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Introduction to the new health laws! A PPT for audiences that have average literacy (7-8th grade reading level). Actually, I showed it to a group of people with post-grad education, and they liked it. You will too. Please customize it freely and use your name if you want to present it to others. You're welcome to give me constructive feedback so I can continue to evolve it.

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  • Affordable Care Act for lower-literacy audience

    1. 1. Note about this presentation Joel Weddington MDThis PPT follows Enroll America’s directions on how to reach audiences that have average literacy, or 8 th gradereading level. It also follows many framing principles of Herndon Alliance, and observes important research fromthe RWJF. I presented (20-25 min) to one dozen people with known average literacy, or slightly above or below,(my assessment of family and friends), and had positive reactions but rare questions. Nobody complained, fellasleep, or left. A second group of 25 people (including some friends), many having post-grad degrees, doctor,lawyer, PhD and Masters, had many questions, some beyond the scope of the presentation. I was able to answerthem on their level, and had resources tabled for those who might want more. There were several unsolicitedpositive comments (30 minutes). No one appeared distracted or inattentive. I will continue to monitor generalaudience reaction to this PPT. My sample size is too small for meaningful surveys, however I will participate in alarger scale study if it is set up. Important resources: Enroll_America_BuildingBlocks_11 RWJF-HCconsumersFEES Research shows that poor framing of health care reform risks making audiences apathetic, uncomfortable, and intimidated. Worse, it may repel them. My co-speaker presented 45 minutes of wordy and detailed ACA slides to the educated group. However, in my opinion she is equivalent to a professional speaker, and kept the audience captivated despite the slides. Any comments about this PPT are appreciated, as I will continue to refine it and use it as a template for more specific audiences. Also “Thinking Points” by Lakoff is a decent manual for message framing. I can send these as email attachments for those interested.
    2. 2. Time 1 Introduction to the new health law Joel Weddington, M.D. Doctors For AmericaTime 2 Presentation title Speaker Organization or titleTime 3 Presentation title Speaker Organization or titleTime 4 Q&AIf you would like to receive further information please give us your email address.Redwood City, 1/28/2012
    3. 3. Presents America’sNew Health Plan
    4. 4. Health Care Town Hall Speakers Additional speaker logo here
    5. 5. Health Care Advocate Partners patientslikeme
    6. 6. Joel Weddington, MD California State
    7. 7. We have a New Mission for 2012:Educating One Million Americans about the Affordable Care Act!
    8. 8. We met with President Obama at the White House.This is Dr. Murthy, oneof our co-founders, anda few of our many othermembers.
    9. 9. The President signed the bill for theAffordable Care Act In March, 2010Now it’s time for everyone to learn about the new benefits and How to Enroll
    10. 10. America’s new health care plan is calledThe Affordable Care Act Because it will make it possible for 32 million more people to get health care and see their doctors!
    11. 11. THE WHITE HOUSE SAYSThe Affordable Care Act puts in place comprehensivehealth insurance reforms that will hold insurancecompanies accountable, lower costs, guarantee choice,and enhance quality health care for all Americans.
    12. 12. NO MORE INSURANCE DENIALS WITH MEDICAL CONDITIONS IN CHILDRENTaylor was a six year old girl who hadsurgery for a bad kidney.Her insurance plan would only cover halfthe cost.Then it became so expensive her parentshad to drop it. She couldn’t afford to seethe doctor.When she was 13, her kidney was so damaged it had tobe removed.The Affordable Care Act forces the insurance to pay forher care, and now she can see her doctor. Taylor’s doctor is a member of Doctors For America (Nguyen)
    13. 13. KELLY WAITED 16 HOURS TO GET HER BROKEN ARM FIXEDThe local hospital wouldn’t takeMedi-Cal so Kelly wastransferred to the countyhospital.The entire process took 16hours before she could get herbroken arm fixed.How will the ACA help her now? Kelly’s doctor is a member of Doctors For America (Weddington)
    14. 14. A young lady with appendicitis A 23 year old woman developed abdominal pain so her father referred her to a doctor. A surgeon had to take her appendix out, buteverything went well. She went home the next day. This young lady’s physician is a member of Doctors For America (Nguyen)
    15. 15. Here are the costs for her medical care after the insurance payments!Service Charges Payments Amount DueHospital bill $11,800 $1,500 -$10,300Surgeon $3,600 $1,800 -$1,800Anesthestist $1,800 $900 -$900Pathologist $350 $120 -$230Radiologist $120 $60 -$60ECG reading $75 $30 -$45Total $17,745 $4,210 -$13,335
    16. 16. SO HOW IS THE ACA GOING TO FIX THIS?Subsidies or credits for low & mid incomefamilies will limit costs, and…There will be a cap on out-of-pocket costs, sono one goes into major debt or bankruptcy,and….
