Girl Scouts of Northeastern NY Campaign


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Girl Scouts of Northeastern NY Campaign

  1. 1. Girl Scouts100th Anniversary CampaignA creative campaign with the goal of reinventing andreinforcing the Girl Scouts brand for the upcoming 100thAnniversary.Joel ColladoJennifer OppermanTristan WaldvogelMarissa Bailey5/5/2010
  2. 2. Introduction For almost a century, Girl Scouts USA has been widely recognized as the preeminentorganization for the development of young girls into women. It has been a milestone in manygirls’ lives. The partnership between caring, committed adults who provide a nurturingenvironment, and the scouts, result in a positive experience which prepares the girls for theworld. Lately, however, membership has been dwindling. There seem to be several factorsinfluencing this decline. In 1972, the United States Congress implemented “Title IX,” a law that increased theopportunities for young women in high school and collegiate sports. Now girls participate insports at an earlier age in preparation for future athletic competition. This is a factor which hasserved to draw girls away from joining or continuing scouting. The media’s portrayal of Girl scouting might also have an influence on the decreasedmembership. The Scouts on television are often depicted as “un-cool” or “nerdy.” Societalchanges, for good or for ill, have taken their toll on the organization This has led us to believe that there is only one thing that can help the girl scouts retaintheir “rite of passage” position in the lives of young girls; re-branding the Girl Scout image. If the Girl Scout organization wants to take a preeminent role in the lives of young girlsin the 21st century, they must become more relevant to a girl growing up in the 21 st century.They must find a way to keep the tradition of building self-esteem and teaching values, whileembracing a newer “hip” image. The Girl Scout’s history of character building, leadership, andsocial conscience will provide them the opportunity to adapt. The Girl Scout’s can use their status to collaborate with brands that are accepted asalready “cool” in American youth culture. If the Girl Scout’s align with that which is deemed“hip” the perception of the organization can be changed. Our campaign is centered on this core idea and we have developed several strategies toassist the Girl Scouts in changing their image, primarily through partnerships with companiesand organizations including Nike, Pandora, Gap, and the WNBA. When the Girl Scouts public image takes on a more contemporary visage, they will turnsome more heads in their direction. The Girl Scout mission statement need not be disturbed,only the public perception requires sprucing up. 2
  3. 3. Executive Summary The overall goal of this campaign was to raise awareness in conjunction with the GirlScouts 100th anniversary taking place in 2012. Our analysis of the situation revealed that wecould assist the organization and achieve our primary objective. We uncovered several factorsthat we believe have caused a decline in scouting membership. The general downturn in scouting membership can be attributed to both internal andexternal factors. The national realignment of Girl Scout councils has caused logistical problemsfor those attempting to take part in scouting and the financial requirement of asset sale (GirlScout camp grounds) has caused a decline in membership. Societal changes, greater choice of extra-curricular options for girls and the media’sportrayal of the Girl Scout image are significant external factors contributing to a membershipdecline. These factors have hampered the Girl Scouts organization’s ability to sustain growth. We sought solutions to these problems while remaining mindful of the goal ofcelebrating Girl Scout’s 100th anniversary. We believe that our proposals will accomplish both. However, this great realization required implementation of some of scouting’sattributes, innovation, leadership, and resourcefulness. Our initial focus was on a smaller scaleand would only be implemented at a local level, and the creativity of the proposed programseemed to be stalled. However, after consulting with our contact at the Girl Scout organizationwe decided to expand our horizons, as the Girl Scouts have done for so many years for theirmembers. We developed a broader campaign on a grander scale. After extensive research we sought to emphasize the 100th Anniversary of theorganization and utilize this as our focal point. We viewed it as an opportunity to display thenew face of Girl Scouts: one which would be more relevant to a young girl growing up in the21st century. We divided our key publics into three categories based on age, and one based onethnicity. We then devised tactics towards each public. Our original ideas incorporated traditional strategies with which the Girl Scoutorganization was already familiar. They are still present in our proposal, but our main marketingtactics are focused on a national level and consist of the following: A 100th AnniversaryAmerican Girl Doll; a 100th Anniversary Pandora bracelet charm; a Nike SB Girl Scout sneaker; AGirl Scout compilation CD featuring famous former Girl Scouts; A lip balm/lip-gloss line made upof Girl Scout cookie flavors; a clothing line collaboration with GAP; and an awarenesspartnership with national female sports associations. 3
  4. 4. The traditional tactics we developed can be implemented on a more localized, regionallevel, but some tactics can be implemented on a national level as well. They consist of thefollowing: A feature story on an influential sorority girl who was once a former Girl Scout; apublic service announcement regarding the 100th anniversary in English and Spanish; aproposed website with RSS feeds regarding the 100th anniversary; a role model programpartnering with sorority life; on-campus tabling at local universities to promote the 100thanniversary; a “Following Footsteps” campaign for mothers and daughters; a contest searchingfor the oldest living Girl Scout in regional areas or the nation; a “100th anniversary senior cookieday” at nursing homes; and a scrapbook “memory campaign.” Our underlying theme in this campaign is “rebranding the image of Girl Scouts.” This isthe purpose for many of our tactics. They can generate awareness for the 100th Anniversary,and paint a picture of the future of Girl Scouting. 4
  5. 5. Research 5
