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Evaluation question 1 notes


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Evaluation question 1 notes

  1. 1. The main ideas we followed in our music video were 1) An urban feel 2) Jump cuts to beats 3) Capture the Emotions of the song 4) Use relevant locations and costumes 5) Good used of close ups and camera movement. 
  2. 2.    I find that our music video follows Carol Vernallises theory since we have used many jump cuts and obvious edits like special effects. We have also used our base tacks to give our music video structure. Carol Vernallis said this was often done in music videos Carol Vernallis said that the rules of continuity editing are often broken in music videos. We followed this convention by using as many jump cuts as we could. Which means we complied with her theory.
  3. 3.    According to Andrew Goodwin’s theory we used Amplification in our music video. This is the idea that the video introduces new meanings which do not contradict the lyrics of the song. Having said that we also used illustration to a certain extent because there are a few shots in our music video which illustrate the words of the song. Andrew Goodwin proposed that in music videos the artists acts as the narrator as well as a character. We did not follow this in our music video. Our artist was just a narrator.
  4. 4.   We followed the conventions to our genre because we did not have any reasons to break them to be honest. From research it was found that we should use many close ups, jump cuts and obvious edits. This is exactly what we did