How to become a LinkedIn Rockstar


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Lewis Howes Powerpoint on how to become a LinkedIn Rockstar

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  • I’m Lewis and I’m fierce
  • What’s your company?What’s your website?What’s your blog?
  • MORAL OF THE STORY IS: Use power words!!!!!!!!!!!-headline-summary-expertise-current and past experience
  • Use the word “I”, not “Lewis Howes. Do not write in the 3rd person.-
  • why this is badWhat you should do instead… next slide
  • Talk about importance of groups-being in them-responding to and starting discussions-starting your own groupsNext slide to illustrate importance/power of owning your own group
  • In 3 days you had almost 1000 people to an your events!!!!!! HUUUGE. Highlight that there were many more people that went besides the numbers here but this was a huge way to pump out the information about the events to your network. Obviously if people are connected to you they’re going to care about what you’re doing, so using LinkedIn is a good outlet for promoting events. Also, it has BUILT IN ADVERTISING: each time one of those 473 people to RSVP’ed yes to your Columbus LinkedWorking event, its going to show up the on the homepage of EVERY SINGLE PERSON who is connected to one of those 473 individuals, as well as on their homepage. CALL THAT TAIL EFFECT.
  • Use questions for RESEARCH, promote events, etc.
  • Use answers to become THOUGHT LEADER, EXPERT on a certain subject.
  • adding blog to drive traffic, putting up a video on your profile using slide share, etc)Talk about-wordpress-polls-slideshare
  • GIVE THEM and you’lll GET THEM!!! THE MORE YOU GIVE, THE MORE YOU RECEIVE. You can ask for them, but it looks better to give them one first instead of asking to be recommended.
  • Giving people what they want, before they know they want it. NOW THAT IS GOOD MARKETING. Go out with a BANG. This is the point: SOCIAL MEDIA ROCKS and you can use it to MONTEIZE your business. It is the new revolution of marketing and the new way to conduct business so they better GET ON BOARD!!!
  • How to become a LinkedIn Rockstar

    1. 1. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.Become A LinkedIn Ninja!!! @LewisHowes
    2. 2. Traditionalmarketing is hit or miss
    3. 3. Howes’ Hierarchy Of Needs Clients Profits Visibility Strength in Numbers Communication
    5. 5. The Easy Stuff Headline Photo Status Summary Specialties URL
    6. 6. “My Company” is BORING. = H U G E Opportunity Cost
    7. 7. “Other” is the new Pink.
    8. 8. usewords
    9. 9. POWERUP!!!
    10. 10. Don’t Be This Guy
    11. 11. Hi Guy,It was so great meeting you last night atthe LinkedIn event! I really enjoyedhearing about Alltop and find itfascinating what you do. Lookingforward to connecting with you again.Best regards,Lewis Howes
    12. 12. Tribe It Up!
    13. 13. What’s ThePower?•Thought Leadership•Personal Branding•Organic Traffic
    14. 14. Use Events on LinkedIn
    15. 15. What’s ThePower?•Thought Leadership•Personal Branding•Organic Traffic
    16. 16. Spark up someconversation!
    17. 17. Genius!
    18. 18. Youwant alot ofthese
    19. 19. Withsocial mediayou hit 100%of the time
    20. 20. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.Now You Are A LinkedIn Ninja!!! @LewisHowes