Segundo Semario de SharePoint en Mexico por Joel Oleson


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10 Steps to Successful SharePoint Deployment

SharePoint and Futbol

A refresh of the popular SharePoint session on successful SharePoint deployments on Governance, teams, planning, staged deployment.

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Segundo Semario de SharePoint en Mexico por Joel Oleson

  1. 1. Joel Oleson @joeloleson Quest Software 10 Steps to Successful SharePoint Deployment
  2. 2. Who is SharePoint Joel? 8+ Year SharePoint  Veteran 5 Years in MS IT  2 Years in SharePoint  Product Team 1 Year Independent  SharePoint Evangelist  Consultant and Trainer Got a driving ticket in  London
  3. 3. SharePoint is like Futbol Watch Out for Killer Bunnies
  4. 4. 10 Steps To SharePoint Success Overcome Denial to Confront Reality 1) Create a Plan 2) Exec Sponsor with Clear Vision 3) Create the 4 Quadrant Dream Team 4) Build Services not Stuff 5) Define Clear Policies and Standards 6) Invest in Scalable Information Architecture 7) Don’t forget Change Management 8) Adoption is What Counts 9) Keep it Simple Stupid. 10)
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. IT Control User Empowerment
  7. 7. 8
  8. 8. Over the next 2 years (2010) less than 35% of sites with Windows SharePoint Services will put effective governance techniques in place. Gartner
  9. 9. 10 SharePoint Governance Governance uses people, process, technology, and policies to define a service, resolve ambiguity, and mitigate conflict within an organization Source: The Burton Group
  10. 10. Clear Vision, Mission and Goals Provide Standards and Service and TCO Consistency Solution Comon Doc & Provide Collaboration Intranet Brand Business Platform Process Optim Reduce Search Provide Project Kill Notes time and Management Licensing promote reuse Workspaces Help Desk KB Reduce Internet WCM Efficiency Litigation Risk
  11. 11. 12
  12. 12. Get me SharePoint or You’re FIRED! Exec Sponsor with Vision & Budget
  13. 13. What is Deployment? 14
  14. 14. SharePoint is Plastic. What is your Creation?
  15. 15. Two Types of Service Models Out of the box (Standard) Custom (Dedicated) Commodity Application Hosting Hosting
  16. 16. Policies Support Services IT Hosted Services Site Collection Web App Hosting Premium App Hosting Hosting • $ Charge Back • • • $$$ Charge back Multi Tenant Low cost to Free • • Dedicated (low barrier) Web App/App Pool • • • Virtual or Physical Self Service (w/ meta No GAC access data capture or workflow) • Separation Custom Site Templates • • Custom LOB Integration Fixed Quotas • Limited LOB Integration • • Business Focused Dev SharePoint Designer (optional) • Dev/Test environments • Out of box templates + Application Templates
  17. 17. 20
  18. 18. Sample SharePoint Team SharePoint Site Collection SharePoint Administrator(s) Infra Admins Business Collaboration Intelligence SharePoint Designer Business Platform Portal Forms Services or Business Analyst Content Search Management Content SharePoint Administrator Developer(s)
  19. 19. September 2007 “Data Governance: What Works And What Doesn’t” Data Governance Roles And Responsibilities
  20. 20. Joel’s Deployment Model Are you trying to be a Rockstar with the experience of a newbie? Rockstar • Multi Stage Custom Development • Custom Solutions • BDC, Integration • Business Applications Teen • Excel Services, KPIs • Custom Web Parts • Third Party Business Solutions • Variations Tween • Portal, Search, My sites, Profiles • WCM in place with approval Newbie • WSS, Collab, Blogs, Wikis, Doc Mgmt
  21. 21. Defaults have Faults • Basic Install (BAD!) • All On C Drive Server • No Backup • Restore Complexity • All One site collection List and Site • Not Configured: Quota, Expiration, Auditing, Versions, Workflows, Meta Data capture Collection • All items view default (flat) • One database Database • Db config (log and db location) • No maintenance plan
  22. 22. 28
  23. 23. Standardization Flexibility
  24. 24. Defining Policies Consider charge back for App Hosting  Use Site Collection quotas  How do I handle a free SharePoint Designer?  What should I do with Codeplex?  Support for Third party solutions?  Require Solution Deployments!!! (.wsp)  Adhoc Structured
  25. 25. 32