  6. 6. BACKGROUNDER Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York, Inc. 8 Mountain View Avenue Albany, NY 12205 (518) 489-8110 Fax (518) 489-8065 www.gsneny.orgGIRL SCOUTS OF NORTHEASTERN NEW YORKHistory Girl Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA) began on March 12 th, 1912. Juliette"Daisy" Gordon Low organized the first Girl Scout troop meeting of 18 girls in Savannah,Georgia. She dreamed of providing the United States "something for all the girls." Sheenvisioned an organization that would allow girls to serve their communities and developwholesome qualities. Since its origination, solely women have controlled GSUSA. GSUSA started with 18 members. Within the first few months, members were engagedin character development for young girls and women. By 1920, there were nearly 70,000members. In 1930, membership rose to over 200,000. There were over 2.8 million girlmembers, not including adult volunteers. Today, GSUSA has over 10 million girls and adults in144 countries. Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York was established in June 2007 from thecombination of four Girl Scout Councils (Hudson Valley, Mohawk Pathways, Adirondack andNorth Country) and now serves Albany, Clinton, Columbia, Greene, Essex, Franklin, Fulton,Montgomery, Hamilton, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, Schoharie, Warren andWashington Counties and a portion of St. Lawrence County. The GSNENY serves over 14,500girls and their families.Mission The GSUSA has an overall goal, which lays out four aspects to achieve success. 1)Developing their full potential 2) Relating to others with increasing understanding, skill, andrespect 3) Developing a meaningful set of values to guide their actions and to provide for sounddecision-making and 4) Contributing to the improvement of society. The Northeastern sanction of the Girl Scouts’ mission consists of the following goals:  Serving more girls within the region and reducing/eliminating any waiting lists of girls who have signed up to be involved with Girl Scouting  Increasing our capacity to meet the rapidly changing needs of today’s girls to achieve the goals of program delivery, volunteer management and funding 6
  7. 7.  Increasing educational programs, including outdoor education, girl safety, science & technology and experiences where girls have expressed an interest  Reaching out to girls in rural areas and decreasing the barrier of distance for girls to participate in Girl Scout activities and educational programming  Increasing Girl Scout programming in urban areas and continuing to form partnerships with local community organizations that provide opportunities for under-served families  Continuing to set the example of leadership and self-determination that are an inherent part of the Girl Scout program.Key Players In 2006, Connie L. Lindsay was the first African American to be appointed executive vicepresident of The Northern Trust Company in Chicago. In 2009, she was appointed to head ofcorporate social responsibility and dedicated herself to advance Northern leadership on socialand environmental issues worldwide. Connie is the National President of Girl Scouts of the USA.She was appointed in 2008 and since then, she has provided guidance in policy, fund-raising,and management. Kathy Cloninger served for a decade as council chief executive officer of GUSA and nowis the new top executive. She began her career working for YWCA, a non-for-profit organization.Kathy served as CEO of the Girl Scouts-Mountain Prairie Council in Greeley, Colorado, and in1986 signed on as a management consultant with GSUSA. After taking time off to work for W.K.Kellogg Foundation in Battle Creek, Michigan, in 1993, she returned to Girl Scouts as the CEO ofCumberland Valley. Kathy has become one of the only two CEOs to come directly frommanaging council.Board Members (GSNENY)Board Chair Jennifer Gilston, Broadalbin, jgilston@frontiernet.netFirst Vice Chair Ellen Schell, Port Kent, ecschell@charter.netSecond Vice Chair Dr. John Prybylowski, Ballston Lake, Luan LaRoche, Glens Falls, luan@nycap.rr.comAssistant Secretary Joanna Valente OrrTreasurer David Bauer, dbauer@capitalbauer.comAssistant Treasurer Patrick Russell 7
  8. 8. Members at Large (GSNENY):Dr. Meg BenkeMary A. Brown, Saranac Lake, mabrown214@hotmail.comMelody BurnsJane Carpenter, Saranac LakeKaren Ferrer-Muñiz, Colonie, ferrermk@union.eduDonna Rae Gelder, South Glens Falls, drg1@adelphia.netCatherine LewisJacqueline Madison, jemcal16@aol.comSherman Parker, Queensbury, shermparker@roadrunner.comJennifer Sunderlin, Esq.Renee Walrath, Ballston LakeCynthia Swadba, Middle Grove, cswadba@aol.comHonorary President As of October 8th, 2009, Michelle Obama became the National Honorary President ofGirl Scouts of the USA. She has continued the tradition, which dates back to 1929 where theFirst Lady, Lou Henry Hoover began serving as Honorary President. Girl Scouts has planned towork with the First Lady on areas of mutual concern, such as healthy living, public service andleadership.Organizational Structure The national organization’s central headquarters is in New York City. It has a staff of 400,headed by a Chief Executive Officer and 40 member National Board Directors. The nationalorganization consists of 312 regional Girl Scout councils, which consists of the 236,000 localtroops and other groups. Councils are usually divided again into areas, called Neighborhoods,Service Units, or Associations. These are areas made up of troops at all age levels in a smallerarea, such as a town.Current Situation Starting in 2006, GSUSA has been working on a realignment strategy in hopes ofstrengthening councils. The business strategy called for a reduction of councils from 312 to 109.More centralized locations allow for high-capacity councils, allowing GSUSA to reach more girls.By the end of 2008, the number of councils had been reduced to 166 and continued to dropthroughout 2009. Volunteers are a vital part of Girl Scouts. It is important for GSUSA to be flexible withplacing volunteers with troops. An innovative Pathway for Adults program was created in 2007. 8
  9. 9. This Pathways Advisory program is made up of eight councils. This created an effective processfor recruiting and managing new volunteers. GSUSA is working on brand image development. Technology makes it easier for GSUSAto get its message out in a way girls can relate to. Reworking the brand image included theselection of Lowe Worldwide to create a broad strategy message, a video featuring the GirlScout Leadership Experience (designed by the Parham Santana firm), and the redesigning ofLeader magazine, GSUSA’s publication for its adult members. GSUSA has also been seekingmore partnerships with higher profile brands like Rev Run’s Athletics Inc., the Disney Channel,and MTV correspondent, SuChin Pak.Camp Summer camps are available for Girl Scout members K – 12. Day camp and overnightcamp is available for members and cost $180 to $490 depending on the activities. Paymentplans, discounts, and aid are available for girls in need. Camps are run through local Girl Scoutcouncils.Membership fees$12 annual duesAdditional fees for individual events may applyRevenue and Expenses GSUSA generates its own funding through cookie sales and Girl Scout dues. GSUSAincorporates charitable giving and increases support by collaborating between councils. In 2008, Girl Scouts of the USA’s national organization generated close to $82 million.Out of their total revenue, $55 million were primary and $27 million from other revenue.Nationally in 2007, GSUSA lost about $1 million in membership dues and another $1 million ingrants and gifts. Their functional expenses over exceeded the total revenue by approximately$5 million. Yet, they have a total of $162.6 million Net Assets.Goals for the Future New council structure, enhanced volunteerism across the organization, a fun andrelevant brand image, and development of philanthropy that increases giving from individuals,corporations, and foundations. The Girl Scouts of USA are continuing to make great progress onthe changes they are making. Realignment for the future is a top goal the Girl Scouts of USA and Girl Scouts ofNortheastern New York. GUSA is calling for a reduction in the number of councils from 312 to109. This realignment will create a greater amount of resources and a consistent program forgirls. GUSA started their alignment in 2006 and are making great strides. By 2008, GUSA 9
