Coming AttractionsPreview of the 2012 IAMFA Mid-AtlanticConferenceBy the 2012 Conference TeamW           elcome to Philade...
Winterthur Museum and                        also home to the Winterthur Program          exotic plants and horticulture (...
history, the NMAJH has attracted a          the Declaration of Independence was         devoted to the Constitution, the C...
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22nd IAMFA Conference Preview


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22nd IAMFA Conference Preview

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22nd IAMFA Conference Preview

  1. 1. Coming AttractionsPreview of the 2012 IAMFA Mid-AtlanticConferenceBy the 2012 Conference TeamW elcome to Philadelphia Exposition of the same year. Originally home. In rooms reflective of the inti- and the Brandywine Valley called the Pennsylvania Museum and mate layout and unique character in 2012! School of Industrial Art, its founding of the original Merion galleries, this By the time you read this, it will be was inspired by the South Kensington renowned art collection will be acces-just eight months until the start of the Museum (now the Victoria and Albert sible to the public as never before.22nd IAMFA Annual Conference. The Museum) in London, which grew out Celebrated for its exceptional breadth,2012 Conference will be called the of the Great Exhibition of 1851. The depth, and quality, the Barnes Foun-Mid-Atlantic Conference because Philadelphia Museum of Art houses dation art collection includes worksvenues will be in an area in the Mid- over 225,000 works of art and a wealth by some of the greatest European andAtlantic region of the United States. of exhibitions, encompassing some of American masters of impressionism,All venues will be within 30 minutes the greatest achievements of human post-impressionism, and early mod-of each other, but are located in two creativity. ern art, as well as African sculpture,states: Delaware and Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania German decorative arts,both rich in American history. Native-American textiles, metalwork, Rodin Museum The conference is scheduled for and more.September 16–19, 2012, so mark yourcalendars, and begin soon to makeyour plans to attend. Registration infor- The Delaware Art Museummation is up on the www.IAMFA.ORGwebsite now, so don’t wait—make yourplans now! Read on for information on each ofthe 2012 Conference venues.Philadelphia Museumof Art Located near the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Rodin Museum houses the largest public collection of works, The Delaware Art Museum is best outside of Paris, by the celebrated late known for its large collection of nineteenth-century French sculptor British Pre-Raphaelite art; works by Auguste Rodin. Wilmington-native Howard Pyle and fellow American illustrators; and urban landscapes by John Sloan and his circle. The Barnes Foundation Founded in 1912, the Delaware Art Museum houses a world-renowned collection that focuses on American art and illustration from the nine- teenth to the twenty-first centuries,The Philadelphia Museum of Art is as well as the British Pre-Raphaeliteamong the largest art museums in movement of the mid-nineteenththe United States. It is located at the century. The Museum features anwestern end of the Benjamin Franklin outdoor Sculpture Park, the HelenParkway, in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Farr Sloan Library & Archives, StudioPark. The Museum was established in On May 19, 2012, the Barnes Founda- Art Classes, and the interactive Kids’1876 in conjunction with the Centennial tion will unveil its new Philadelphia Corner learning area. PAPYRUS WINTER 2011–2012 29
  2. 2. Winterthur Museum and also home to the Winterthur Program exotic plants and horticulture (bothCountry Estate in Early American Culture and the indoor and outdoor), events and Winterthur/University of Delaware performances, seasonal and themed Art Conservation program. attractions, as well as educational lectures, courses and workshops. What is now Longwood Gardens Hagley Museum was originally purchased from William Penn in 1700 by a fellow Quaker named George Peirce (1646–1734). Although it started as a working farm, in 1798 twin brothers Joshua and Samuel Peirce planted the first specimens of an arbor- etum, originally named Peirce’s Park, which has been open to the public almost continuously since that time. By 1850, they had amassed one of the finest collections of trees in the nation. Industrialist Pierre S. du Pont (1870–1954) purchased the propertyWinterthur Museum and Country Estate from the Peirce family in 1906 to saveis located in Winterthur, Delaware, and the arboretum from being sold forhouses one of the most important col- lumber. He made it his private estatelections of Americana in the United Located close to Winterthur, Hagley and, from 1906 until the 1930s,States. It was the former home of Museum and Library is where the du Pont added extensively to theHenry Francis du Pont (1880–1969): du Pont story begins. It was here that property. A world traveler from ana renowned antiques collector and in 1802 E.I. du Pont established a gun- early age, du Pont was often inspiredhorticulturist. Until recently, it was powder mill, which evolved into a major to add features to the garden