SharePoint Roadkill a Hillbilly's 10 Steps to SharePoint Deployment Failure - SPS Ozarks


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Steps for Success based on focusing on common SharePoint deployment failures in SharePoint 2010.

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SharePoint Roadkill a Hillbilly's 10 Steps to SharePoint Deployment Failure - SPS Ozarks

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Business Data Connectivity* Globally Consumable Managed Metadata Service S h a Search r e d User Profiles Secure Store (Single Sign-On) Web Analytics*
  3. 3. Local Only Word Auto Lotus Notes Access Services Excel Services Visio Services Word Viewing Office Web Apps PerformancePoint Conversion Connector Word Excel PPT OneNote
  4. 4. Project Management office needs Project Portfolio, Finance needs Reporting Server, PowerPivot and Access Services, CIO needs PerformancePoint, Enterprise Search for our Intranet, then there’s our Internet Site, oh and our Claims based extranet…
  5. 5. Live by the K.I.S.S. Principle Keep it Simple, Stupid If it aint broke don’t fix It - fancier. 10
  6. 6. Our developers don’t like the way SharePoint looks and works, so we’re going to use Site Definitions to get it to look and work the way we want it to… Site Definishuns are gonna make ‘em easy to customize SharePoint.
  7. 7. There aren’t enough triggers for what we need in the databases, we can always remove them later. Come on a little table can easily be removed later… Messin around in this here database aint gonna hurt nobody!
  8. 8. SharePoint has workflows & approval routing, it’s so much easier when we all work together in the same environment… --- No need for a Test environment… Plenty of room for all y’all on this here server. Testins a wasta time!
  9. 9. • UAT • Code • Users • Authoring Dev • Introduction • Coexistence Test • POC Prod • Workflows • BPM • Validate Code Data
  10. 10. We use one Site Collection for all the departments data. Them there business units can get along just fine with that there site collection.
  11. 11. Permanent Central Portal Enterprise Search Central Enterprise Browse Corporate Portal Business Taxonomy Permanent Division Portals With Divisional Business Process Stakeholders Division News, Scorecards Division Portals Group Reporting Ad Hoc Self Semi Structured Groups & Teams Group, Team, Project Service w/ Life Cycle Sites and Management Workspaces Projects & Workspaces Per Blogs, bios, My Sites Social User
  12. 12. We believe in SharePoint so we’re shutting down our Public Folders, File Shares and getting rid of attachments in Email. Let’s shutter down, this Hill Billy is moving ta happier times with that there SharePoint solution. We don’t need no stinking File Server or Email.
  13. 13. We don’t plan to use My Sites or Social computing in SharePoint 2010 because we don’t want our employees to waste time…” Them there social networks a waster time.
  14. 14. Social Computing in SharePoint 2010 Makes Sense
  15. 15. Sandbox solutions are too complex and JQuery doesn’t really add value, server solutions are the only choice. User Solutions N- Sandbox, Never heard of any of it. All I know is Sandboxes sound dirty, so I’m stayin away…
  16. 16. v2.2 in early May introduces 2003-2010 Direct Migrations READY
  17. 17. Cloud Delivered FREE Core Storage Analysis and direct connect to Quest feeds READY Available for free at
  18. 18. v4.0 available now introduces rapid install web client READY
  19. 19. v3.5 in late April introduces complete support for 2010 READY
  20. 20. Accelerate SharePoint 2010 Application Development and build better SharePoint In beta READY Q3
  21. 21.