  10. 10. realigned 64 councils. In 2007, Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York realigned four local GirlScout Councils into one regional council. Due to the realignment of the councils, there has beenan anticipated membership decline. The realignment has brought a decline of another 5% fromthe year 2006-2007. Another factor in declined membership is the huge role the economicslump has played in our nation. As of 2008, there is still a decline. GSUSA has had 4.6% decline(6.6% realigned) and GSNENY has had a 6.2%. In hopes to increase membership, the Girl Scouts Organization is tapping into thegrowing Hispanic population. The Organization’s United States market share has had anincrease from 5.7% to 5.8% from 2006-2007, while GSNENY went from 9.2% to 9.8%. To reachgirls, the organization has taken outreach initiatives such as tapping undeserved populationswith specific focus on Hispanic/Latinos and the Akwesasne. The organization is trying to engagegirls through programming that engages their self-interests. For adults, the organization istrying to increase membership involvement and volunteers. Girl Scouts are buildingpartnerships with organizations and businesses that encourage volunteerism. In the process of trying to increase membership and volunteerism, Girl Scouts are hosting a 100th anniversary event. This event will try to reconnect with alumnae and potential Girl Scouts. 10
  12. 12. SWOT AnalysisStrengths o The Girl Scouts program is dedicated solely to girls. Committed volunteers help girls develop qualities they can use all their lives. The program teaches girls how to be confident, learn respect, embrace diversity, be involved within their communities, and to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills.Weaknesses & Threats o A threat to expansion is the nationwide realignment which affects all councils of the Girl Scouts organization. There is also a decrease in membership within the organization due to societal trends and loss of interest. The closing down of Girl Scout camps limits the amount of Girl Scout experience as well.Opportunities o The Girl Scouts 100th anniversary is approaching in 2012. We have the opportunity to reach out and instill sentimental value to former Girl Scouts. The anniversary event aims to increase brand awareness and reconnect with Girl Scout Alumnae. Our core opportunity is to increase membership, partnership and volunteerism. 12
  13. 13. Situation Analysis The 100th anniversary aims to reconnect alumnae with scouting, whilecreating brand awareness for potential members. The campaign wants toincrease the number of girls, volunteers and potential partnerships.Societal changes have caused girls to lose interest in the program theywere once excited for.Core opportunityThe 100th Anniversary is an opportunity to reach out to key publics and increasemembership with a fresh image of the organization 13
  14. 14. Goal, Objectives, and Key PublicsGoal To reinvent and reinforce the Girl Scouts brand for the upcoming 100 th Anniversary.Objectives  To reach out and encourage alumnae to celebrate and participate in the 100th Anniversary  To have at least three main feature stories covered by traditional media in each local service unit  To expand on the existing database through Alumnae Cards  To see an increase in membership, volunteers, partnerships and donationsKey Publics Young adults (age 18-29): o This is an important public because girls at this age have the opportunity to become volunteers, and influence younger girls to join the program Adults (age 30-55): o This is an important public because it’s the typical age of mothers who have the potential to influence their daughters to join the program, and become members themselves Senior Citizens (age 55+): o This is an important public specifically in regards to the 100 th anniversary celebration. Their continued dedication to the program can be influential to younger girls 14
  15. 15. Key Publics/Key MessagesOverviewOur primary key public has already been determined for us by our client, the GSENY(Plattsburgh Chapter). The organization has deemed alumnae as, “any former girlscout over 18 years old.” Obviously this is a wide range scale of age. The motivatingself-interests of our primary public vary greatly. Therefore, we segmented our primarypublic into three age-based categories and one ethnically based category.  Senior Citizens- Girl Scout alumnae we categorized as age 55-+  Adults- Girl Scout alumnae we categorized as age 30-54  Young adults- Girl Scout alumnae we categorized as age 18-29  Spanish Girls- An increasing public the Girl Scout organization wishes to recruit more of.Primary Message (Senior Citizens)“Re-live the times that made you the woman you are today. Although you’veoutgrown your uniform and badges years ago….you’ll never outgrow the memories.”Secondary Messages:Senior Girl Scout alumnae have nostalgia for their scouting days. After research webelieve that they will be motivated to participate in the anniversary event. “Wherever we went, I was able to find a group of Girl Scouts and voila! I had a built-in new set of friends.” I have a long history of Girl Scouting. I started in Brownies and went all the way to seniors, I really miss those old Girl Scout cookies…mmmm good!” “Ive been a Girl Scout for as long as I can remember. Before I could go to school, when the Girl Scouts sold cookies to my mom at my front door, I told her, "I want to be one of them." “I was a Brownie/Junior/Cadette Girl Scout from 1968-1975. I am now a mother of three daughters and I have taken a leadership role in each of their troops.”(THESE QUOTES WERE TAKEN FROM ANONYMOUS MESSAGE BOARD CONTRIBUTORS) 15
  16. 16. Primary Message (Adults)“Pass the tradition of sisterhood on to your children…while re-living it yourself.”Secondary Message:The Girl Scout way of life is a positive influence on developing girls. The Girl Scoutorganization encourages you to lead your daughter on the right path. Girl Scouts offered a wonderful group of girls where common concerns and interests could come together. We could learn, be challenged, and support one another. It was a very positive aspect of my life and played an important role in shaping who I am today." -Judy Woodruff The thing I received from Girl Scouts more than anything else was a sense of real teamwork and working for the community, helping others, and it was not competitive. I remember working as a group to achieve a goal or to help the community. There was a great sense of accomplishment in that." -Cathy RigbyPrimary Message (Young Adults):“You are never too old to be a girl scout…and it’s never too soon to give back.”Secondary Message:This public is one that has graduated from the Girl Scouts Program fairly recently, andis approaching the high school, college, and career aspects of their lives. We don’twant them to forget the organization that helped them become who they are today,and we want them to be aware of the fact that they can still contribute as volunteersand influence younger girls. “If I wasn’t exposed to all the scenarios at a young age, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do as president of my chapter (referring to her sorority at college).” –Hannah Walter Current SUNY Plattsburgh student-2010.Primary Message (Spanish):Translate all of the above to use for Spanish key publics 16
