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Intro to verified targeting by Jolt


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Drive advertising ROI by verifying targetable consumer segments.

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Intro to verified targeting by Jolt

  2. 2. JOLT!Are You Satisfied With Your Digital Advertising Performance? • Many advertisers aren’t. Questions being raised about have the ROI of their investments
  3. 3. JOLT!Advertising Performance Levers • Reach, Targeting and Recency are data-driven levers • Testable • Controllable • Improvable • Have you tried all the usual things to bring digital marketing costs down? • Marketers have only five key levers at their disposal to boost efficiency and effectiveness • Some are creative-driven; some are data-driven
  4. 4. JOLT!Focus On Targeting For Improving ROI • Many marketers pin improved ROI to moving from mass marketing to “advanced” targeted marketing • From age/gender to advanced targets • Not just in digital, but also in television and other media • Advanced targets can be sourced from many providers • Thousands of target segments available from 50+ vendors like Acxiom, Experian etc. • But don’t always perform as promised – don’t always accurately deliver the target 100 131 131 115 86 137 Actual Target A Target B Target C Target D Target E Auto Intenders 100 73 82 67 117 108 Actual Target A Target B Target C Target D Target E Yoga Interest Target Segments By Providers Indexed to Actual Source: Jolt 2017
  5. 5. JOLT!Improving Target Segment Accuracy Will Increase Advertising ROI “2017 Viant, Nielsen Catalina, Rubinson Partners study proves that targeting the right consumers can result in a 5X - 10X improvement in advertising ROI.” … Jolt partner, Joel Rubinson ARF Audience Measurement Conference June 2017
  6. 6. JOLT!How Can We Improve Target Accuracy? Jolt! can help you: • Increase target segment yield • Increase market segment coverage • Leverage recency for even greater effectiveness • Identify media/target synergies • Scale learning across campaigns, brands and agencies • Launch a program of continuous experimentation, learning and improvement to drive ROI Have JOLT! verify your targeting options1. Select the best performers and reallocate to eliminate waste 2. Increase ROI3.
  7. 7. JOLT!Jolt! Addresses A Simple Question: What Is “Good” Target Accuracy? • Jolt! score has three dimensions – Density index: What is the concentration of the desired attribute within the cookie/tagged pool offered or audience delivered, relative to their natural incidence in the population? – Waste avoidance: What percent of impressions delivered to the target will be wasted due to inaccuracy? – Demos of target (not obvious and subject to mis-estimation) Eventually, normalized by norms: For example, low incidence “intender” segments (e.g. auto intenders) tend to have higher density indices as an arithmetic artifact; our norms base adjusts for this. 180 195 110 100 0 50 100 150 200 250 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 Source A Source B Source C US Pop Jolt! Scores: Validity of target segments varies across sources Incidence Jolt score
  8. 8. JOLT! Segment validation •How accurate are the segments across different possible providers? Audience by publisher analytics •Are there certain publishers or ad networks that are delivering a higher density of the target I want to reach? Campaign trending •How does this campaign compare to other campaigns I run in terms of hitting the target? •Am I seeing continuous improvement? Use Cases Jolt! Answers The Questions That Keep You Up At Night
  9. 9. JOLT! 10 million impressions N = 250 Campaign #1 N = 250Campaign #8 Campaign #2 Campaign #3 Campaign #4 Campaign #5 Campaign #6 Campaign #7 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cpgn 1 Cpgn 2 Cpgn 3 Cpgn 4 Cpgn 5 Cpgn 6 Cpgn 7 Cpgn 8 Gen Pop Jolt Scores Campaigns can be compared over time for the same brand and target definition, or across brands and targets for different brands in the portfolio Survey How Does It Work? Comparing Campaign Delivery Over Time Target Segment Goal: New SUV Owners, $75K+ Income, Age 21-59
  10. 10. JOLT!How Does It Work? Publisher/Ad Network Target Accuracy Comparisons Survey* Ad Network Target Providers Campaign 5 million impressions 5 million impressions 5 million impressions N = 100 N = 100 N = 100 Questionnaire 40% in-target 60% out-of-target 35% in-target 65% out-of-target 22% in-target 78% out-of-target Result 167 149 106 Jolt score Programmatic Publisher This source is not delivering. Ad dollars should be shifted away from this ad network • Type vehicle owned, • purchased new • pre-owned • Age • Income *Survey triggered by ad impression serving, based on pixel firing. Survey panelists who are exposed to ad get interviewed Segment: New SUV Owners, $75K+ Income, Age 21-59
  11. 11. JOLT!Put Jolt! On Your Team @joelrubinson Gerard Broussard Jim Spaeth Alice Sylvester