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SharePoint 2016 Top 10 Features for Business Users


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Building your business case for upgrade or looking to help sell SharePoint 2016 to the departments or business users? This deck is designed to help provide the new features that provide ROI and REJ for SharePoint 2016 deployment.

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SharePoint 2016 Top 10 Features for Business Users

  1. 1. SharePoint 2016: Top 10 Features for Business Users Joel Oleson SP PS Director Konica Minolta @joeloleson
  2. 2. Meet Joel @joeloleson  1st SharePoint IT guy  1st Architect of SharePoint Online  Travel junky – Finish the world in next 7 years.  Community Promoter & Builder  Top SharePoint Office 365 Influencer  Slides at 
  3. 3. Why Upgrade to 2016? “The most reliable, scalable, secure and high performing SharePoint release ever...” But are there really any new features?
  4. 4. To date our disclosure has predominantly been related to our core infrastructure investments as that’s the primary investment area when we begin development – over the course of the next several months we’ll begin sharing (as soon as we know) what specific workload areas will be advanced. SharePoint on-premises will continue to ship on a 2-3 year cadence whereas we update SharePoint Online monthly. Our objective of defining on-premises through the cloud will bring some near term parity, but online will receive new capabilities first. – Bill Baer, SharePoint Team blog. It’s shipped, but more coming…
  5. 5. SharePoint Roadmap Announcements  SharePoint mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows  SharePoint home in Office 365  Modern List experiences  Site activity and insights on the Site Contents page  Integration of SharePoint sites and Office 365 Groups  Modern responsive creative page design experience  Team and organizational news and announcements  PowerApps and Microsoft Flow integration with SharePoint In Preview: Made it to 2016 or 2016 FP1 FP1 modern OneDrive experience
  6. 6. My list for building the business case… Born from the Cloud - Hybrid – Best Cloud integration Foundation for the future - Continuous Updates Mobility – SP Intranet in your pocket Dev Flexibility – Open. Common API. SPFx coming soon. Security - DLP/Compliance Scalability – ½ billion files Availability – Uptime 99.99% Reliability – Minroles v2. Tested by millions. Auditability – Central admin and powershell audits Compliance -
  7. 7. SharePoint 2016 is a Branch of O365 a CLOUD Child Cloud inspired infrastructure!
  8. 8. #1 Hybrid Navigation - App launcher – Consistency
  9. 9. Custom Tiles in Feature Pack 2  Requires Powershell & Feature
  10. 10. #2 Improved Libraries Ribbon only required for advanced actions!
  11. 11. OneDrive for Business improvements  New controls for working with OneDrive for Business Click a control to create a folder, upload files, sync your files for offline use, or share your files.  Shared with me A new Shared with me view takes you to a list of folders and files that have been shared directly with you.  Site folders A new Site folders view takes you directly to document libraries of sites you’re following.  Recycle bin A new recycle bin takes you to a list of folders and files that have been deleted from OneDrive for Business.
  12. 12. Automatic Management of Indexes List View Threshold was designed to mitigate lock escalation – I.e. lock escalation occurs when single Transact-SQL statement acquires at least 5,000 locks on a single nonpartitioned table or index – a row lock escalates to a table lock, blocking all subsequent requests – or otherwise converts many fine-grain locks into fewer coarse-grain locks.
  13. 13. Demo • Modern List Experiences in OneDrive • Blocked Characters & ~ .. {} or longer than 128 characters • Multiple files through drag and drop or upload button • Improved error handling • Improved image and video previews (with more to come) • #% on the roadmap… Don’t worry about /?|<>
  14. 14. “You now have new ways to create contextual solutions that span SharePoint Server 2016 and Office 365 from the web, mobile apps and Office. You have simpler and more robust APIs and tool” 3. Dev Experience: Developing for SharePoint 2016: SharePoint Framework