  17. 17. Types of CampaignAwareness (Out-Reach) Campaign o All tactics focus on the awareness of the Girl Scouts’ movement and the 100th anniversary. Overall, this is an awareness campaign that wishes to reconnect as many Girl Scouts and their Alumnae together and even increases their membership, donation, and volunteers. A VNR pertaining to the problem/opportunity and information on how the GSUSA has been able to strive for success, through these 100 years, can be implemented as well as commercials and other advertisements.Marketing Campaign o Our partnership with other organization and companies with girl scouts. This was our main focus because it will help rebrand Girl Scouts by partnering up with other organizations and companies that already have a good reputation.Print campaign o The print campaign will focus on the main slogans and themes leading up to the 100th Anniversary. There will be fliers, brochures, personal invitations, and other advertisements that will create a certain emotional connectivity with the movement. Some themes will be mentioned in tactics.Social Media Campaign o A social media campaign should be conducted to create awareness and feedback about the 100th anniversary. The main goal of this campaign is to primarily, target the young adult alumnae through the internet. They can become fans of the Facebook page or chose to attend the staged events, meetings, or any other aspects that will lead to them attending and letting others know about the 100th anniversary. This also allows them to generate conversation about what they hope to get and see from the 100th anniversary. Their comments and feedback can help refine the event.Traditional Campaign o The traditional campaign will feature stories that are of interest to local communities. Through events and advertisements, we want newspapers to pitch stories on how influential this movement has been through the years and it has been doing so for 100 years. The staged events will allow for a bigger story to be written because it is actively creating awareness. 17
  18. 18. Strategies & TacticsRegional Young Adult A. Print 1. Feature Story- (Profile of influential sorority Girl Scout) B. Traditional Media 1. PSA (English) C. Social Media 1. Website (including RSS feed to 100th anniversary) D. Volunteer Outreach 1. Girl Scout Sorority Life 2. Role Scout-er (Model): This involves Girl Scouts who have joined college sororities. Like the Girl Scouts, they are focused on becoming leaders and great individuals. This event allows the sorority girls to spend time with the Girl Scouts and engage in certain activities that allow them to bond, such as community service buying cookies. In the process, the sorority girls become leaders that the Girl Scouts can look up to. The sorority girls can sign alumnae cards, interview for profile stories and even become volunteers for the 100th anniversary and other events. Student Newspapers will love to have a story that can compare the good virtue and values of Girl Scouts to sorority life. This will help create buzz about the event. E. Center for Volunteerism at SUNY Plattsburgh 1. On-campus tabling (ACC) o Representatives can help “table” at the colleges to build brand awareness for the 100th anniversary. They can give out or sell the 100th anniversary cookie and spread mini-fliers and promotional items. 18
  19. 19. AdultsA. Print 1. Invitations for 100th anniversary event 2. Newsletter Entries 3. BrochuresB. Traditional Media 1. Feature Story (“Following Footsteps”)C. Outreach 1. The campaign, “Following Footsteps,” is about the success of the Girl Scout movement due to mothers that have encouraged their daughters to become just like them; Girl Scouts and successful individuals. We hope other mothers take notice of how the Girl Scout organization continues to make great impacts on the lives of mothers and daughters. Mothers can become troop leaders and volunteers and in the process, tell other friends about the program and successesD. Awareness Strategies 1. Women Sports Partnership- High school and college sports teams will wear a Girl Scouts patch on their jersey or awareness bracelet to represent the organization 19
  20. 20. Senior CitizensA. Print 1. Invitations for 100th anniversary event 2. Newsletter Entries 3. BrochuresB. Traditional Media 1. Feature Story (profile of oldest girl scout)C. Outreach/Interactive 2. Bingo 3. Who doesn’t like BINGO? Even though it is considered a senior citizen’s past time, many young adults and current girl scouts are willing to sit down with the seniors and play. The game will keep them entertained as well as create a bond with other Girl Scouts. 4. Contest for oldest Girl Scout in local area o Girl Scouts pride themselves on becoming influential females in our society. There is always someone who shares the wisdom and characteristics of true alumnae. A contest will be held to find the oldest Girl Scout in the local area or nationally. After finding her, a profile story will be written and pitched to the local or national newspapers.. The winners of each local council will then go head-to- head at the 100th anniversary for GSNENY. Each profile will be shown at the 100th anniversary and present the winner. 5. 100th Anniversary Girl Scout Senior Cookie Day o In order to create awareness for the 100th anniversary, we will create a “100th anniversary Senior Cookie Day.” During this day, current Girl Scout troops will arrange a visit to certain nursing home and bring cookies, free of cost, to the seniors. Troops can create awareness for the 100th anniversary and can reconnect with previous Girl Scouts while sharing memories. Alumnae cards can be used for this occasion. An angle story can be created to show the collaboration and reconnection of the Girls Scouts with the seniors 20
  21. 21. SpanishA. Print and 1. Flyer (in Spanish)B. Traditional Media 1. PSA (in Spanish) 21
  22. 22. National Young Adults A. Wii Games for event activity 1. The Wii Games are primarily for the young adult alumnae, but seniors have taken a great interest in Wii Games as well. The games bring them together and help them stay entertained during the event. Marketing Strategies B. Promotional Items 1. American Girl Doll 100th Anniversary Girl Scouts 2. Pandora Bracelet- 100th anniversary bracelet that represents the colors (ex. Emerald stone) and logo of the Girl Scouts 3. Nike SB Girl Scout Sneaker- The sneaker reflects the colors of the Girl Scout organization 4. Girl Scout compilation CD- The album features famous singers who are former Girl Scouts. The CD features artists who were from a variety of decades. Taylor Swift will be featured as a key speaker due to her strong support of the organization 5. Makeup Lip Balm Line- The line will feature lip balm or lip-gloss concentrated on the flavors of each type of Girl Scout cookie. The flavors are: o Thin Mints lip-gloss: mint flavored chocolate wafers dipped in a chocolate coating o Peanut Butter Sandwiches/Do-si-dos lip-gloss: Peanut butter filling sandwiched between crunchy oatmeal cookies. o Tagalongs lip-gloss: Crispy vanilla cookies layered with peanut butter and covered with a chocolate coating. o Shortbreads/Trefoils lip-gloss: A traditional shortbread cookie. o Caramel DeLites/Samoas lip-gloss: Vanilla cookies coated in caramel, sprinkled with toasted coconut and laced with chocolate stripes o All Abouts/Animal Treasures/ Thanks-A-Lot lip-gloss: Shortbread cookies dipped in fudge o Daisy Go Rounds lip-gloss: Cinnamon flavored. o Dulce De Leche lip-gloss: These are Latin caramel cookies with caramel chips. 22
