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About the ladock wind project june12v2 030712_v4


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About the ladock wind project june12v2 030712_v4

  1. 1. Ladock parish community wind turbine Progress and next steps July 2012
  2. 2. About Low Carbon Ladock• Low Carbon Ladock was set up in 2008 in response to the problems of climate change and peak oil• The co-operative was set up to manage and distribute income from low carbon installations put in place in Ladock Parish• Everyone who lives and/or works in the parish is invited to become a member. Low Carbon Ladock currently has over 100 members (about 7% of the parish)• Registered objects of the co-operative include: – The promotion of the conservation, protection and improvement of the natural environment and prudent use of natural resources for the benefit of the public – The promotion of sustainable development for the public benefit – The prevention or relief of poverty in Ladock (parish) and surrounding areas – The creation of training and employment opportunities – The maintenance, improvement or provision of public amenities – The protection or conservation of the environment• In December 2009, Ladock Parish put in a successful bid to the Governments Low Carbon Community Challenge. The scheme provided half a million pounds to introduce measures to aid transition to low carbon living. Eight houses, plus the two village halls, two pubs and three other local businesses were selected for low carbon developments including: – 12 Sets of solar PV panels and 5 sets of solar thermal panels – 2 biomass boilers – 2 ground source heat pumps – Insulation of 4 buildings – A 20kW wind turbine installed on a farmers field• Low Carbon Ladock is seen as a pioneer of low carbon communities in the UK• In early 2012, the first re-investment of funds were awarded with money going to: – Traffic calming measures – The cricket club – [Chris to complete]
  3. 3. About Green Trust• Green Trust CIC is a community energy company, based in Cornwall. We are working with Low Carbon Ladock to develop a community wind turbine for the parish• We are a Community Interest Company (CIC) limited by guarantee, which means our primary purpose is to generate community benefit and there are legal restrictions on how what we can do with our profits• We are a social business and we need to generate a profit from our activities. However, any profit we make is re-invested in further community energy projects This project is part financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development 2007-2013: Europe investing in rural areas delivered through Defra as the Delivery Authority.
  4. 4. What could a community wind turbine do for Ladock Parish?A single 500kW - 800kW wind turbine could:• Generate over 1/3rd of the parish’s annual domestic and commercial electricity consumption• Generate around £30,000 (possibly more) per year for the Low Carbon Ladock community fund for 20 years• A community investment offer, providing a good 20 year investment return• Green electricity supply for local homes and businesses Isle of Tiree Enercon 800kW community wind turbine
  5. 5. How far have we got?• In September 2011 the Low Carbon Ladock co-operative voted to explore the potential for a medium to large-scale community wind turbine in Ladock Parish• Green Trust then looked across the parish for potentially suitable sites. Considerations included: – Good wind resource (i.e. exposed hilltops) – Proximity to viable electrical grid connection points – Distance from houses – Access – Ecology and land designations• A number of potential sites were identified. The owners of 3 of the sites were willing to host the community wind turbine. Further work was then carried out on those 3 sites including commissioning a specialist to assess grid connection cost and site visits by a planning officer and an ecologist• The Fenton Ladock site has been chosen as the preferred site for a single turbine of up to 76m to tip height and 500kW – 800kW rated generation capacity• We now want to make sure everyone has the chance to understand how the turbine could benefit the parish, and the potential impacts, before progressing the project to planning submission
  6. 6. The proposed turbineSize Hub height – 50m Rotor diameter – up to 52m Tip height – up to 76mGeneration 500kW – 800kWcapacityEstimated annual 2,000 MWhgeneration >30% of Ladock parish’s electricity consumption 300 homesTurbine options EWT DW52 500kW Enercon E48 800kW (both a direct drive, low noise turbines) An EWT 500kW turbine, the same as turbines at St Enoder, Bodmin and Otterham (near Bude)
  7. 7. The proposed siteThe proposed site is at Fenton Ladock farm, on the ridge up to the East of New Mills to the South ofthe road
  8. 8. Key considerations• Key planning and technical considerations will include – Visual impact – the site is on high ground, but houses to the west and south are screened by topography and trees. Houses to the north and east will be able to see it – Noise – the site is sufficient distance from housing that under most conditions the turbine should not be audible. We will do noise studies to demonstrate this – Ecology – We have already started ecology work and no sensitive species have been identified – Shadow flicker – all houses to north, east and west are a sufficient distance away that shadow flicker should not be an issue. We will do further studies to confirm this – Access – an access survey has confirmed we can get the turbine to the site – Grid connection – an application has been submitted to Western Power Distribution• Key community support considerations include – Impact on and concerns of immediate neighbours – Levels of support from the parish – Levels of objection from the parish
  9. 9. What next?Summer / Community awareness raising and consultationEarly Public opinion surveyAutumn ‘12Autumn / Complete development work submit planning applicationEarly Winter Ongoing community involvement‘12Jan ‘13 Planning decisionSpring ‘13 Investment raising (including community share offer), finalising legal and financial arrangements and procurementSummer/Au Constructiontumn ‘13
