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TSOON: Visits Scheduling Software for Medical Services


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Tsoon is a specialized appointment scheduling software for Occupational Health :
- for all types of medical visits
- allows employees and / or managers to plan visits
- relieves nurses in the planning process
- supports doctors in the management of their activities
- optimizes the times and logs all the exchanges.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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TSOON: Visits Scheduling Software for Medical Services

  1. 1. MAKES EASY YOUR APPOINTMENTS Joël Pastré – CEO – - 06 73 38 69 82 Jérôme Verdiell – Sales VP – 06 67 55 10 51 TSOON : 53 Avenue Hoche 75008 Paris – November 2018 Visits Scheduling Software for Medical Services
  2. 2. TSOON : WHY ?  Tsoon is a specialized appointment scheduling software for Occupational Health. For all types of medical visits Initial, usual, resumption, pre-resumption, occasional Allows employees and / or managers to plan visits According to rules and processes defined by the medical service Accompanying them and making them responsible for ocupational health Relieves nurses in the planning process By automating all repetitive and time-consuming tasks Supports doctors in the management of their activities Good practices in managing the schedules of each place of visit An answer to the problems of the legislator: individual follow-up, protocol, alerts on certain employees, etc. And a mobile access with the mobile app. Optimizes the times and logs all the exchanges.  What Tsoon does not do It does not create medical data It retrieves from business software (Preventiel and soon Kitry) those that are necessary for planning It does not generate the next visit type nor the employee individual follow-up but controls this data at loading It does not store medical data but personal data only, and manages it as required by the GPDR. It depends on the quality of the received data and the settings The settings make all the Tsoon intelligence and value. Tsoon for internal medical services Page 2
  3. 3. THE IMMEDIATE RESPONSE TO EVERY VISIT REQUEST (... what business software does not know how to do) Tsoon for internal medical services Page 3 Employer's request (via Internet) Tsoon's answer (immediate and automatic) your customization your rules your processes e-mails regulatory documents reminders Planned according to Secured by @ DUPONT MARIE Resumption after maternity thu 07dec 10:10 10:40 CONFIRM PREVIOUS NEXT CANCEL Employee Type Visit From To Resumption visit After maternity The visit will be scheduled within 8 days after return at the latest Urgent request please* Motivation Resumption date 4/12/2017 Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday After : 09:30 Before : 12:00Wednesday SCHEDULE
  4. 4. THE BENEFITS OF TSOON FOR THE NURSE time saving, refocusing Tsoon for internal medical services Page 4  The nurse has extra time to help the doctor and to receive the employees She prepares the diaries of doctors (presences) Tsoon takes care of writing in the diaries (Outlook) With less phone calls and emails which often interrupt her activity  Focuses on higher value-added tasks Urgent planning: occasional, pre-resumption ... and support for employees and managers. Which requires to know the doctor’s practices. Fewer emails, phone calls and clicks!  Keeps control of the software On the professionals and the visit locations assigned to the employees To force the dates, validate the occasional visits (according to the motivations indicated), etc.  Benefits from two tools that are interfaced Without double data entry units, employees and schedules (automatically exchanged) To offer the best of both worlds This requires changing a few habits and trusting Tsoon.
  5. 5. THE BENEFITS OF TSOON FOR THE DOCTOR organization, anticipation ... (1/2) Tsoon for internal medical services Page 5  The doctor continues to use his business software Tsoon is responsible for injecting planned visits into his main agenda (third-time, training, holidays, ...)  Tsoon adapts to the doctor's practices The rules are set to take into account criteria that can be progressively enriched: - type of visit: periodic, initial, resumption, pre-resumption - employees: their follow-up and individual situation - units: their doctor referent and their place of visit - the replacement of doctors: team, permanence - etc. The vacations are: - defined by place of visit - positioned very early (2 months or more) - defined by default then adjusted on a case-by-case basis by systematizing the days and the schedules The organization by period and medical office - what type of visit per professional and company - how much time is spent for each type of visit - what priority is given to each request (quotas, emergencies)
  6. 6. THE BENEFITS OF TSOON FOR THE DOCTOR ... and optimization (2/2) Tsoon for internal medical services Page 6  Tsoon reduces absenteeism to medical visits and optimizes agendas The appointments are written in the agenda of the employee with a reminder SMS sent 48 hours before the visit Canceled appointments are replaced more quickly The tool responds to the hazards: unexpected absence and replacement  Tsoon guarantees the confidentiality of information The medical file is not transmitted to Tsoon Pre-resumption are not displayed to the manager  Tsoon complies with increasingly complex regulations El Khomri Decree, Lecocq Report, RGPD By controlling the quality of the database's data to better improve it: individual follow-up, periodicity, next visit type, email, telephone, etc.