  23. 23. o Lemonades lip-gloss: shortbread cookie with lemon icing. o Thank U Berry Munch lip-gloss: Cranberries and white fudge chunksC. National women athletes will wear a Girl Scouts patch on their jersey or an awareness green bracelet to represent the organization 23
  24. 24. AdultsA. Flier campaign with mothers and daughters– “Following Footsteps” (100th Anniversary of Success) o The campaign, “Following Footsteps,” is about the success of the Girl Scout movement due to mothers that have encouraged their daughters to become just like them; Girl Scouts and successful individuals. We hope other mothers take notice of how the Girl Scout organization continues to make great impacts on the lives of mothers and daughters. Mothers can become troop leaders and volunteers and in the process, tell other friends about the program and successes. 24
  25. 25. Senior CitizensA. BINGO Marketing StrategiesB. Promotional Items 1. American Girl Doll 100th Anniversary Girl Scouts 2. Pandora Bracelet- 100th anniversary bracelet that represents the colors (ex. Emerald stone) and logo of the Girl Scouts 3. GAP Girl Scouts Clothing Line- Girls will wear the clothing line to “rep” Girl Scouts and the anniversary. The Girl Scout clothing line with concentrate on the colors of each level: o Daisy- Blue and white -Insignia Tab- Yellow o Brownie-Blue or white and brown -Insignia tab-brown o Junior- White or green and khakis -Insignia tab-green o Adults and Ambassadors-Khaki and white -Insignia tab-Navy blueC. Girl Scout compilation CD- The album features famous singers who are former Girl Scouts. The CD features artists who were from a variety of decadesD. National women athletes will wear a Girl Scouts patch on their jersey or war an awareness green bracelet to represent the organization 25
  26. 26. Spanish Marketing StrategiesA. Promotional Items 1. American Girl Doll 100th Anniversary Girl Scouts 2. Pandora Bracelet- 100th anniversary bracelet that represents the colors (ex. Emerald stone) and logo of the Girl Scouts 3. Nike SB Girl Scout Sneaker- The sneaker reflects the colors of the Girl Scout organization 4. Girl Scout compilation CD- The album features famous singers who are former Girl Scouts. The CD features artists who were from a variety of decades. Taylor Swift will be featured as a key speaker due to her strong support of the organization 5. Makeup Lip Balm Line- The line will feature lip balm or lip-gloss concentrated on the flavors of each type of Girl Scout cookie. The flavors are: 6. GAP Girl Scouts Clothing Line- Girls will wear the clothing line to “rep” Girl Scouts and the anniversary. 26
  27. 27. Tactics for All AlumnaeA. Collecting Cards 1. These help build a database by having Alumnae fill out alumni cards. The cards can be distributed at any event. They can also be used to recruit at schools, nursing homes, local meetings, and other gatherings. It is also useful to keep providing cards during the 100th anniversary.B. Memory campaign- “Memories start as a Scout… and live on as an Alumnae” (100th Anniversary of Success) 1. This campaign focuses on increasing awareness for Alumnae and reconnecting them with the program for the 100th anniversary. This campaign focuses on the idea of giving back to Alumnae who were Girl Scouts. This campaign involves an event regarding the 100th anniversary, where a memory scrapbook and slideshow is created. Each Girl Scout is encouraged to bring a picture or memory of theirs to their local council or via internet (through social media) to create this scrapbook and slideshow for the 100 th anniversary.C. Memory Campaign Scrapbook 1. Each person brings a memory from Girl Scouts 2. The local council will be able to put up a Scrapbook with the help of the Girl Scouts and Alumnae (sent electronically or mailed) 3. A Slideshow of the photos will be shown at the eventD. 100th Anniversary cookies winner prize th 1. 5-6 months before the 100 anniversary event the Girl Scouts should launch their new cookie product to create awareness. The cookie box will promote the anniversary and aid in reconnecting all Girl Scouts to the movement. The contest will have a winner prize for the Girl Scout that buys the 100th anniversary cookie box containing a “winner” note inside. The prizes and winners will be announced at the event. 27
  29. 29. Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York, Inc. 8 Mountain View Avenue Albany, NY 12205 (518) 489-8110 Fax (518) 489-8065 www.gsneny.orgPRESS RELEASEFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEGIRL SCOUTS REACH OUT TO ALUMNAE FOR1OOth ANNIVERSARYRecognition of the organization’s milestone successFebruary 22, 2010 – Plattsburgh, NY thGirl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) celebrates its 100 anniversary in the year 2012. GSUSA wants to reach out to allmembers, specifically alumnae, to reconnect them with scouting. GSUSA wants to bring former girl scouts andthose memories back, and in the process influence potential and current girl scouts to build camaraderie. “Thisevent is an acknowledgement of a movement ... we want to drive back results and pull in as many alumnae,” saidGloria Baker, marketing director of Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York. GSUSA has released commemorativememorabilia to build awareness for the anniversary. The Centennial Act of 2009 authorized the U.S. Mint to thproduce a silver Girl Scout coin. A 100 anniversary cookie will be offered in the 2011-2012 selling season.GSUSA offers alumnae post cards and e-cards for alumnae to reconnect, which would provide information aboutfuture local anniversary events.The anniversary celebration will reconnect members with the program that helps girls build character andmemories.About Girl ScoutsGirl Scouts of the USA is the world’s preeminent organization dedicated solely to girls—all girls—where, in anaccepting and nurturing environment, girls build character and skills for success in the real world. In partnershipwith committed adult volunteers, girls develop qualities that will serve them all their lives, like leadership, strongvalues, social conscience, and conviction about their own potential and self‐worth.For additional information contact:Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York, Inc.Deborah Doolittle8 Mountain View AvenueAlbany, NY 12205(518) 489‐8110 x 141 or Toll Free: 1‐888‐447‐6369Fax: (518) 489‐ |www.gsneny.orgGirl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.Girl Scouts ayuda a las niñas a desarrollar la confianza en sí mismas, el valor y los principios para hacer del mundoun mejor lugar. #### 29