  15. 15. • Embracing Open Source • Sharing UX on Github • Shipping to On Premises
  16. 16. Share, Follow Sites, Folders, Documents
  17. 17. 4. Touch Enabled Mobile View of Libraries
  18. 18. tap tiles or links on the screen to navigate Touch Enabled Mobile View of Libraries
  19. 19. SharePoint App is much better…
  20. 20. Forms and Workflow Story…  InfoPath 2013 and SharePoint Designer 2013 will be the last versions of those products.  InfoPath Forms Services is included in SharePoint 2016  InfoPath Forms Services on Office 365 still supported  InfoPath 2013 & SharePoint Designer 2013 lifecycle is supported until 2026.
  21. 21. Workflow on the fly with Flow (shipped to early release – coming soon)
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Intelligent SharePoint with PowerApps
  24. 24. Filenames - support for special characters including &$@~.. Doesn’t support / ? |< > #% - #% on the roadmap… Don’t worry about /?|<> - Durable Links – new service to support for links that won’t break when files move (Already works in Office 365) 5000 file limit improved with automatic management of indexes Large File Support – Up to 10GB. Controls are per web app. 5. Scalability and Improved File Handling
  25. 25. Faster upload, Faster download, Faster sync BITS - Background Intelligent Transfer Service is built in Streamlined flow and simplified faster site creation SQL 2016 is 7x faster than it’s predecessor Improved User Performance
  26. 26. Gotchas! • The SharePoint Foundation is Now SharePoint Server (NOT FREE) • Excel Services Moved to Office Online and some BI/Reporting features require SQL 2016 • No more Single Server deployment SQL ok on separate box • STSADM deprecated/Use Powershell! • MinRoles require planning (8 Server min for HA) • Project Server 2016 is available in SP2016 as an upgrade
  27. 27. Careful with Office Installations  Click to Run vs. Windows Installer Based Office Programs  Office 2016 deployment will need to be handled with care for any users of SharePoint Designer 2013 or InfoPath 2013.
  28. 28. Plan for Profiles: What about FIM in 2016?  In SharePoint 2016 FIM has been removed  Uni-directional sync via AD sync in-product in addition to support for new external MIM for bi-directional sync scenarios. ‒ Effectively we’ve removed the embedded version of FIM and done work to more closely integrate with an external instance.
  29. 29. 7. Hybrid Experiences including External Site publishing, Search & Delve
  30. 30. Hybrid Taxonomy is in FP1
  31. 31. Hybrid Sites and OneDrive
  32. 32. Hybrid Sites Powered by Delve and Office Graph
  33. 33. Hybrid Experiences: Delve & Search (requires configuration) Hybrid search SharePoint Server 2013 and 2016 Available Now…
  34. 34. 9. Compliance: Preserve/Archive with Document Deletion Center e-Discovery for compliance & data loss prevention New In-Place Hold Policy and Document Deletion Centers policies to preserve or delete items in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business for a fixed period of time Improved reporting Improved auditing Improved analytics
  35. 35. Find PII Data - Credit cards - Bank accounts - Tax ID - Create your own * 51 templates Compliance:
  36. 36. Auditing overhaul
  37. 37. Better viewing reports Deletions Expirations Changes to audit settings New Auditing Reports Hybrid Insights for Auditing Coming soon…
  38. 38. Coming soon…Cloud First… Simple Web Analytics
  39. 39. From 99.9% expected to 99.99% possible with - Better IT Features such as: Zero Downtime Patching - Minimal patch sizes - Self Healing and Alerting 10. Uptime, Reliability and Security
  40. 40. ‒Plan Architecture… The Farm (MinRoles) Currently 8 servers for HA ‒Plan Profile Import (Sync) AD/MIM ‒Plan Compliance ‒Plan Services: My Sites, User Profiles, Managed Metadata ‒Plan Hybrid integration:  Hybrid Sites  OneDrive  Yammer or SP Social  Search  Delve/Profile 2016 Upgrade Planning SharePoint 2016 Upgrade
  41. 41. How do you migrate to SharePoint 2016? Inventory Cleanup Test content New environment (Search and Services First?) Database reattach method Read-only mode site upgrade Solutions and apps Third-party tools and resources Need Help?
  42. 42. Migrate to SharePoint 2016 Free Assessment