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State of Enterprise Search for SharePoint 2013 and Office 365


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Enterprise SharePoint and Office 365 survey based data collected in August 2014 by AIIM research and underwritten by BA Insight. Infographic produced by Joel Oleson, Director of Enterprise Search Strategy.

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State of Enterprise Search for SharePoint 2013 and Office 365

  1. 1. C‘. herePoin'i: 20' 3. [. __[. j. 7 [W , . . . [3, . _ Survey results based on "Search and Discovery - exploiting knowledge minimizing risk" based on Aug 2014 study by AIIM, undenivritten by BA Insight 3 e= .nc! =Z*i“i‘ice 365 If only 1% say Enterprise Search is Not that Important Why do only 12% have a Strategy? l| lI8IIlI‘IS8 Sfillillll IS E$SBIlIIflI llI IIIIEIII CEo: :§u_mei*sgsa: 'cIt _, ,. ieatstlie lEiner| ri'ise! I H, 71% of organizations say Search is Vital Build Search Driven Portals andAppS or Essential to their jobs yet only 18% for your Enterprise have cross repository Search capabilities. 3 out of 4 Agree information is easier to find information OUTSIDE the org! TIP: Get started. .. connect a key System! I ‘I Use Autoclassifcation tools to add structure 60% say automated analytics tools are the only way to improve classification and tagging 44 % of Companies get ROI in Search investments in less than 12 months! Best Practices: Enterprise Search Investments 1. Dedicated Search Owner or Staff _ 2. Search Support F I“ in I 1 A T p [ . F f”‘’ 3. Metadata Standard Across Repositories ' R I 4. Corporate Taxonomy or Vocabularies Get a free 20 min Enterprise Search Strategy session catered to your organization http: / / www. bainsight. com/ resources Survey Results: "Search and Discovery - exploiting knowledge minimizing risk" http: //www. aiim. org/ Research-and-Publications/ Research/ |ndustry-Watch/ Search—and—Discovery-2014 lnfographic by Joel Oleson éijoeloleson Director of Search Strategy at BA Insight