  30. 30. April 10, 2010Jennifer MeschinelliSpecial Publications Editor170 Margaret Street, PO Box 459 Plattsburgh, New York 12901 Telephone: (518) 565-4183 Fax: (518) 562-3361Dear Jennifer Meschinelli, The 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts is fast approaching, and the Girl Scouts ofNortheastern New York (GSNENY) are preparing for the occasion. Representatives of GSNENYwish to conduct a contest with your help. The contest will consist of finding the oldest GirlScout in Clinton County and writing a follow-up piece on her life achievements.The purpose of the contest is to locate as many alumnae as possible and reconnect them withthe Girl Scouts organization for the 100th anniversary celebration. A story about this search willbe a terrific way to engage the senior audience in the community. Seniors can call their local councils in regard to their age and involvement in Girl Scouts.They also have the opportunity to fill out alumnae cards, which allows the organization toupdate alumnae with news and events. Please contact us with any questions you may have about this story. We look forward tohearing from you.Sincerely,Gloria BakerMarketing ManagerGirl Scouts of Northeastern New York8 Mountain View AvenueAlbany, NY 12205518-489-8110 x144 (Phone)518-489-8065 (Fax) 30
  31. 31. USE: IMMEDIATE: TFNTIME: 30 (LIVE COPY)AGENCY: GIRL SCOUTS OF NORTHEASTERN NEW YORKTITLE: A 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES[SFX]Radio Personality: The Girls Scouts 100th anniversary is fast approaching. Become part of a memorable event full of excitement and fun things to do. This celebration will reconnect you back with scouting, as well as with the friends and mentors who helped you become the women you are today. So, bring out your uniforms, recollect those photos, and join us for an event you will never forget. Girl scouts of Northeastern New York, We create unforgettable memories! To get involved contact Gloria Baker At (518) – 489-8110 31
  32. 32. USE: IMMEDIATE: TFNTIME: 30 (LIVE COPY)AGENCY: GIRL SCOUTS OF NORTHEASTERN NEW YORKTITLE: EL 100 ANIVERSARIO DE MEMORIAS INOLVIDABLES[SFX]Radio Personality: El ciento aniversario de Girl Scouts se está acercando. Coje parte de este memorable evento lleno de excitación y diversiones. La celebración va a reconectarte con el programa, amigos y mentores que te ayudaron a convertirte en la mujer que eres hoy. Entonces, saca tu uniforme, recolecta las fotos, y acompáñanos al evento que nunca olvidaras. Girl Scouts de Noreste Nueva York, ¡Nosotros creamos memorias inolvidables! Para participar contacten a Gloria Baker Al (518) – 489-8110 32
  33. 33. PSAs DescriptionPSA Tactics The 100th Anniversary of the Unforgettable Memories PSA was chosen as a tacticto build awareness. The PSA announces the upcoming 100th anniversary of Girl Scoutsof the USA. The main purpose of the PSA is to encourage alumnae of the program torecall fond memories of their time as a member in an attempt to reconnect them withthe program. Reconnecting alumnae with the program allows the organization togrow, receive more funding and increase volunteerism. The PSA can be played onseveral different radio stations where women of an appropriate age can hear it. Theupbeat tone and colloquial messages will draw the audience in and capture theirattention! The Spanish PSA announces the upcoming 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts of theUSA. It encourages alumnae to join in the celebration and remember the funmemories they created while part of the organization. The main point of the SpanishPSA is not only to encourage Spanish alum to attend but to create awareness withinthe fast growing Spanish speaking community. The PSA will excite young Spanish girlsto join the organization and allows for the growth and diversification of GSUSA. 33
  34. 34. Social Media Template Example 34
  35. 35. American Girl x Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary Doll The American Girl Dolls have been a sensation for young girls. They can be considered tohave the same hype Barbies use to have. Each doll has a different story and represents an era.Behind them there is this remarkable story that captivates the emotions and interest of younggirls. Many of the girls want them because their friends have them and bring them to school toplay with. To others they mean more than just a regular doll, a collector’s item. The fact is thatthey are in high demand and young girls are into them. Girl Scouts can have a marketingstrategy, which links their organization with the American Girl Dolls. The doll will not just be just another toy. Previous to the launch of the product, GirlScouts can hold a 100th anniversary oldest Girl Scout contest (nationally). After, the contest willhave a winner and that person will be an influential. She will have a story and most importantlyshe will have a name. The name, story, ethnicity and other features will be adopted by GirlScouts and given to the doll. It is going to represent the era of up until the 100th anniversary. The new American Girl 100th Anniversary Girl Scouts Doll will be popular because of itsability to be fun and to target little girls that want their parents to buy them. Dolls are the truetoys of young females. This toy will be fun because it will have an incredible story. To make it agreat product it will come with customizable clothing and other accessories. Our key publicsjust won’t get enough of the doll. The best way to advertise this product it’s to target the parents and children mediaoutlets. Kids today watch a lot of television. Yet, the true influence is when they see otherfriends play with the doll. If Girl Scouts can find a way to make the doll a winner prize to anyexceptional Girl Scout student, in each different local service unit, they will show it off to theirfriends and their friends will be envious of it. Parents will find out about the dolls throughpleads of their children. The target time would be the Christmas holiday. During these timeskids are excited to have the best, but they need to know what they want before hand to makesure their parents know. The key benefits are mutual for the organization of Girl Scouts, American Girl Doll, andtheir key public; parents and their young female children. Girl Scouts will not just createawareness for their 100th anniversary, but rebrand their image by connection it to the girls’ self-interest in the toy they love. The American Girl Doll will increase their sells and build moreawareness to their brand image. They will also link up with a non-profit organization that apositive and influential image/cause. 35
  36. 36. 100th Anniversary Girl Scouts Compilation CD This product is a compilation CD featuring famous singers who are former Girl Scouts.The CD features artists who were from a variety of decades. Therefore, each of our publics(juniors, middle-aged women, and senior citizens) will have music on the CD they can relate to.Featured artists may include: Marion Anderson, a singer from 1932, Mariah Carey, a currentsinger, Sheryl Crow, a current singer, Celine Dion, a current singer, Brenda Starr, anEnglish/Spanish singer from the 1980’s, etc. This is a great product because it demonstrates that Girl Scouts have the ability to dogreat things in the future, and will serve as inspiration for current and former scouts. It will alsogenerate publicity and awareness for the 100th anniversary in 2012. It is mutually beneficial forthe artists involved with the project, and the Girl Scout organization. It will generate publicityfor both parties. 36