    17. 17. What about kids who turn 19 and get kicked off their parent’s health insurance? ACA: children stay on parents’ plan to age 262.5 MILLION young adults have already been signed up for this new program. That’s more people than in many large cities
    18. 18. We figured out it cost $2.5 Trillion for health care in the U.S. last yearCalculators don’t even have that many zeros!
    19. 19. How are we going to pay for all this new health care? By following a plan that’s fair to everybody. Here’s a few ways: We’re going to make insurance companies compete against each other. They will have to lower prices to attract customers. We are going to catch people who commit fraud and cheat the system. This will save billions and billions of dollars. We will use preventive care so people don’t get so sick. Then they won’t need such expensive treatments. People with high incomes will pay more for Medicare. We can actually save money in the long run
    20. 20. WHAT’S HAPPENING TO OUR SENIOR CITIZENS ON MEDICARE? Many people on Medicare have to skip or ration their medications, because they’re so expensive.With the Affordable Care Act help is on the way. Seniors are getting a $250 rebate and a 50% discount to afford prescription drugs, and it’s going to get even better over the next few years. Members of Doctors For America provide care for thousands of seniors.
    21. 21. What’s the deal with Medicare Part D and the “Doughnut Hole”?Over the next few years the ACA isgoing to close that Doughnut Hole!
    22. 22. DO YOU KNOW THAT SENIORS ON MEDICARE CAN GET FREE CHECKUPS? That’s one free wellness visit every year.This is the time to sit with your doctor and ask questions about your medical problems. You will get guidance and ways to seek better health. Some Doctors For America members are seniors too.
    23. 23. MORE BENEFITS FOR SENIORS COMING FROM THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT Further preventive care will be provided, such as mammograms and cancer screening with no additional costsProtect the ACA! Politicians who are trying to repeal it will take away these benefits Some Doctors For America members are seniors too.
    24. 24. The ACA and Women More security for your family: Working families cannot be denied coverage due to a pre-existing condition Cannot lose their coverage or be forced into bankruptcy when someone gets sick.
    25. 25. The ACA and Women Insurers can’t charge women more than men for the same coverage Birth control and contraceptives provided at no cost Coverage for maternity care will be required.
    26. 26. My job covers my medical insurance  More and more, employees are finding they cannot afford the insurance their employer offers.  Skimpy coverage - the employee goes broke when they get a serious injury or illness.
    27. 27. The largest private employer in the U.S. is cutting health care benefits by 50%. This will affect over 1 million employees Walmartization
    28. 28. My job doesn’t give me any good medical benefitsIn the ACA, employerswho don’t offer healthbenefits and makeemployees receive publicfunds or Medicaid, willpay a penalty.This should help ensurethose employers do nottake advantage ofAmerican taxpayers.
    30. 30. How 38 Million Californians Get Coverage Now• Employer-Based Coverage Around Half, 18-19 Million• Public Programs: About a Third (10-11 million) Medicare: 4 million Medi-Cal: 7.7 million • Healthy Families: Nearly 1 million• Individual Insurance Market About 5% (around 2 million)• Uninsured: Around 7 million
    31. 31. However, it’s not a done deal. We’ve just lost our “CLASS ACT” Community living assistance services and support.This was for seniors to receive assistance to help them live alone at home. Class was just dismissed – An entire title of the ACA is gone
    33. 33.  2010  Additional Funding for CHIP. Prohibits Insurance from Dropping Coverage  2014 Children with pre‐existing conditions get  Most individuals are required to get health coverage. insurance Establish State‐based health Dependent children must get coverage up to insurance exchanges age 26.  Premium tax credits become available for some No limits on benefits because of customers  Insurance plans can’t exclude pre‐existing illness. conditions. Medicare part D doughnut hole will begin to  Employers who opt not to provide coverage will close. pay an annual fee of $2,000 for each full‐time employee.  2011 Brand‐name drugs in the Medicare Part D  2015 coverage gap are discounted by 50 percent.  Paying Physicians Based on Value Not Volume Medicare Advantage payments frozen at 2010  Electronic systems for processing claims, level. payments Medicare free annual wellness visits start.  2017 CLASS Act  State insurance exchanges ok for large  2012 employers Linking Payment to Quality Outcomes.  2018 Encouraging Integrated Health Systems- ACOs  40% excise tax on high‐cost health plans. .A phased‐in reduction of Medicare Advantage payments relative to current levels begins.  2019  32 M more Americans are supposed to be  2013 insured Improving Preventive Health Coverage.  2020 Increasing Medicaid Payments for PCPs.  The discount on brand‐name drugs for Medicare Expanded Authority to Bundle Payments. recipients rises, closing the "doughnut hole."
    34. 34. Joel Weddington, MD California State
    35. 35. End of ACA presentation for low toaverage literacy audience. Customize tofit speakers, location, partners, patient examples. Consider handouts and speaking as ways to reach additional groups. Joel Weddington MD 415-314-0490