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Strategy for Social Intranet Success


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Responsive web design, navigation, and what's happening on the internet all play into the battle behind what to do. In this session we look at what really makes sense to reflect company culture. We look at many examples of Intranets shared on the web including public notes from Norman Nielsen Intranets report.

Know your business. Know your business requirements. Know your users. And then introduce a new social fabric that up-levels your workforce inside and outside the firewall, cross device, cross platform. This session will focus on the strategy behind moving your entire organization from an informed user base into a daily-engaged, active community. Lines of communication can go top down, bottom up, and it all happens wherever, whenever

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Strategy for Social Intranet Success

  1. 1. Joel Oleson – @joeloleson • First SharePoint Admin • Former Microsoft IT & Product Team • Top 5 SharePoint Influencer over past 3 years • Popular SharePoint Blogger • Global Community Builder • Epic Traveler - – Speaking and Traveling to over 140 Countries 2
  2. 2. Agenda •Evolution of the Intranet •Ways the Traditional Intranet Fails •Strategies for Designing & Building the Social Intranet
  3. 3. Evolution of the Intranet
  4. 4. Intranet 2000 – Employee Handbook • Top Down • Corporate News • One Main Page of Links • Forms, Policies & Procedures
  5. 5. Intranet 2010 – Few to many • Portal Integration • Top of Intranet is Corporate Communication • Then deeper split for Team and Group Collab • Self Service • KPIs & Dashboards • Some attempts at: • Wikis • Blogs
  6. 6. Intranet 2014+ • Any Device: BYOD • Secure: Work from anywhere • Many to Many Collaboration • Universal Global yet local • Unified Streams • Simplified
  7. 7. Sam Marshall, ClearBox Consulting for the Intranet Benchmarking Forum
  8. 8. Courtesy: Infocentric
  9. 9. Enterprise Social Maturity Spectrum Goals Measurement Engagement Cultural Change Courtesy: ViewDo Labs
  10. 10. Why the Traditional Intranet Fails
  11. 11. Stale Out of Date Information
  12. 12. Disorganized Information & Poor Search Functionality
  13. 13. Too much focus on tools not enough on culture
  14. 14. Unclear Strategy
  15. 15. “To err is human. Therefore one of the most important skills we can develop is course correction. It’s direly important to understand when a mistake is a mistake, to learn from our indiscretions, to change course and move forward a better person” – the minimalists
  16. 16. SharePoint Social or Yammer? Immediate adoption Rapid innovation Connect everyone
  17. 17. Organizations see a 25% boost in productivity with social technologies…
  18. 18. “The key to Social Enterprise success… People don’t need a new siloed channel. They already have many. ESN is [designed] to help them collaborate, share, communicate better to get their work done.” -Sanjay Abraham, Cap Gemini
  19. 19. Wireframing & Agile • Focusing on Agile development and wireframing methods, intranet teams are completing design and deployment within much shorter timeframes. – Top Intranets Report Norman Nielsen
  20. 20. Tips for incorporating successful design patterns and best practices into your intranet• Responsive design on intranets + Mobile considerations • Agile development • Early wireframing to aid development and buy-in • Search: Global, local, and people • Persisted Nav for on and off platform • Streamline megamenus • Filmstrips and carousels • Flat design • Visual design to support the brand and desired tone • Powerful images and photographs • Continued integration and evolution of social tools • Coaxing employees to engage • Gamification strategies to update profiles • Governance • Organizational vision within a framework • Simple UI/UX in templates Style Guide Ideas based on Norman Nielsen Top Intranets 2014
  21. 21. •Global Nav • News, Social Streams & Activity Streams • Clean UI / Search focused • Responsive Web Design #RWD • Simplify / Personalize
  22. 22. App Menu with Icons Notifications Personalized Login Gear for settings
  23. 23. Global Nav Bar Search, mail, calendar Global profiles Global Configuration
  24. 24. Rich persisted login Network feeds & Profiles
  25. 25. Groups Unifies People, Profiles, Conversations, Emails, Calendars, and Files across Office 365 and beyond. Provides you with a rich and seamless collaboration experience across applications
  26. 26. Content and signals across Office 365 auto-populating the Office Graph for teams. Insights derived with machine learning to help YOU get the job done right NOW Office Graph
  27. 27. Yammer web part Add on search, team site, my site or SharePoint page.
  28. 28. Social Streams Integrated instant messaging & communications notifications & apps
  29. 29. Social Stream (Courtesy Beezy)
  30. 30. Social Stream (Courtesy Beezy)
  31. 31. Streams Notification Activity Stream and News
  32. 32. Clean Design Search focused Favorites: Pin documents Personal Login Quick links Global navbar Filtered News: Blogs Announce ments News
  33. 33. What is the same from day to day?Cool global Nav bar…
  34. 34. Responsive Web Design + SharePoint Demo…
  35. 35. Screenshot Courtesy Unified Mobile Stream SharePoint & Yammer
  36. 36. Filtered News Lots of pictures Lots of icons Pictures of Employees Screenshot Courtesy Ikea Netherlands
  37. 37. Personalized • My Pages • My Apps • My Contacts • My Links Screenshot Courtesy City of Busselton
  38. 38. Personalized • News • Sites • Communities • Links Screenshot gNet
  39. 39. Personalized Widgets My Work My Tools & Reports Career & Benefits Company Screenshot courtesy of Target Canada
  40. 40. Recommended based on your interests or profile Clean Design information filtered by popularity Regional Editions based Screenshot
  41. 41. Activity Stream Site AlertsProfile plus Recent Docs Quick Links Icon based shortcuts Global Nav Site Nav
  42. 42. Screenshot appears courtesy of Disney Consumer Products 4 Pages instead of 1… Icons for Apps Unified Stream for News, Social, & External News + Site Activities and Calendars
  43. 43. Do you feel the Brand? Personalized Social Stream News Performance Dashboard Screenshot courtesy of Virgin America
  44. 44. Wrap up & Action Items • Focus on Culture • Strategy based on Iterative #Agile Listen and FailFast approach • Continuous Development • Responsive Web for Mobile and Devices you can’t anticipate • Focus on the Big Picture Business Needs (Not Platform and Features) and the Solutions and Biz Justification (ROI/REJ) will come • Let’s connect socially! - Joel Oleson • &
  45. 45. Microsoft Enterprise Social Resources Engage us in the SPC14 Social Track SPC14 announcement: Work like a network! Enterprise social and the future of work Sites, Blogs & Twitter    Enterprise Social Customer Success - Yammer Success Center - - The Responsive Org  Admin & IT - Developers - Yammer App Directory - Office Store - Yammer Ignite  Blogs Yammer Office 365 Twitter @Yammer @Office365 Research/Whitepaper  Gartner: Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace Evolution of the networked enterprise: McKinsey Global Survey results Yammer’s 2013 Business Value Survey Results The Rise Of Enterprise Social Networks Press  How Red Robin Transformed Its Business With Yammer How Teach forAmerica gets the most out of Yammer on a shoestring budget HK firm creates idea melting pot for 4,000 employees LexisNexis found that employees who use Yammer are way happier Switching to Yammer let this company slash helpdesk calls and save $1.5 million a year How Microsoft got its own employees to use Yammer Videos  Move Faster Together Transform the Way You Work with Yammer #WorkLikeANetwork
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