afterknown as the “Henry Francis DuPont international corporation with world- attending world’s fairs, the most notableWinterthur Museum”. wide impact. We will visit the scenic additions being the massive conserva- Winterthur is situated on 979 acres 235-acre campus along the banks of the tory, complete with a massive pipe(4 km2), near Brandywine Creek, with Brandywine River, which includes the organ, and the extensive system of60 acres (0.2 km2) of naturalistic gar- original mills of the DuPont Company, fountains. Mr. Du Pont opened hisdens. There were 2,500 acres (10 km2) working machinery, a restored workers’ estate to the public many days of thewhen it functioned as a country estate. community, and the fascinating links year during his occupancy and was There are 175 period-room displays between history, science, and technology. even known, on rare occasions,in the Museum and approximately to personally (and anonymously)85,000 objects. Most rooms are opento the public on small, guided tours. Longwood Gardens provide tours to visitors.The collection spans more than twocenturies of American decorative arts, National Museum ofnotably from 1640 to 1860, and con- American Jewish Historytains some of the most important piecesof American furniture and fine art.The Winterthur Library and ResearchCenter includes more than 87,000 vol-umes and approximately 500,000 manu-scripts and images, mostly related toAmerican history, the decorative arts,and architecture. The facility also housesextensive conservation, research, and Longwood Gardens consists of overeducation facilities. 1,077 acres (435 ha) of gardens, wood- In the 1990s, more informal museum lands, and meadows in Kennett Square,galleries were opened in a new build- Pennsylvania in the Brandywine Creek The National Museum of Americaning adjacent to the main house, where Valley. It is one of the premier botanical Jewish History has long been a vitalspecial rotating and permanent exhi- gardens in the United States, and is component in the cultural life ofbits are now housed. The Museum is open to visitors year-round offering Philadelphia. Over the course of its30 PAPYRUS WINTER 2011–2012
  3. 3. history, the NMAJH has attracted a the Declaration of Independence was devoted to the Constitution, the Centerbroad regional audience to its public adopted here on July 4, 1776. In the illuminates constitutional ideals andprograms, while exploring American same room, the design of the American inspires acts of citizenship, so that “WeJewish identity through lectures, panel flag was agreed upon in 1777; the the People” may better secure thediscussions, authors’ talks, films, chil- Articles of Confederation were adopted blessings of liberty to ourselves anddren’s activities, theater, and music. in 1781; and the U. S. Constitution our posterity.The Museum has displayed more than was drafted in 1787. The building,a hundred exhibitions in its first three inside and out, has been restored Ritz-Carlton Philadelphiadecades of existence. As the reposi- wherever possible to its original late-tory of the largest collection of Jewish eighteenth-century appearance. MostAmericana in the world, with more of the furnishings are period pieces.than 25,000 objects, the NMAJH has The “rising sun” chair used by Georgedeveloped extensive institutional expe- Washington as he presided over therience in preservation, conservation Constitutional Convention is original.and collections management sup-porting the fulfillment of its mission National Constitutionto preserve the material culture ofAmerican Jews. Center Located in one of Philadelphia’s mostIndependence Hall historic buildings, the Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia is a luxury hotel situated on the city’s Avenue of the Arts: a stretch of Broad Street that is loaded with fine arts venues. It is also within walking distance of a number of other notable attractions, including the Kimmel Center, the Academy of Music, City Hall, Rittenhouse Square, several theaters, and many historical buildings. The hotel itself is located in the oldConstructed between 1732 and 1756 Girard Bank Building, which was builtas the State House of the Province of in the 1830s. This stunning NeoclassicalPennsylvania, Independence Hall is building with its signature rotunda isconsidered a fine example of Georgian an ideal setting for a luxury hotel, andarchitecture. From 1775 to 1783 (except has become one of the most popularfor the winter of 1777–1778, when lodging choices in the city for those who Located on Independence Mall, thePhiladelphia was occupied by the are looking for upscale accommodation. National Constitution Center bringsBritish Army), this was the meeting This is just a taste of what awaits the U.S. Constitution to life for theplace for the Second Continental you at the Annual Conference in whole family through multimedia exhi-Congress. It was in the Assembly Room Philadelphia and the Brandywine bitions, live performances, timely publicof this building that George Washington Valley in 2012. We look forward to programs and dynamic educationalwas appointed Commander-in-Chief hosting you and your families. resources. As America’s first and onlyof the Continental Army in 1775, and non-partisan, non-profit institution Past issues of Papyrus can be found on IAMFAs website PAPYRUS WINTER 2011–2012 31