  7. 7. THE BENEFITS OF TSOON FOR EACH EMPLOYEE A direct and empowering link  The link with the employee is essential to make him a player in his occupational health path via Outlook: in his calendar, if he has one, to register the visit by mail: the employee receives his convocation with an hyperlink to authorize the use of his mobile phone for appointment reminders SMS: the employee receives a reminder of his RDV 48 hours before via web app accessible from a link in the SMS to schedule a new visit based on his day and time preferences.  The mobile phone allows to authenticate the employee without having to identify all of them as Tsoon software users.  The employee can cancel or reschedule himself his visit He cancels by replying to the confirmation SMS He reschedules his occasional visit or pre-resumption with a link to a web app He indicates his preferences for days and hours He motivates his request and specifies it (dates of stoppage and return ...) He gets an immediate response without having to call the nurse, except in specific cases. Tsoon for internal medical services Page 7
  8. 8. THE BENEFITS OF TSOON FOR THE EMPLOYER Piloting the medical service ... (1/2) Tsoon for internal medical services Page 8  Pilot the activity of the medical service Apply the same formalized process to all employees, taking into account their individual situation Set rules and priorities of visits for each doctor, process and timeframes for all service Plot all exchanges, schedules and cancellations Count on reliable reporting by unit and by doctor: - list of employees : to be convoked and really convoked - number of visits planned, made, canceled - average time of convocation, cancellation ... Automated email recovery to managers when they have employees to call Reminders (SMS), convocations (pdf), replacement of appointments, deadlines to cancel or replace.  Improve the efficiency and perceived quality of the medical service Reduce absenteeism to medical visits Lighten the workload of nurses Give employees and managers the means to independently schedule their medical visits Ensuring software interoperability and data reconciliation Evolve with the ongoing processs digitization and future regulations (see Lecocq report)..
  9. 9. THE BENEFITS OF TSOON FOR THE EMPLOYER ... and relationship with employees and units (2/2) Tsoon for internal medical services Page 9  Puts the employee at the center of his occupational health Convocations and reminders transmitted directly Possibility for him to cancel or reschedule a visit taking into account his preferences of days and time  Integrates all actors in the process HR can be at the beginning of the visit for intial visits The manager can be involved in the process at several levels: a) by receiving copy of the convocations b) by validating these convocations c) by initiating (him or his assistant) periodic visits on reminder list d) by initiating occasional or usual visits e) by receiving periodic reporting. Gradually opens medical visits scheduling to all stakeholders.
  10. 10. Tsoon for internal medical services Page 10 A CHANGE TO BE PREPARED AND ACCOMPANIED 1 / MOBILIZE the main actors Presentation to the medical service Demonstration to the nurses Involvement of IT manager = main contact Commitment of the software editor : Val Solutions, Kitry ... 2 / PREPARE the schedule, the data Define the schedule including communication to units and employees Customize for the service: design, rules (access rights, deadlines, quota, teams, replacement, invoicing), formulation (mails, convocations, SMS) Receive, enable interfaces: web services Test the data 3/ LAUNCH the pilotes Choose the pilot doctors and their teams among the most motivated to experiment a solution and become ambassadors Set vacations, breakdowns, urgency and duration of visits Train the nurses and administrators (assistants = self-trained) Inform the units, managers or HR: gradually, by email 4 / DEPLOY the full service Accompany the nurses Set up 1st level (hotline) and 2nd level support (tutorial, FAQ) Follow dashboards Final report after 3 months TSOON 6to9months
  11. 11. MEASURABLE BENEFITS AND CONTROLLED COSTS  The gain must be measured by fact Reduce medical absenteeism by 50% * Increase by 100% the replacement rate of appointments after cancellation * Earn 10% less time and more occupation * Target the return on investment from the second year * * Figures to be taken as collective goals  The costs are predictable Subscriptions: 39,90 € HT per professional per month and 0.99 € per employee per year 1 professional (doctor or nurse) = 1 agenda Service: 990 € HT per day for initialization, training and support Invoices based on effective time and according to your requests. Page 11Tsoon for internal medical services  Joël Pastré CEO Computer Engineer INSA Lyon Worked successively in Buenos-Aires, Paris and Chicago. He is fluent in English and Spanish and loves entrepreneurship.  Jérôme Verdiell Sales VP INSEC graduate Sales Manager Sagem Communications Founding Director Linkeom Joël Pastré : 06 73 38 69 82 - Jérôme Verdiell : 06 67 55 10 51 -