  37. 37. GAP x Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary Line This idea involves collaboration between clothing retailer GAP and the Girl Scouts. Itinvolves creating a clothing line in honor of the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts; much like thecollaboration GAP did with RED to raise money for AIDS victims in Africa. The GAP x G.S clothingline will feature clothing concentrated on the colors of each level of girl scouting. There will berepresentations of the “Daisy” level (blue and white clothing), “Brownie” level (blue andbrown), “Junior” level, and “Ambassador” level (Khaki and white). Our key publics are female young adults, and female adults. The rationale for this publicis that the clothing will be designed for young adults, who can purchase their own clothing, andsmaller sizes that target the current girl scouts, whose parents will purchase the clothing.This is a worthwhile collaboration because GAP is an established, widely recognized brand thathas the means to bring extensive awareness to the Girl Scout’s 100th anniversary. The product hopes to generate awareness for the 100th anniversary. It is mutuallybeneficial to the organizations involved. The GAP will generate income and positive publicity. Itis widely known that the Girl Scout’s organization upholds wholesome values that may reflecton the GAP and generate a positive image for them. The Girl Scouts will gain publicity for theirmilestone achievement (the anniversary). 37
  38. 38. Feature Story Example 38
  39. 39. Feature Story Description“Growing Strong Thanks to Girl Scouts” This feature story will demonstrate the connection between Girl Scouts andsorority life. It’s the sisterhood tradition along with the number of SUNY Plattsburghsorority girls who were scouts. Hannah Walter, a junior at Plattsburgh isacknowledged in the story for her contributions to the program and to her sorority:Sigma Delta Tau. The opportunities handed to her as a Girl Scout helped her becomethe leader she is today. The feature expresses Walter’s feelings about the 100 thAnniversary and the programs successes. The story is aimed to be printed in SUNYPlattsburgh’s Cardinal Points and the Press Republican. Readers will see Walter as arole model; they will be inspired to have connections with their friends through Greeklife or other organizations. The story will excite people about the 100 th anniversary,recognize the sisterhood connection, and feel Walter’s enthusiasm about her GirlScouts and sorority involvement. 39
  40. 40. Make-up collaboration (Lip Gloss/Balm) This idea involves collaboration between a major cosmetic brand and the Girl Scouts. Itinvolves creating a lip balm or lip-gloss line in honor of the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts. Theline will feature lip balm or lip-gloss concentrated on the flavors of each type of Girl Scoutcookie. The flavors are:  Thin Mints lip-gloss: mint flavored chocolate wafers dipped in a chocolate coating  Peanut Butter Sandwiches/Do-si-dos lip-gloss: Peanut butter filling sandwiched between crunchy oatmeal cookies.  Tagalongs lip-gloss: Crispy vanilla cookies layered with peanut butter and covered with a chocolate coating.  Shortbreads/Trefoils lip-gloss: A traditional shortbread cookie.  Caramel DeLites/Samoas lip-gloss: Vanilla cookies coated in caramel, sprinkled with toasted coconut and laced with chocolate stripes  All Abouts/Animal Treasures/ Thanks-A-Lot lip-gloss: Shortbread cookies dipped in fudge  Lemon Chalet Cremes lip-gloss: Cinnamon sandwich cookies with lemon crème filling.  Daisy Go Rounds lip-gloss: Cinnamon flavored.  Dulce De Leche lip-gloss: These are Latin caramel cookies with caramel chips.  Lemonades lip-gloss: shortbread cookie with lemon icing.  Thank U Berry Munch lip-gloss: Cranberries and white fudge chunks Our Key publics are female young adults. The rationale for this public is that this agegroup is the largest consumer of this type of cosmetic product. It will be mutually beneficial toboth the Girl Scouts and whoever decides to partner up with them. The Girl Scout reputationwill benefit the company it partners up with because the public will favor a company thatsupports something wholesome in nature. The Girl Scout reputation will benefit as well becauselip balm/lip-gloss is something that can appeal to a “hip” crowd. 40
  41. 41. National Female Sports Partnership The women athletes and their organization can partner up with the organization thathelped young girls become the leaders they are today, Girl Scouts. The awareness campaignwill focus on the action of athletes, where they wear a Girl Scouts patch on their jersey orwearing an awareness green bracelet to represent the organization. Sports link themselves withcauses all the time. For example, nationally, there is a breast cancer day and the players wearpink, wear a patch, or even a bracelet. During the games things are given out that represent thecause. For this awareness tactic, the focus will be primarily on female sports and athletes. Therange is endless. Girl Scouts can focus on the Olympics of 2012, U.S. Opens, WNBA, and manyother sporting events. The strategies will focus on females because those are the influentials.More girls will watch and get influence by female sports than male sports because they canrelate more to those activities. The bracelet would be the best awareness tactic because they are cost-effective andeasy to distribute and market. Today, bracelets have been the “right thing” to wear. Manypeople wear them because they easily slip in and out. It also reminds them of a good cause,which others see and encourage. People want others to know they support great causes, sowhy not support an organization that helps young girls become great women. Athletes play an important role because they are opinion leaders. These are the mainpeople that many of us look up to and change not just how we think, but our behavior. It isamazing the amount of products sold because an important athlete said it was the thing to buy.Money isn’t an issue with these examples. For example, in the urban areas basketball players,such as Michael Jordan, make young adults spend hundreds of dollars on sneakers. They sellbecause his number and name are attached to it. If Girl Scouts can link up to these sports andathletes it will make it seem as the cool and right thing to do. It would become popular andrebrand the image of Girl Scouts. Best of all, the awareness will increase instantaneously andmany female athletes may want to donate and support the organization. If the sport teamsdecided to partner up with the organization, they The benefits will also help the sports teams and athletes. They will enhance theirreputation by connecting to a good cause. It will make the female athletes feel as if they areencouraging an organization that helps girls better themselves. Overall, people are prideful oftheir gender and love to see a movement that creates positive change. 41
  42. 42. 42
