities. This has to be one of themost memorable conferences in our Secretary and Papyrus Editor New Zealandorganization’s history. Joseph May Patricia Morgan, Auckland Art I would like to finish by again thank- Sustainability Engineer Gallerying the London Conference organizers Los Angeles, CA, USAfor all their hard work and hospitality Ottawa-Gatineau, Canadatoward all of the IAMFA members and Ian MacLean, Canada Science andguests who were fortunate to have Technology Museum Corporationexperienced the 2008 IAMFA Annual Chairman — Conference 2009Conference in London. The only Nancy Bechtol Smithsonian Institution Philadelphia, USAremaining thought I have is whether Richard Reinert, Philadelphia Washington, DC, USAthe Washington, D.C. Conference Museum of Art bechtna@si.eduorganizers will be up to the challengeof matching the elegance, the learn- San Francisco, USAing, the networking opportunities, and Head of International Affairs Joe Brennan, San Francisco Museumprofessional development witnessed Guy Larocque of Modern Artthis week in London. Somehow, I The Canadian Museum of Civilizationhave a feeling that the members in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada United Kingdomthe U.S. Capital will have a few sur- Bill Jackson, National Library ofprises in store for us next fall at the Scotland, Edinburgh2009 IAMFA Annual Conference in For additionalWashington, D.C. contact information, Washington/Baltimore, USA please visit our website at Robert Evans, Freer Gallery of Art/Joe May is the Secretary of IAMFA, and Arthur M. Sackler GalleryEditor of Papyrus.16
  17. 17. Become a Member of the IAMFA and Get a Friend to JoinOn behalf of the membership and Board, we invite you to Membership Opportunitiesjoin with other museums and cultural organizations through-out the world in becoming a member of the only organization Join the IAMFA at any of the following levels and enjoy fullexclusively devoted to museum and cultural facility admin- benefits of membership:istrators: the International Association of Museum Facility Regular Member — $150 annually. A regular memberAdministrators (IAMFA). As a member, you will join a growing holds the position of principal administration in directlist of museum and cultural facility administrators in their charge of the management of facilities, and represents theirefforts to provide a standard of excellence and quality in institution(s) as a member of the association.planning, development and design, construction, operationand maintenance of cultural facilities of all sizes and varieties Associate Member — $50 annually. An associate memberof programming. is a full-time facilities management employee (professional, The Association currently has representation in several administrative or supervisor), below the level of the facilitycountries on three continents. Our goal is to increase administrator of the member association.membership in institutions throughout the world. Affiliate Member — $50 annually. An affiliate member is Your involvement in the IAMFA will continue the growth any full-time employee of a member institution who is notof the organization and provide you with excellent educational directly involved in the facilities management department.and networking opportunities. As your colleagues, we lookforward to welcoming you to membership in the IAMFA. Subscribing Member — $300 annually. A subscribing member is an individual, organization, manufacturer ofCordially yours, supplier of goods services to the institutions who ascribesThe Board of the International Association to the policies and programmes of the Association, andof Museum Facility Administrators wishes to support the activities of the Association. Send in your membership dues by using the convenient form below. Membership payments and conference registration can also be made online at Don’t forget to make a copy to give to a colleague. ¡ YES! I would like to join the IAMFA as a: Ⅺ I am interested in joining. Ⅺ Regular Member $150 Ⅺ Associate Member $ 50 Please have a member Ⅺ Affiliate Member $ 50 Ⅺ Subscribing Member $300 contact me. Institution: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name: ______________________________________________________________________________ Title: ________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________________________ City: _________________________________ State/Province: _______________________ Zip/Postal Code: _______________________ Country:_____________________________ Phone: _____________________________________ Fax: ____________________________________ E-mail: ______________________________ ALL FEES ARE PAYABLE IN U.S. DOLLARS Please remit to: International Association of Museum Facility Administrators Ⅺ I enclose a check in the amount of $ ____________________ P.O. Box 277 Groton, MA 01450, USA Ⅺ Please invoice me Website: 17
  18. 18. London — The 18th An18
  19. 19. nual IAMFA Conference 19
  20. 20. Boiler Replacement at the Natural History Museum in London By Glynnan BarhamWhen it was recognised by the NaturalHistory Museum (NHM) that its boilersystem would require major overhaulor replacement, several options wereconsidered. To find the necessary technical solu-tion, together with innovative financialoptions, the NHM asked CynerginConsultants to invite energy servicecompanies to tender for a 1,400 kWeCHP engine, and to provide alternativesolutions, including conversion frommedium-pressure hot water to low-pressure hot water and absorption coo-ling. Vital Energi was selected for itsexperience operating several successfulplants in Denmark, where CHP hasbecome an accepted part of the land-scape. Vital Energi proposed the use ofa tri-generation (heating, cooling and Figure 1power) plant, which would address theissue of heat loads in summer, while refurbishment of the boiler system to of the purchasing of the CHP andalso meeting an increased demand for be invested back into the Museum. absorption chillers. Further improve-cooling from the newly constructed Vital Energi invested £3.5 million ments to the Museum’s infrastructureDarwin Centre. The whole concept be- into the project; this included the cost were required in order to enable it tohind the design illustrated a clear movetowards reduction in carbon emissionsand increased energy efficiency. Tri-generation systems offer the envi-ronmental benefit of reducing green-house gas emissions resulting fromthe energy we consume. Usual powerstation efficiency is around 35–45%,depending on fuel source and stationtype—as compared to tri-generationplants, which typically achieve anoverall efficiency of around 80-85%.The InvestmentVital Energi ultimately further refinedtheir design and installed a CHP ratedat 1,800kWe, along with taking respon-sibility for designing, building, financ-ing and operating the equipment for15 years. This allowed the £3 millionthat the Museum had set aside for Figure 220
  21. 21. accommodate the new scheme. A new Museum would save £579,000 annually Conclusions and Futurechilled water circuit had to be installed over the course of the 15-year contract, Prospectsto link the existing localised cooling with savings above this minimum The Museum is benefiting from a low-system at the NHM to the energy centre. subject to a profit-sharing scheme. risk agreement that guarantees con-The practicalities of installing this over Recent readings from the tri-gener- siderable annual financial savings overa 1,000-metre network caused prob- ation CHP plant at the NHM have shown the lifetime of the project, with nolems, but these were mitigated by their that it is achieving 80–85% efficiency. initial investment. The CHP has alsoincorporation into other new develop- This has meant that, over the first year reduced the annual carbon dioxidements on site. Throughout the installa- alone, the CHP plant has reduced NHM emissions of the NHM by providingtion process, two of the existing boilers carbon emissions by 1,500 tonnes. our energy more efficiently.were preserved to maintain heating Introduction of the CHP plant haslevels at the NHM: a requirement also reduced the level of risk at the Glynnan Barham is Energy &for the adequate preservation of NHM. The previous system delivered Emissions Manager at the Naturalthe Museum’s collections. heat at medium pressure, required a History Museum in London, four-man team to maintain, and was England. He can be reached atSavings subject to statutory inspections. The 020 7942 5396.As part of its agreement with the conversion to a low-pressure systemNHM, Vital Energi guaranteed that the has reduced these risks and costs.Figure 3 21