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So much to do and plan! In this session we'll break it down. SharePoint 2013, Yammer and Office 365 product families bring new capabilities for content sharing, finding, organizing, and authoring. They also create new challenges. The move to the cloud and the integration of SharePoint with the enterprise social network with yammer, and have made this release so profound and disruptive to the business. In this session we'll dig into planning and strategy for social architectures around both business process and the technologies to help ensure compliance and success. Social enterprise technology is transformative and will lead to more agile business when used correctly, but a disaster and chaos when not used properly.

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  • Our vision was inspired by looking at the world around us. Social has completely rewired the way we connect
    We’re able to accomplish more, FASTER, because technology makes it easier than ever to connect with others, build relationships, and share information.
    In other words, technology makes it easier than ever to leverage the human network.
    Let’s use a real-life example. #sprunner
    Countless other examples of ways Social has changed our lives in ways big and small – from spotting the next job oppty on LinkedIn, to reconnecting w/ old friends on FB, to finding out the latest in world news and entertainment on Twitter (btw, did you know that Ellen Degeneres’ selfie at the Oscars last night was retweeted 1M times in less than an hour? That’s the power of Social right there)
  • Yammer has been a leader in bringing social networking to the enterprise. That’s why we acquired them 18 months ago. We believe that getting started with Yammer is the most important step toward working like a network.
    And many companies agree with us. They are already using Yammer to transform the way they work in the following ways:
    Rich Social interactions > knowledge travels faster enabling better decisions
    Organizing themselves into Yammer groups based on the task at hand. Define groups, give MSFT examples.
    Discovering information and gaining greater visibility via the enterprise graph. Define EG based on Facebook.
    These experiences make the Yammer platform very engaging, and more importantly, very sticky. The strong network effect Yammer has.
    ES approach extends this network effect to users of Office 365, Dynamics, and pretty any other tool that matters to your company.
  • While Yammer is our “hero” Social experience, we are weaving Social into all the tools your employees use by enhancing the Inline Social Experiences in O365…
    Why? B/c we believe a big part of Social takes place in the context of what we’re already doing.
    In our personal lives, we’re posting photos from our camera phones….True for ES too
    Starting this spring, we’re adding Yammer conversations to documents, images, and even videos
    We’re making it easy to post updates, documents, and emails from OWA and SPO to Yammer; and
    We are enhancing the integrated social capabilities in the LOB apps.
    And of course we’ll continue our mobile app investments across platforms..
    Now let’s bring Christophe back to show what Inline Social looks like.
  • We’re extending one of Yammer’s most powerful user experiences, groups, to the rest of Office 365.
    The new Office 365 Groups is a cross-suite concept that unifies people, conversations, and content
    Like groups in Yammer, Office 365 Groups can be set up around anything to enable open conversations and collaboration.
    But they also go a step further by bringing in email, team sites…
    Because Groups span the Office 365 suite, members can work with each other in their preferred experience ­knowing that they are addressing the same people
    This is huge for collaboration. Epic Yammer thread. Here at Microsoft, we are the first to recognize that many people still love the email experience, and we want these people still to be able to participate from where they are comfortable.
    Groups will serve as a bridge between Yammer and email, and it will also make problems like team members working in outdated files..
    So how do you get a Group going? It’s easy. Creating a Group anywhere...
    All of them will be able to access the same conversations and content, regardless of where they work. And changes made in one application…
    Just like in Yammer, Groups are open by default to enhance discoverability and sharing
  • When we acquired Yammer, one of the things we loved about the technology was how it literally mapped
    Today, in what we believe is a game-changing move, we’re extending Yammer’s concept of the Enterprise Graph across Office 365
    Think of the Office Graph as a big algorithmic engine
    It’s learning what you’re doing – to make recommendations on what you should know.
    Just as your personal social networks connect you to people and information…
    By suggesting information that’s relevant to YOU, Office Graph helps solve for info overload AND it helps you discover better info so you can connect the dots
    Imagine the possibilities this opens up. Take an example like searching for an file from another team that I know contains something I need to know for the work I‘m doing, as I often find myself doing in my cross-functional projects. Most of the time, I find myself struggling to remember the file name or who sent it to me or where I would have stored it. Instead of going through that painful process, I can now use OG to search for files that I’ve viewed, that were presented to me, or are trending around me…The personal and social context is a much more natural way for me to remember things than file names.
    Or, let’s say you find yourself invited to a meeting where you’re *not* quite sure what the objective is and what you should be contributing. With OG, you can discover what others at the meeting are working on, documents they are following, conversations they are participating in, etc ahead of time so you can walk into the meeting prepared. You know what’s happening and what’s on their minds, so you can deliver a much more meaningful impact.
    Oslo (a codename for a brand new app) is the first application to put the Office Graph to work to deliver these types of insights to you. By leveraging machine learning and signals captured in Office Graph, Oslo provides a natural way for users to search and discover relevant content based on the relationships you have with other people and objects in your network.
    That richness, those nuggets, those gems – you will have it everywhere. Hero in browser. Search in your productivity apps. Mobile angle.