  43. 43. Nike SB Girl Scout Sneaker Girl Scouts can link themselves with the number one sneaker industry in America, Nike,and create a 100th anniversary SB Girl Scout Sneaker. The sneaker will reflect the colors of theGS organization. They are also vibrant colors that stand out, which girls are fund of. It will havethe logo on the sole and the word “100th Anniversary” and “Girl Scouts” on separate sides. Thesneakers can be distributed nationally, which will create the most awareness, or internallywithin the Girl Scout organization. The main key publics should be young adults. These are the influentials that make littlegirls want to wear what is in style and “cool.” Parents will be a focus because they will be theones purchasing the product, but the young adults can purchase them on their own. Athletesand media stars, such as female teen singers, can play the role as opinion leaders. By wearingthe sneakers they promote the organization. The best media outlets are the ones, which target the young adults. Billboards,magazines, commercials, and flyers are some of the main ones. The billboard will be best forurban areas and because they express the colors and style of the sneaker. Nike and Girl Scoutscan make these sneakers more than just something to wear, but an accessory that brings backmemories and creates them. That is our main key message in our print flyer. This product hopes to create awareness of not just the organization but also the 100 thanniversary. It is part of the pop-culture movement and something that many girls would bewilling to buy. By linking this creative aspect with Girl Scouts it takes girls self-interest andapplies it to a great organization. One of our main goal is to rebrand the image of Girl Scoutsand this tactic changes the perspective that girl is all about scouting and “boring” aspects. Thismarketing product will make others want to find out more about Girl Scouts. 43
  44. 44. Pandora x Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary Promotional Charm This product involves the collaboration between the Girl Scouts organization andPandora Jewelry. Pandora bracelets start out as a blank bracelet. Consumers then customizetheir bracelet by adding charms of their choice. The Girl Scout edition would be a small silvercharm. The circular charm would have the Girl Scout emblem engraved on one side with anemerald green stone, and the words “100th anniversary” engraved on the other side. Our Key Publics are females aged 13-55. The rationale for this range is that the charmsare currently very popular in many age groups. They can purchase the charm for themselves, orfor their daughters, or others as a gift. The Pandora bracelets are a “hot” item. Partnering with Pandora would generatepositive publicity for the Girl Scout organization because Pandora will improve the Girl Scout’simage to something more “hip”. This product aims to generate awareness for the 100th anniversary celebration, and re-brand the Girl Scout image. It is beneficial to Pandora because the product will generate sales. 44
  45. 45. APPENDIX 45
  46. 46. Appendix There are various reasons for the decrease of Girl Scout membership. The passing ofTitle IX and increasing societal trends serve as reasons for girls losing interest in the program.The Boy Scouts of America’s 100th anniversary approached this year. Their program has seensimilar decreases in membership and added ideas to modernize their organization. Title IX Title IX of the Educational Amendments bans sex discrimination in schools. Before 1972, many schools refused to admit women or enforced strict limits on their participation in athletics and clubs. Title IX states, “No person in the U.S. shall, on the basis of sex be excluded from participation in, or denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving federal aid.” Title IX governs the overall equality of women treatment, therefore, an abundance of activity choices were given to girls. As the years progressed, girls took part in other sports and clubs; girls started to choose other organizations, to be a part of, over Girl Scouts. Societal Trends It is difficult for girls to stay involved in Girl Scouts of America because of its lack of “cool factor.” There are a number of societal trends contributing to the enrollment decrease. Girls seem to be bored with having “textbook-style” lessons on how to help others, disregarding the Internet, and having mothers as troop leaders for teenage girls. Advertising agencies oversaw GSUSA’s campaigns and noticed one of the main reasons for the decline is their old fashioned themes. The organization has yet to create a fun and edgy program for girls in the 21st century. Today, girls are interested in books and blogs that are written in girls’ voices on various topics such as environmental awareness and engineering. Girls are influenced by college students leading troops and by having videoconferences with Girl Scout troops in other countries. In efforts to modernize the Girl Scout experience, GSUSA are creating more hands on programs, which include the use of the Internet. The Girl Scouts now have online discussions, chat rooms, and encourage the use of the Web as a resource. GSUSA created a Web site called LMK which is textual lingo for “let me know.” The site focuses on girls’ love for all things on the Internet. With these modern changes in mind, we created many tactics that are current in today’s society. Our social media press release, website, the use of RSS feeds, and social networking Web sites are all relevant tactics that can help Girl Scouts increase their awareness and membership. 46
  47. 47. Girl Scouts of America like to include diversity in their program. Research showsthat Hispanics represent more than 15 percent of the United States population. OurSpanish radio public service announcement targets the Spanish speaking populations forgirls. The P.S.A aims to increase diversity and membership for the program. Our promotional tactics and partnerships provide our publics with modernmemorabilia that is relevant to girls’ interests. The tactics also create awareness for the100th anniversary. A 100th anniversary Pandora bracelet exhibits the colors and logo ofthe Girl Scouts. A clothing line at the GAP will concentrate of the colors of each GirlScout age level, inspiring girls to “rep” Girl Scouts. A Nike SB Girl Scouts Sneaker allowsour publics to “sport” the anniversary celebration theme and the promote program. Acommon interest for girls is makeup; lip balm is highly demanded cosmetic product.Our proposed lip balm line will consist of Girl Scout cookie flavors. An albumcompilation of former Girl Scouts will consist of artists ranging from a variety ofdecades; all of our publics will have music on the CD that they can relate to. Boy Scouts of America The Boy Scouts of America is embracing their 100th anniversary this year. Theiranniversary slogan is “Reconnecting Scouts, Rekindling Memories.” Similar to GSUSA, itis hard for the organization to stay relevant and continue to grow. The organization isdoing their best to fit scouting into today’s world. They too have incorporated the use ofthe Internet by adding social networking sites and blogs. The Boy Scouts added a videogame merit badge and updated their uniforms in efforts to keep boys interested. TheBoy Scouts have also boosted Hispanic enrollment by translating their manual intoSpanish and adding a “Soccer and Scouting” program. BSA also created a new slogancalled, Valores para toda la vida meaning “words to live by.” This slogan is promoted ina video spoken in Spanish. 47
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