SUNY Plattsburgh Career Development Center Campaing


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SUNY Plattsburgh Career Development Center Campaing

  1. 1. Secondary Research▫ Other schools  1-credit course  Highly interactive/informative websites  More on-campus involvement
  2. 2. Figure 1.1 Percentages of Undergraduates Surveyed Freshmen 17% Seniors 38% Sophomores 20% Juniors 25%
  3. 3. Figure 1.2 Have You Ever Used the CDC on Campus? Yes 33% No 67%
  4. 4. Figure 3.2 Trend of Undergraduates Who Answered They Used the CDC 54* the total number of students who answered "yes" was 109 24 18 13 Freshmen Sophomore Juniors Seniors
  5. 5. Figure 1.3 Do You Know Where the CDC is Located on Campus? Yes 48% No52%
  6. 6. Figure 3.1 Undergraduates Who Knew the Location of the CDC * Undergrads who answered Question 5 of the survey 54 24 18 13Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen
  7. 7. Figure 1.4 Have You Ever Been to a CDC Workshop? Yes 24% No 76%
  8. 8. Figure 2.1 Undergraduates that Attended Workshops Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen 3% 9% 25% 63%
  9. 9. Figure 1.5 Would You Take a One-Credit Course on Career Development if it Was Offered? No 34% Yes 66%
  10. 10. Figure 1.6 Have you ever visited the CDCs website? Yes 10% No 90%
  11. 11. Figure 1.7 Was Information on the CDC Website Easy to Access ? No 20% Yes 80%
  12. 12. Figure 1.8 Would You Ever Use the CDC’s Instant Messenger? Yes 38% No 62%
  13. 13. Lower/Upper Classmen Focus Groups
  14. 14. Upper Classmen• Nine Students• Purpose of CDC• Workshops ▫ Field of Study• Location• Social Media• Website
  15. 15. Lower Classmen• 10 Students• 1 0ut of 10 Visited the CDC• Workshops ▫ Field of Study• Lack of Promotion and Distribution• Misconception• Location: CDC/Satellite
  16. 16. Strengths▫ Quality information▫ Workshops▫ Graduate assistant▫ Mock interviews▫ Cardinal Connection▫ Use of the CDC for employment
  17. 17. Weaknesses▫ Low awareness of location and services▫ Unrecognizable logo▫ Little association with services offered▫ Website
  18. 18. Opportunities▫ Underclassmen▫ Social media▫ Workshops▫ Website
  19. 19. Threats• SUNY Budget (loss of jobs in department)
  20. 20. Situation Analysis• The CDC provides a range of services, resources, and programs to educate students and alumni regarding the career development process to help with professional preparation and employability.
  21. 21. Problem/Opportunity• Core Problem ▫ There is a lack of awareness about the CDC and their services as well as their location on the PSU campus.• Core Opportunity ▫ The CDC has the opportunity to reach out and help students on campus seek the necessary information and build crucial skills that are important in the job market.
  22. 22. CDC’s Campaign GoalIncrease awareness of theCareer Development Centerand all its services.
  23. 23. Objectives• Lower Classmen- ▫ To increase the use of services offered by the Career Development Center by 25% by lower-classmen by April 2011. (sign-in sheet or visitor log)• Upper Classmen- ▫ To increase attendance at workshops by 10% by April 30, 2011.• Faculty- ▫ To deliver the CDC message to each department chair during 2010-2011 year.
  24. 24. Upper Classmen
  25. 25. Upper Classmen “Great services today, for a successful tomorrow”Key Message: The CDC will give you services such as resume and cover letter writing, as well as mock interviews which will help you for your future careers.
  26. 26. Upper ClassmenStrategy one: Personal outreach campaignTactics: ▫ Public Relations Intern ▫ CDC Ambassadors
  27. 27. Upper ClassmenStrategy two: Print campaign to publicize the workshops and services the CDC offers through different mediums of print.Tactics: ▫ Flyers ▫ Table Tents (College Center) ▫ SUNY Plattsburgh 2010-2011 Planner ▫ Work CDC key points into tour guide’s curriculum
  28. 28. Lower Classmen
  29. 29. Lower ClassmenKey Messages:“Come to the CDC and explore your future career options because it’s never too early to start.”• Come to the CDC to work on the skills that you will need for future success.
  30. 30. Lower ClassmenStrategy one: Print campaignTactics: ▫ Detailed Brochures ▫ Frisbees- “Aim for New Heights, Visit Us on the 8th Floor!”
  31. 31. Promotional Prices• 1000 red Frisbees printed are $.60 each with $45 screen setup and shipping of approx $185 for total $830• 1000 round 4" diameter paper labels with red print for $145 delivered.• 1000 white pens with red print - $440 delivered (several styles inexpensive, but NICE write and quality)• 1000 business card size magnets are $.20 each plus $22 ship for total $222
  32. 32. Lower ClassmenStrategy two: Outreach CampaignTactics: ▫ CDC Presentation at Freshmen Orientation ▫ Print materials and Frisbees also distributed
  33. 33. Faculty
  34. 34. FacultyKey messages: We all share the same goal of seeing students succeed once they leave SUNY Plattsburgh. The CDC services will allow them to gain skills they will need to further their career after graduating. Your relationship with your students allows you to help them succeed.
  35. 35. FacultyStrategy one: Outreach campaign for in-class presentation, presented by the intern and (department) ambassadorsTactics: • FRS/FRX- include CDC in the syllabus • PR intern comes up w/ CDC 50 min. module • Three-minute class presentations • Ambassadors present in the 100 level courses
  36. 36. Summary• CDC can help reach out to students and promote their services better if they utilize an intern, who will be working for credit and has to report back to a professor. ▫ Responsibilities:  Recruit, train and supervise Department Ambassadors  Distribute and Create Promotional Materials  Help at workshop functions  Create modules for FRS/FRX class presentations  Create in-service training for tour guides  Update Social Media
  37. 37. “Great services today, for a successful tomorrow.”