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Equipping marketing and research for a digital social mobile age v f


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Describes how Rubinson Partners is transforming marketing research practice

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Equipping marketing and research for a digital social mobile age v f

  1. 1. Introduction to Rubinson Partners, Inc. Equipping marketing and research for a digital, social, and mobile age Joel Rubinson, President Rubinson Partners, Inc. Ideas herein are property of Rubinson Partners and cannot be used without permission.
  2. 2.  Rubinson Partners, Inc. (RPI) founded in 2010 by the former Chief Research Officer at the Advertising Research Foundation  Includes a network* of world class talent and relationships with research suppliers and a big data technology firm  50+ Clients include leading marketers, marketing research firms, and digital media companies.  Founder was the Chief Research Officer at the ARF, 25 years as chief research officer at The NPD Group, Advanced methods practice leader for Vivaldi (leading branding consultancy), and head of analytics in North America and global lead on shopper insights for Synovate. Joel started his career at Unilever.  Joel has an MBA from the University of Chicago, with concentrations in Economics and Statistics.  Joel is a widely read blogger, published author, frequent speaker, conducts executive workshops, and has prepared expert testimony. A bit about Rubinson Partners, Inc… *Senior resources formerly at Procter, Kraft, Mastercard, Subway, IHG, Unilever and current NYU and Fordham faculty, and two leading research and analytic firms are all part of the RPI network Joel is also on the faculty of NYU Stern School of Business where he teaches social media strategy.
  3. 3. Rubinson makes the digital world approachable  Rubinson Partners helps client-side and supplier-side researchers learn how to put digital, social and survey data together into contemporary guidance systems for brand success, revenue growth, and marketing productivity  …making research relevant and valuable to the most important marketing question today: How do I get digital right in the constantly evolving digital marketing ecosystem? Connect the two brains of marketing: Insights and the DMP Build enhanced offerings evangelize Shape the digital transformation Demystify 1 2 3 4 5
  4. 4.  Smartphone understanding. For AOL, consulted on award winning project to understand smart phone owners’ usage and motivations, published in HBR  Value of a Facebook fan. With Compete, determined the value of a Facebook fan is real but only if they pay return visits to the fan page  Path to purchase research: What is media’s influence on shopper actions, not just awareness and intention  Workshops on shopper and digital marketing  White paper reviews of new methodologies Rubinson game changing assignments Media innovation Brand and innovation guidance Understanding  Next generation Productivity tools:, RPI has created approaches for improved estimation of digital and social media impact, using multi- stage regression modeling, ABM, and big data approaches  Measurable model of media in a paid, owned, earned, media world. For large CPG marketers, created the first measurable model of media integrating surveys, digital, social data  Sense, respond, anticipate. Designed one of the most comprehensive shopper insights listening and digital sensing platforms ever created in CPG.  From brand tracking to brand guidance. For leading CPG marketers and supplier, created a next generation approach to brand tracking that fully leverages digital and social data, integrated with survey and research  How do we ‘Moneyball’ innovation processes and forecasting?  Path to purchase as a media planning structure. Working with AOL, measure path to purchase across 30+ categories understanding shopping as a media behavior  Cross-media optimization: working with Marketing Evolution to create the first consumer- based system that can measure effectiveness of emerging levers and thousands of digital profile variables  Created passive ad engagement metrics for Moat  New insights into sharing and social audiences for ShareThis leading to publisher engagement metrics
  5. 5. What clients say about working with Rubinson Partners, Inc.  “Joel Rubinson is one of the greatest minds and innovators in the market research industry. He uniquely combines traditional experience and in-depth analytic skills with fresh thinking and creativity. He is a real problem solver and a pleasure to work with”  Donna Goldfarb, Vice-President, Consumer and Market Insights, Unilever Americas  “Of all the partners with who I regularly work, Joel brings a unique clarity…this is what makes him a rare breed of collaborator—in every interaction, I can count on Joel offering an honest and thoughtful assessment and a suggestion for a path forward”  Christian Kugel, VP, Consumer Analytics and Research AOL  "Joel is a visionary researcher, creative problem solver, and strategist. I've hired Joel as a consultant and would recommend him to others because he is a pleasure to work with and a strong resource to help teams evolve with the fast changing digital marketing landscape. “  John Walthour, Consumer Insights Director, General Mills, Inc.  “I got to know Joel during our work together at the ARF and I have been very impressed with his leadership, creativity and technical expertise”  Susan L. Wagner, Vice President, Global Strategy Insights, John & Johnson  In my capacity as a global shopper insights manager I am always on the lookout for supplier partners who can add value to the debate…Joel was one of those…  Cliff McGregor, Global Shopper Insights Manager at Nestle
  6. 6. Rubinson Partners has served over 50 clients across advertisers, research agencies, media companies, big data technology, and other consulting firms
  7. 7. How Rubinson Partners can work with research and consulting agencies 1 2 3 4 As part of the research organization’s extended team, understand and help define the commercial opportunity or client problem Design the offer that would address unmet client needs, and create a proposed plan of action Guide, manage, and/or build the solution Equip the organization to deploy and commercialize the new approach
  8. 8. How Rubinson Partners works with advertisers and media companies 1 2 3 4 As part of your insights team, understand and help define the need Create a picture of the future- state, a proposed plan of action, identify potential partners for the client organization Guide, manage, and/or build the solution on behalf of the client Equip the organization to leverage the new approach
  9. 9. How may we help you?   917-821-8554   Find me on linkedIn, Twitter