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SharePoint Intranets & Communication Sites


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Best Practices for SharePoint Intranets & The New Communication Sites – Joel Oleson. Information from Microsoft Ignite on communication sites as well as SharePoint Hub sites including new information architecture.

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SharePoint Intranets & Communication Sites

  1. 1. Joel Oleson @joeloleson, Director Konica Minolta Business Solutions
  2. 2.  First Full Time SharePoint Admin  Global Traveler & Blogger…  Architect of 1st version of SharePoint online  Regional Director of SharePoint Practice at KM
  3. 3.  Quick: Iterative and Agile development  User and stakeholder involvement  Integrated and linked enterprise tools and contents  Responsive design  Global and Page Navigation  Personalized elements: Dashboards, homepages and menus  Megamenus  Quality images and graphics  Author UX & support  Personas & Use Cases  Improved search  Eliminating social silos  Multi-language support  Project timelines  Governance structures  Return on investment and measures of success s/intranet-design-annual/
  4. 4.  1. Poor Search Results  2. Content in Silos  3. Poor Visual Layout & Appeal  4. Illegible Text – difficult to read designs  5. Announcements and Promotions that Look like External Advertisements  6. Global Navigation that Disappears  7. Portal Pages that Only Promise Content
  5. 5. NEXT GENERATION INTRANETS WITH MODERN TECHNOLOGY Imagine you ask your SharePoint a simple question: “How many vacation days do I have left?” “Do I get memorial day off?” “When is my next meeting?” Next Generation UX
  6. 6. SHAREPOINT HUB SITES Brings together related team sites and communication sites Roll up news and site activity Search across related sites Cross-site navigation Consistent look-and-feel across sites Admins create, users adopt and use
  7. 7. Communication sitesTeam sites
  8. 8. Mobile experience Improved efficiency Personalization Replace antiquated technology “Delta Airlines leverages SharePoint Online to power the company’s intranet, DeltaNet, giving over 260,000 employees, retirees, partners, and vendors a single point of access for communication and resources that matter most to them.” Susan Hayes, GM of Corporate Communications
  9. 9. 1. Recent 2. Relevant 3. Responsive 4. Riveting 5. Reliable
  10. 10. Site usage News, pages and files in Microsoft Teams Custom themes and site designs SharePoint app: Me tab, notifications Column formatting Groups integration: Planner, Microsoft Forms Attention view Additional insights on usage Connect existing sites to new O365 groups More branding options: fonts, variations More site design actions SharePoint hub sites SharePoint app for Android on-prem support From Microsoft Ignite: 10/17