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Using SharePoint & Office 365 for Digital Transformation


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Consider ways Digital Transformation can help you succeed in business: Become More Engaged with Customers, Empower your Employees with Cloud Productivity and Ultimately Optimize Operations.

For businesses to play a part in the next industrial revolution, they must transform digitally. How is your business reacting to this revolution and the great opportunities it represents?

Join myself and Rob MacMahon from eShare discuss the right performance-centric questions and "tools" that can help your company map out a successful path to embrace digital transformation. You'll be able to take an up-close and detailed look at how to:

Understand the tools within SharePoint and Office 365 to engage customers and employees
How you can start optimizing your businees operations now and tools that help you get there.
The importance of managing your meetings to help your organization acheive higher productivity and critiical information desemination
Take a look at MeetingSquared software and how it can help harness the power of SharePoint and Office 365.

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Using SharePoint & Office 365 for Digital Transformation

  1. 1. Using SharePoint & Office 365 for Digital Transformation Joel Oleson @joeloleson Regional Microsoft Practice Director Konica Minolta Business Solutions Rob MacMahon @RobMacMahon Director of Sales, N America eShare
  2. 2. Your Digital Transformation Journey • The Landscape… • Become more engaged with Customers • Empower Employees with Cloud Productivity • Optimize Business Operations • Getting Started… Start Now with Meetings
  3. 3. Landscape… • As many as 45% of activities can be automated by current technologies representing 2 trillion in annual wages • Currently, only 5 percent of occupations can be entirely automated, but 60 percent of occupations could soon see automation for 30 percent or more of the work. – McKinsey Research 2016
  4. 4. BI Collab CMS ECM Portals Search Word processing Presentations Spreadsheets Office 1.0 1990 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Office 365 Today Convergence Mobility Intrusion Detection Cyber Security Machine Learning AI Digital Transformation Evolution of Office Productivity
  5. 5. Poll: What version/edition of SharePoint are you using?
  6. 6. Failing Fast is the Quickest Route to Digital Transformation In the digital era, failure is accepted and seen as part of a successful digital business. Failure must be fast, and the lessons learned from failure should be even faster. It allows businesses to take a 'shotgun approach' to digital transformation. Harvard Business Review & Innovation Enterprise
  7. 7. Top 10 SaaS Cloud Apps for 2017 1. Office 365 #1 (same) 2. SalesForce (same) 3. Box (same) 4. AWS (up from #5) 5. Gsuite (down from #4) 6. Concur 7. Jira (up from #16) 8. Slack (up from #12) 9. Zendesk (down from #7) 10. ADP 11. Dropbox (down from #10) A typical company accesses between 10 and 16 off-the-shelf cloud applications, up about 20 percent from last year. – Business @ Work Mar 2017
  8. 8. Become more Engaged with Customers • Only 13% of retailers felt that they were ahead of customer expectations in their customer experience efforts • Almost three fourths (73%) of successful organizations surveyed indicated that they’d made investments in improved marketing technologies and technologies enabling them
  9. 9. Introducing Office 365 Business Center Three new customer engagement applications coming to Office 365 Business Premium: • Microsoft Connections—A simple-to-use email marketing service. • Microsoft Listings—An easy way to publish your business information on top sites - Facebook, Google, Bing, Yelp. Monitoring ratings and reviews. • Microsoft Invoicing—A new way to create professional estimates, invoices and online payments so you get paid quickly.
  10. 10. Empowering your Employees with Cloud Productivity Tools • Teams • SharePoint • Yammer • Planner • OneDrive
  11. 11. Cloud Productivity Evolution…
  12. 12. Optimizing Business Operations • AI & Machine Learning • Automation • Business Process Optimization • Insights and Intelligence
  13. 13. Demo
  14. 14. Office 365 & SharePoint Digital Transformation Become more engaged with Customers Empower Employees with Cloud Productivity Optimize Business Operations Power BI Flow PowerApps Planner StaffHub Teams SharePoint OneDrive Yammer Office Online Business Center Outlook Add-ins External Sharing External Groups
  15. 15. Introducing MeetingSquared • Secure document sharing • Quick and simple implementation • Easing administrative burdens • Supplying the right material every time • Be connected anywhere
  16. 16. Digital Transformation – Starting the journey • Capture your meetings from day 1 • Keeping on track • Better meetings create time
  17. 17. • Harness your SharePoint environment • Stay informed. Anytime, anywhere. • Your whole organization around the globe staying up-to-date
  18. 18. Poll: How many meetings do you attend per week?
  19. 19. Poll: How many of those meetings relate to Digital Transformation?
  20. 20. Demo MeetingSquared
  21. 21. Integrating with existing systems Connect your whole team by sight and sound throughout the structured meeting
  22. 22. Integrating with existing systems One place for all team content
  23. 23. • Agenda builder…..the first step towards full outlook integration Integrating with existing systems
  24. 24. Poll: How would you like us to follow up with you?
  25. 25. For more information, contact me to receive a free copy of our eBook. Rob MacMahon Director of Sales, North America +1 347 255 7760