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Implementing tsoon for occupational health


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Implementing Tsoon for occupational heath appointments scheduling.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Implementing tsoon for occupational health

  1. 1. Occupational Health 1. Needs and challenges 2. Planning 3. Scheduling process 4. Aligning Tsoon with another software 5. Environments 6. Planning rules 7. Customization Implementing Tsoon for appointments scheduling
  2. 2. 1. NEEDS AND CHALLENGES ¡ Goals A. To reduce administrative tasks and to get medical assistants focused on more complex tasks : emergency planning, support of employees, etc. B. To save medical time by optimizing agendas C. To use up to date technology as required by the current digital transition of occupational health ¡ Key Performance Indicators Cancellation and no-show rates Average time for convocation Professional occupancy rate (doctors and nurses) ¡ Challenges To support and train impacted in-house teams and to prepare them for future changes by explaining the goals, their benefits and contributions To set up properly the software in order to facilitate its handling and customization To communicate internally and externally the project added-value To monitor data quality in the database and as entered by (and displayed to) the users To manage emails sending because they are the main media exchange with the employers Implementing Tsoon for appointments scheduling
  3. 3. 2. PLANNING ¡ Projet Kick-off ¡ 1. Phase I = PILOT, 1 to 3 months ü X doctors with all nurses, assistants and employers ü Loading data and check ü Training assistants ü Final settings ü Rollout ¡ Pilot feedback and Go / No go Implementing Tsoon for appointments scheduling ¡ 2. DEPLOYMENT : 1 to 3 months ¡ Location X ü Doctors, nurses, assistants and employers ü Loading, training, settings ü Rollout ¡ Location Y ¡ Location Z
  4. 4. 3.1 SCHEDULING PROCESS Implementing Tsoon for appointments scheduling Doctor Assistant 0) The assistant enter 1 month before for each health professional: - his/her hours: place, days, hours, emergency beach 3b) The assistant validates the appointment for specific visits (according to their types, demander, employees…) 1c) The assistant suggests appointments to employees - With an email and a link to approve or modify 4) The appointment is booked immediately in SOFTWARE SOFTWARE Employee Employer 1a) Tsoon monthly sends an email to employers with : - the number of employees to be convoked during the period - based on their target dates - wIth an hyperlink to do so (in few clicks) 2) The employer clicks ont the link : - selects the employees (part or all of them) - enters days & hours preferences - chooses the slots among the proposed ones 5) Tsoon sends the employee an email : - to confirm the appointment - to ask for his mobile number for the SMS reminder 3) Tsoon sends an email to the employer - with summons in PDF format 2b) The employer schedules on demand : - selecting employee and requested visit - entering required information - choosing slots among proposed 1b) Tsoon sends the employee an email or SMS to schedule his own appointment
  5. 5. 3.2 REMINDER PROCESS Implementing Tsoon for appointments scheduling Doctor Assistant 1) Tsoon sends an SMS or email reminder to the employee : - If the employee refuses, Tsoon resends a link to reschedule the appointment 3) The employee goes to his appointment - with his/her pdf summon 4) The doctor receives the employee : - his medical record is in SOFTWARE 5) After the appointment, the doctor targets his next visit (type and period) in SOFTWARE 6) In case of no-show, the assistant can note it in Tsoon - an email is sent to the employee for rescheduling the appointment SOFTWARE Employee 2) After receiving the email alert, the employee can : - cancel the appointment and release the slot which becomes available to other employees - re-schedule the appointment Employer
  6. 6. 4. ALIGN TSOON WITH SOFTWARE ¡ PRINCIPLES A. The SOFTWARE database remains the master database for employers, employees and agendas • All data comes from SOFTWARE : Category, name, phone, email, date of birth, contact details • This data can not be changed in Tsoon • Anomalies can be detected during data loading but the corrections must be made in SOFTWARE B. The Tsoon database masters the appointment schedulings : • Once a professional is rolled out in Tsoon, all his appointments are to be done in Tsoon and automatically booked in SOFTWARE database • It is dangerous to schedule in Tsoon and SOFTWARE in parallel for the same professional and location (risk of conflicts) Implementing Tsoon for appointments scheduling SOFT WARE Tsoon Employers & employees daily batch or sync on demand Immediate Appointment Appointment Rollout per pro and location Repository : Teams, locations, assignments, vacations
  7. 7. 5. ENVIRONMENTS Principles A. Only the assistant accesses to both environments The employee sees only the production environment B. In PILOT, emails and SMS are redirected to an internal address (no email nor SMS are sent to the employee) C. In PRODUCTION mails are sent to the employee from the address: and archived at: D. The employee receives an email after the summon and an SMS 48 h before the appointment Implementing Tsoon for appointments scheduling « Sandbox » PRE-PROD = PROD = SOFTWARE (PRE-PROD) tsoon- pilot Assistant SOFTWARE (PROD) tsoon email summon reminder Employer Employee email summon reminders email
  8. 8. 6.1 SCHEDULING RULES ¡ Principles A. The rules are defined by doctor for his whole scope (employees, medical staff & resources) These rules enable automatic scheduling of appointments without any intervention from the assistant (except if her validation is required for specific requests < 1% of demands) B. They are triggered for every request in order of appearance in the list : the first one to match will be applied and will define time, place, emergency, professional C. There are 13 different criteria, based on employee (id, category, age, last professional seen), appointment (type, resources)… Implementing Tsoon for appointments scheduling
  9. 9. MorningAfternoon Dr. MARTIN - Center X - 03/28/2019 6.2. MEDICAL SESSIONS ¡ PRINCIPLES A. A session is related to one professional (doctor or nurse) and one location (care facility, medical office ...). B. Generic sessions are planned with default times for morning and afternoon sessions. Afterwards, the daily sessions are set up, ideally 1 or 2 months in advance. C. An emergency range can be set up, dedicated to high priority requests, in order to preserve availability in the agenda for them. D. The optimization of the agenda is the result of this straightforward process which allows chaining appointments (without "holes"), combining medical resources at the best of their availibility. Implementing Tsoon for appointments scheduling Consultation Consultation Consultation Urgent appointment Emergency
  10. 10. 7.1 CUSTOMIZATION ¡ Design Logo, banner Stylesheet Summon header and footer ¡ Labels : rank, ref and alias Employee category, status, civility Request and Visit: nature, type, class, status ¡ Messages Multiple email and SMS templates are used for : document, reminder, cancellation, etc. The template can take information from existing summons : • Using a simple and readable layout : one date, one address, one telephone • Adding practical information: Access map, risk assessments … Implementing Tsoon for appointments scheduling The rank is the order in the lists. The rank 0 is the value used by default The ref is the id used in SOFTWARE The alias is more explicit and used in the rules