Question 7


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Question 7

  1. 1. Q.6Technologies
  2. 2. INTERNET• Blogger• This was used as a the main platform for posting information, research and our tasks.• Blogger is good as it allows group posts and individual posts with the use of tags. My tags
  3. 3. YOUTUBE Youtube was really helpful to process out videos ready for final cut pro , however as we found out mpeg streamclip was faster we decided not to use youtube as copyright and failed uploads seems to be issues.
  4. 4. MPEG STREAM CLIPMPEG Stream clip allowed my groupto post videos on YouTube, it was fastand efficient. As blogger seemed tostruggle to process .mov files wedragged them in stream clip andclicked export and it made acompressed version ready for blogger. Drag and Drop, then export
  5. 5. CAMERAS • We used a JVC camera to record our footage in HD.We used the camera torecord all our shots for theopening sequence. We also used a flip camera to record feed back. The still camera was used to take shots like this.
  6. 6. PREZI• Prezi is and online application used to show ideas, in the form of a presentation. We used prezi to show our pitch, however prezi is quite difficult to use without its default settings so customization is quite limited.• Prezi
  7. 7. FINAL CUT PRO• We edited our clips together, during the prelim and the final project, it is quite easy to use as it has a snapping features and you can just drag the clips in to the timeline however using filters, transitions and text is difficult to learn and takes time.
  8. 8. MEMORY• Naturally all this work takes up a considerable amount of space, also its never a good idea, to not back up your course work. We were issued a 500gb hard drive to store our work on and memory cards to capture footage on. Were not the tidiest of people sadly.
  9. 9. SOUNDTRACK PRO• Soundtrack Pro has a lot to offer in terms of Foley sound the raw clips don’t sound very good when not matched correctly with the video. Soundtrack allowed multiple layers of sound which made editing it easier to edit as you could control the volume separately.
  10. 10. MOTION• I used this software to make a distributor ident for our opening.• I’m not sure how to use motion, so I used the tutorials to make a simple clip.