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An overview

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An overview

  1. 1. TheDepot An overview/analysis of some camera shots that will be used. Photos were taken on the latest visit to Sullivan Buses.
  2. 2. • This shot shows the old bus at the back.• This will become a POV shot.• A spot light will be shining on the second to last bus.
  3. 3. •This will be a low shot. You will see someone board the bus, but be unaware of what theirintentions are, or even who they are and what they want!
  4. 4. • The doors will be shut from this low shot. This is a second shot of the same scene
  5. 5. • The next shot will be when the doors have opened, still at a low angle. • The identity is kept from the audience forAnd yes, some of the buses there dohave green wheels! some time.