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Team General Information Pack 2

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Team General Information Pack 2

  1. 1. ‘The Depot’Information pack No. 2 11/01/12
  2. 2. HEALTH AND SAFETYThere will be a code of conduct and requirementsthat we must follow when filming at SullivanBuses.Once we arrive, we will not be able to startfilming until 17.30 at the earliest, as this is whenthe last bus enters the depot. The reason for thisis that we will be working in a fully functioningand operating bus yard.All personnel on-site must wear safety overalls(Reflective vests) at all times whilst on site. Thesewill be supplied upon arrival.
  3. 3. DAY OF FILMING SCHEDULE th TUESDAY 17 JANUARY 2012 Time: Location: Who is Complete? required? Arrive on-site 16.55 Sullivans JFS TeamUnload 17.00-17.05 B78 JFS TeamequipmentSet-up on side 17.05-17.30 Bus wash JFS TeamActors arrive 17.15 Depot Ryan(Run-through)De-brief team 17.25 Bus wash(Team run-through)Begin filming 17.35/40 Depot ALLEnd at around: 20.00 Depot ALLPack up 20.00 Bus wash JFS Team Notes:
  5. 5. EQUIPMENT LIST th TUESDAY 17 JANUARY 2012 SHOCK A/V Light kit 1 SHOCK A/V Light kit 2 SHOCK A/V Camera lights x2 SHOCK A/V Box light 1 SHOCK A/V Mini track JFS Old Camera JFS New Camera JFS Tripod/dolly JFS Large tripod JFS Red head x1 JFS Outdoor lighting kit x1 Ryan Extension (50m) Ryan Neck brace Ryan Yellow filters …….. CrutchesNotes:
  6. 6. FOOD ARRANGEMENTS th TUESDAY 17 JANUARY 2012  I would advise you to buy a sandwich/drink at school during the day to bring with.  There is a vending machine in the office as well. (Bring change)  There is a small canteen, however, I am not sure of the opening times, and we probably wont have enough time.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRAVEL PLAN th TUESDAY 17 JANUARY 2012  We will be travelling on the B78 from JFS to the depot.  The travel cost of the bus ride will be £2.30 each.  This includes taking the equipment on the bus.