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Oleson Family 2011 Holiday Christmas Letter


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Published in: Travel, Spiritual
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Oleson Family 2011 Holiday Christmas Letter

  1. 1. Oleson Family Newsletter Special events in our family’s life • Jared ordained a Christmas Party deacon 2011 L-R • Scott ordained a Santa, Joel, Dean 2, Jared 12, Virginia, teacher Scott 14 (Reason for the • Our family moved to Season Jesus) Utah! • Joel got a new job with the LDS ChurchHappy holidays from our family to yours! It’s been a big year for our family. Before the move and in between, the “We put our faith in Over a year ago, Joel interviewed whole family would stay glued to the God, and knew it with the LDS Church. A couple of social networks following the Arab years earlier he met with the Spring events. Joel had wanted to would work out” collaboration team, and had a strong share one of his favorites with the impression he’d be helping that family. He loves Egypt. They had team. While in Israel, he was praying bought tickets to Egypt, but when the and meditating for an answer and it flight was cancelled Joel started became very clear while in Jaffa that making plans for Greece, but Virginia this was the right move. Heard of was persistent that if his friends in Egypt Jonah and the whale? said it was safe, and Joel agreed….then why not? The family decided to move to Utah, but before doing that Joel had lined So the big family trip this year was to up Sharing the Point Asia, where he’d Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria Egypt, visit China, Vietnam, Philippines, in England, the highlands of Scotland, between the keynotes of SharePoint and Ireland. Community Conferences in Australia After the trip they’d pack up and move and New Zealand. to Herriman, Utah. Thanks to others who Joel’s travels this year in 2011 would had done it before including Ishoys help him finish his plans to visit the and Kosorocks, we knew we could do seven new wonders of the world and it. We put our faith in God and knew it to reach his goal of 100 countries. would work out. Next month he’ll reach the 7th A little more than 6 months later we continent. can already confirm we were led here. With this new job, Joel will spend Family trip to EGYPT more time at home, focused on the family, and the kids would be able to live in a neighborhood.
  2. 2. Catching up with the Oleson’s Dean turned 2 this year, and is a special spirit. He is a very happy boy. He loves Nursery; he loves to help out with vacuuming, putting toys away, and singing and dancing. Jared turned 12 this year and has been ordained a deacon. This summer he will go on a week campout with the scouts. He talks a lot about going to Dubai to see the Burj Kalifa and work for Emirates. He loves flying. He’s been a great baby sitter for Dean. Scott now 14 and a teacher in the Herriman 2nd ward, has really hit the ground running. He has a lot of friends and his passion for gaming paid off in starting a gamersWe love Halloween. We trick or treated at work, Dean monkey, club at his charter school, Providence Hall. He’s playingJoel Belarusian, Virginia Witch, Jared Emirate, Scott Rockstar the drums this year. Virginia is teaching the sunbeams and trying to keep up with Dean. She manages to keep the family togetherOur Updated Contact Info: and keeps Joel from floating away.Oleson Joel is wanted in many countries around the globe. He says he’s not in the FBI or CIA, yeah right. He was taken12532 S. Majestic Hill Ct into the Costa Rican US embassy and later approachedHerriman, UT 84096 by the Ambassador on twitter. He spent hours detained in Israel, kicked off the steps of the KBG in Belarus, andPhone: fined in New Zealand. Italy is still trying to catch up with(801)948-4944 him. He’s updating his 007 skills: scuba a new passion.Joel Cell:206-412-3867Email:joleson@yahoo.comvoleson@yahoo.comJoel’s blog:www.sharepointjoel.comFrom Our Family to YoursThis festival, holiday, and Christmas season may youreconnect with your loved ones and get closer to God is ourwish and hope. Top: Oleson’s at Sphinx and Giza Pyramids Bottom: Edinburg Castle Christmas 2011 ● Oleson Family ● (801) 948-4944