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SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Decision Tree


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Should I do an in-place upgrade or a database attach upgrade. How can I decide? This decision tree should help simplify the decisions and help you better understand the key points.

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SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Decision Tree

  1. 1. SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Decision Tree By Joel Oleson Upgrading to SharePoint 2010 Upgrading from SharePoint 2003 or Earlier? NO Have Budget and Recommend Want to Evaluate Third Party Customized? YES Reorganize or Migration Tools or Move Out of Systems Integrator Customizations? NO Do you need an UPTIME strategy YES during Upgrade? NO NO Do you have New or additional or YES reallocated HW can be used for Upgrade? DATABASE ATTACH RECOMMENDED NO Read Only 2007 Farm Have Physical Can start with Hardware for YES clean Config YES CLEAN 2010 FARM Production Database? Database Attach to NO Upgrade Content, Search, and Services NO Is Basic Install IN-PLACE UPGRADE box with MSDE the Services & or WIDE & YES Content on Primary Existing farm is Farm Hardware Ready <ROLLBACK if HYBRID APPROACH NEEDED> NO IN-PLACE UPGRADE the Services on Secondary Farm HYBRID APPROACH IN-PLACE UPGRADE Read Only 2007 the Services on Farm Primary Farm Assumes Existing <ROLLBACK if Hardware is 2010 Approved (i.e. RAM, Database Attach to NEEDED> Upgrade Content Database Attach to x64, W2K8) Upgrade Content DB ATTACH UPGRADE IN PLACE UPGRADE