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Inspiring Trends Presentation

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  1. 1. Inspiring Trends
  2. 2. Product ideaOur product idea is to ultimately create a website that inspires trends through customerand expert involvement.We want to create an online, easy to access fashion website, primarily for young fashionconscious people to browse images posted by us and uploaded by the public.We knew from the very beginning that we wanted the clothes featured on the website tobe purely high street.With various similar products on the market that we have considered and researched, wedecided to develop on our initial idea. So we created a page that enables your personalonline account to connect with all fashion websites featured on our website, and will keeptrack of all your online purchases, almost becoming your online stylist, putting outfitstogether and suggesting other items of clothing to wear along side with your purchases.
  3. 3. Our Initial Research
  4. 4. Some examples of existing websites that notonly sell current trends but show them toyou as well. We noticed that there is apattern throughout these websites, especiallytheir logo and layout.They are very simplistic and options tovarious pages align the top of the page. Thelogos are basic and black, and the mainflashes of colour are from the images.
  5. 5. How we are different…We provide one unique service that no other website provides, your own interactivewardrobe.‘Your Wardrobe’ will log any purchase made through our website, it will suggestclothes that you may like and will put outfits together for you.This service have been made and designed to help you when you have no inspirationand have no idea what to wear.You are able to upload images of your own clothes, shoes and accessories and you canadd to ‘Your Wardrobe’ as you buy.For this unique feature you pay a yearly subscription fee of £1.99 and this will buy youyour own online stylist. Your online stylist will give you more fashion advice, suggestclothes for you and tell you how best to be on trend.
  6. 6. What do you think about the subscription fee?
  7. 7. How ‘Your Wardrobe’ will look
  8. 8. When it came to brain storming thebrand name and the logo, we had tothink about all existing brands on themarket. We also needed to consider ourname and what we should and wantedto be representing.We came up with numerous ideas forour name, however we concluded onthe idea of ‘Inspiring Trends’, it’ssimple, to the point and original.We also had the idea of ‘IT’ as in thelatest ‘IT’ bag or ‘IT’ dress, this isincorporated in our idea of the I and theT- Inspiring Trends.
  9. 9. For our logo design, we researched otherwebsites and they all seemed to follow thesame pattern, and the same layout.There logos are all very basic and black.However we felt our website was all aboutinspiration and a bland simplistic logo wouldjust look like other websites already available.We thought about the idea of TYPOGRAPHY,and the idea of having a word with in a word.As our name also has two meanings. The logoneeded to portray this.
  10. 10. Our initial logo design, influenced by the idea of Typography.
  11. 11. Experimenting with colour.
  12. 12. After putting a shadow affectonto the logo, it gives it a darkerfeeling to it and slightly moreeye catching.After rotating it to the sideslightly, the logo looks similarto a stamp.
  13. 13. What do you think?