  26. 26. Containment Hierarchy * Farm Internet, Extranet, Intranet Servers Web Front End, APP, SQL * Web Applications Central Admin, SSP Admin, Content Databases Content, Config, SSP, Search * Site Collections Internet, Intranet Portal, Wikis, Blogs, Team, Doc, Meeting * Sites Wikis, Blogs, Team, Doc, Meeting Workspaces Lists Doc Lib, Pages, Events, Discussions, Surveys, etc… Items Files, calendar items, contacts, customers, images, custom
  27. 27. Joel's Cheat Sheet for Hosting • Ideal for applications such as Project Server, Performance Point, BDC applications, CRM, Sales SAP/Siebel and Finance Solutions built on SharePoint Dedicated • Great for staged deployments i.e. dev, test, authoring to production Farm(s) • Ideal for point solutions, Records Management, for Legal Holds, department solutions, and groups of site collections • Memory isolation and separate SSP such as Search Solutions Web App • Support 100s-100K+ sites • Ideal for Collaborative environments including intranets, Projects, extranets Site • Document Management where scale is into +TBs Collection • Information and aggregation Portals such as Intranets • WCM Internet sites with page libraries Sites
  28. 28. Hosting Examples SharePoint Service Offering Mysites Teams & Groups Portals & Dept • /personal • /sites • http://site • Site Collections • Site Collections • Webapp • 1GB • 5GB • Database Dedicated • Self Service no • Self Service with approval req. approval • 100GB workflow • Archive after AD • Help Desk object disabled • No confidential IP provisioned • Life Cycle Ping at • Aggregation / LOB 1 year Apps / Doc Mgmt Structured Adhoc Long term Short term
  29. 29. Ready for the Cloud? SharePoint Hosting SharePoint Online SharePoint Online Office Online Standard Dedicated • Small Business • Own Domain • Enterprise • Adhoc Quick • Shared Servers • Dedicated farms • Cheap • Fixed Db Quota • Dedicated AD • Quick Projects • Medium Cost • Hosted Exchange Optional • Partner to Partner • Per User Cost short life • Shared URL • Per SC Cost
  30. 30. 37
  31. 31. The Right Tool for the Right Solution Visual Dev Assets Portability Studio SharePoint Limited Portability Customizations Designer IE/ Web UI
  32. 32. TIP: Bundle your Dev Assets CSS Event Page Handler Web WSP Image Part DLL
  33. 33. SharePoint Dev Life Cycle • UAT • Users • Code • Authoring Dev Test Prod • Workflows • Introduction • POC • BPM • Coexistence • Validate Customizations Dev Assets SharePoint Designer + Visual Studio UI Customizations .WSP
  34. 34. SharePoint Dev Life Cycle Development Assets -> .WSPs • UAT • Users • Code • Authoring Dev Test Prod • Workflows • Introduction • POC • BPM • Coexistence • Validate Content Databases
  35. 35. 43
  36. 36. 46
  37. 37. K.I.S.S.
  38. 38. Keep It Simple Stupid. Don’t start with LOB Integration and BDC and Excel  Services requirements on your first go… Start easy and work up… Start with Collab, Search and Profiles, it’s an easy  win. Watch for Scope Creep it is very easy in SharePoint.  Careful with development requirements that lead to  custom site definition
  39. 39. NOT Key takeaways today... Cutting corners – “My Devs are My Admins”  The SharePoint project is no longer SharePoint (it’s  so custom and no longer supportable) “Production is test and dev, and where I introduce my  service packs” SharePoint is a simple install... (c’mon it’s a Microsoft  app... No one will even notice it.) Comon let this .DLL go... (require .WSP!) 
  40. 40. SharePoint Deployment Essentials & Governance Checklist
  41. 41. Resources and Plugs Joel’s Blog –  SharePoint Governance Resources (Checklist &  Gov Plans)  nz/office/sharepointserver/default(en-us).aspx Join a SharePoint User Group! 
  42. 42. Quest Solutions for SharePoint Site Administrator for Quest SQL Server SharePoint Discover, Solutions understand and manage Maximize SQL Server your SharePoint performance while environment simplifying tasks and providing visibility and control Web Parts Quest Enable rapid Recovery Manager for development SharePoint of SharePoint Granular SharePoint applications recovery for enterprise- level needs Migration Manager for SharePoint Public Folder Migrator for SharePoint SharePoint 2003 to 2007 migration Public Folders to SharePoint Exchange migration File Migrator for SharePoint Notes Migrator for SharePoint File shares to SharePoint migration 52 Notes application content to SharePoint
  43. 43. Muchos Gracias!
  44. 44. Questions? 54
  45. 45. Please be sure to fill out your session evaluation! Thank you for attending!
  46. 46. Patrocinan