  10. 10. How much will it cost?Once planning permission and £1,800 Thousandsother key agreements are in Surplus to re-invest inplace, investment will be raised £1,600 other projects*from a number of sources £1,400 Contingency fund• The first priority will be an investment offer to residents of £1,200 the parish. Minimum Preconstruction investment per person is likely £1,000 to be £100. The offer will be managed so that anyone who £800 Civil and electrical wants to invest can £600 works and project• If the local offer does not raise management all of the investment £400 Grid connection required, Green Trust will raise the remaining investment from £200 other sources which could Turbine £0 include a bank loan, local businesses, and investment Total cost funds• Returns to investors are capped *Green Trust raises more investment than is required to build the project and at the minimum required to uses this surplus to re-invest in further projects. Green Trust’s objective is to raise raise investment enough surplus to fund the development costs of 2 further projects (up to £400k)
  11. 11. How much income will be generated?For a 800kW turbine annual revenuewill be around £280,000 Feed in Tariff Electricity exported• The wind turbine will earn income 450 for its 20 year lifetime from the 400 sale of electricity generated and the feed-in tariff. If electricity 350 prices rise, or a 500kW turbine 300 Annual Income earning a higher FiT is £’000 possible, income will be higher 250 than the base case 200• Annual production of a 500kW turbine would be slightly less than 150 that of a 800kW 100 turbine, however, a 500kW turbine would have a higher 50 annual income than a 800kW 0 turbine due to the higher FiT rate 500kW 800kW currently available Turbine Size• The FiT rates are subject to change but the turbine with the highest income potential will be chosen for development
  12. 12. How will the income be used? Tax Operating costs : • Land rent • Service and maintenance • Business rates Operating costs • Insurance • Administration • Grid charges • Contribution to a reserve fund to cover Investor Return component replacement Community Fund Community Fund: • Around £30,000 per annum paid to Low Carbon Ladock Community FundInvestor return: for 20 years• Returns to local and other investors (if required) to • Any surplus income also paid into the achieve an average 20 year return of around 5-7% fund per year plus capital repaid • The fund will be managed by the LCL• Returns to investors capped – Any surplus income is co-operative and re-invested in further transferred to the Low Carbon Ladock community local community initiatives fund
  13. 13. Local Investment Offer• The aim is to raise as much of the investment as possible from local investors• First priority for investment will be a bond and/or share offer open to all residents within the parish (the minimum investment is likely to be £100 per person)• Expected return of 5-7% over the 20 year life of the project (increased with inflation), plus your original investment returned• A £1,000 investment would earn back over £2,000 over 20 years (this includes repayment of your original investment) £1,000 £500 £0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Year -£500 -£1,000
  14. 14. Factors that influence economics• Construction costs could be higher or lower than estimated. Changes in the grid connection costs and the Euro exchange rate could both have significant impacts• Wind speed at the site could be higher or lower than estimated. However, we are confident that the site does have a viable wind resource• The government could further reduce the feed-in tariff. However, the feed-in tariff is fixed for 20 years from the point that the project is commissioned. A reduction from the current rate has already been factored in• Electricity prices could go up or down (more likely to go up!)• We may have to offer a higher rate than the target investor return to secure the required investment. However, we are confident that we will be able to secure investment to build the project once planning permission and grid connection has been obtained
  15. 15. How is the Ladock community wind turbine different to a commercial development?• The project has been initiated by the Low Carbon Ladock co-operative• It will only be progressed to planning submission if there is broad community support• It will generate a target income for the Low Carbon Ladock community fund of around £30,000 per year or more. A commercial developer of a similar sized project might offer around £3,000 community contribution• We will aim to raise as much of the investment as we can from local investors, so the investment returns are retained locally• We are working with a number of energy companies to come up with a local electricity supply offer that will enable local households and businesses to buy the green electricity generated at a discounted rate• Green Trust will generate a profit from the project, but this profit is locked within the company and will be re-invested in further community energy projects• If the project generates a higher profit than anticipated, this will go to the Low Carbon Ladock community fund• The community purpose of the project will be embedded in the project company mem & arts of association, the land lease and the planning application.• Low Carbon Ladock will be represented on the board of the project company and may own an equity stake in the project (to be confirmed following financial and legal advice)• Green Trust will be ‘open book’ with the economics of the project and financial arrangements. Two suitably experienced members of Low Carbon Ladock will oversee the financial arrangements to ensure the community interest purpose of the project is adhered to
  16. 16. Events to look out forWe will be holding a variety of events where you can obtain more information, raiseconcerns and express opinions• In early September there will be public exhibitions held in Grampound Road and Ladock village halls where you can find out more information and have questions answered• There will be stalls providing information on the wind project at Grampound Road and Ladock markets• On 14th July there will be a stall at ‘Blues in the Barn’• Activities and workshops for the schools• An organised visit to see a local operational wind turbine (date to be confirmed)• We will conduct an opinion poll in early September to determine the overall level of community support• Leaflets and posters throughout the parish
  17. 17. ContactGreen Trust CIC Low Carbon LadockFalmouth Ambulance Building Woodland Valley FarmQuarry Hill LadockFalmouth TruroCornwall TR2 4PTTR11 2BPJake Burnyeat (Director) Chris Jonest. 0781 501 45 40 t. 0797 143 63 19e. e. jones-farm@btconnect.comw. w.