  • Business Value in Enterprise Social - SharePoint Fest 2014

    2. 2. Joel Oleson @joeloleson • First SharePoint Admin • Former SharePoint Product Manager • Popular SharePoint Blogger • Epic Traveler – Speaking and Traveling to over 140 Countries 2
    3. 3. Agenda 3 Enterprise Social Challenges • Value • Culture • Adoption • Roadmap & Yammer big bet!
    4. 4. The world has become a giant network #worklikeanetwork
    6. 6. Gallup 2013 (140 Countries)
    7. 7. What does it mean to have an “Engaged” Company? • Engaged – Drive Innovation. Passion and Profound Connection with their company. • Not Engaged – Checked out. No passion or energy for their company. • Actively Disengaged – Undermine the engaged workers. Not only Unhappy but actively undermining the work of the engaged workers. Out to damage the work!
    8. 8. World Wide Engagement Engaged 13% Unengaged 63% Actively Unengaged 24%
    9. 9. Why Get Employees Engaged? Engaged employees are 37% more likely to stay with their employer. - Constellation Research Engaged employees deliver a 5X higher shareholder return - Kenexa
    10. 10. Social technologies yield a 30% improvement in bringing a product or service to market. -Mackenzie Institute
    11. 11. VALUE
    12. 12. @dhinchcliffe
    13. 13. Satisfaction levels are higher than both email and Instant messaging. Why Enterprise Social Intranets?
    14. 14. Intranet Evolution
    15. 15. “The key to Social Enterprise success… People don’t need a new siloed channel. They already have many. ESN is [designed] to help them collaborate, share, communicate better to get their work done.” -Sanjay Abraham, Cap Gemini
    17. 17. Intranet 2000 – Employee Handbook • Top Down • Corporate News • One Main Page of Links • Forms, Policies & Procedures
    18. 18. Intranet 2010 – Few to many • Portal Integration • Top of Intranet is Corporate Communication – Then deeper split for Team and Group Collab • Self Service • KPIs & Dashboards • Some attempts at: – Wikis – Blogs
    19. 19. Intranet 2014+ • Any Device: BYOD • Secure: Work from anywhere • Many to Many Collaboration • Universal Global yet local • Unified Streams • Simplified
    20. 20. • Organizations see a 25% boost in productivity with social technologies… Hierarchy is the bottleneck to speed…
    21. 21. • Deloitte predicted that by the end of 2013 90% of Fortune 500 companies will have partially or fully deployed an Enterprise Social Network 2011 ESN deployment was at 30%
    22. 22. CULTURE
    24. 24. Too much focus on tools not enough on “Culture”
    25. 25. What is Success? “By its own nature, ESNs tend to be adopted virally, spreading from department or a local office. It may become a fad and die, or contagiously expands to nearby departments.” Global Adoption across the organization is the ultimate goal.” – Francesco Bivoli
    26. 26. ESN: 80% Culture / 20% Technology
    27. 27. ADOPTION
    28. 28. Provide and Pray… • Although social technologies are employed by 70 percent of organizations… Gartner said most social collaboration initiatives fail because they follow a worst practice approach of "provide and pray", leading to a 10 percent success rate.
    29. 29. Why Social Collaboration Fails Social collaboration initiatives that have a clear and compelling purpose from the outset tend to succeed. While this may seem obvious, the vast majority of organizations treat collaboration as a platform decision, rather than a solution to a specific business problem or a route to a desired outcome. -- “Gartner Says the Vast Majority of Social Collaboration Initiatives Fail Due to Lack of Purpose” 92_member_237431818
    30. 30. “Controlling Social is like Herding Cats” EDS Superbowl 2000 Video
    31. 31. Understanding Adoption Innovators - These employees are probably already experimenting with Enterprise Social in your organization. Early Adopters - The employees that only need a little nudge before they start using Social collaboration. A conversation with passionate Innovator is normally enough to get them quickly on board. Early Majority. The staff members that need a little more convincing. Their adoption time is significantly longer than the innovators and early adopters. You need to share the early successes of the Network to get them truly on board. This group typically requires some basic Enterprise Social training (including best practices). Late Majority (Skeptics or Bystanders) - High degree of skepticism. They will only join the network over a considerable amount of time; typically after about half of the workforce have adopted the new technology. Laggards (Naysayers). These individuals are the last – if ever – to adopt the new platform, and typically have a very strong aversion to this change.
    32. 32. • Sharing of Best Practices • Reducing Email proliferation (it won’t eliminate it) • Faster Decision Making • Reduce meetings • Increase sharing • Knowledge capture • Increase employee retention • Improve business processes • Evolve company culture • Reduce duplication of work • Strategic transformation • Improve employee collaboration (cross group) • Executives Involvement • Open Transparent working Plan + Measure Success
    33. 33. Strategy for Success
    34. 34. How it all fits… Social Architectu
    35. 35. Enterprise Collaboration Control Trust Compliance Creative SharePoint & Yammer Structured Ad-hoc
    36. 36. Enterprise Information Architecture Structured Intranet Central Portal Departmental Sites Groups and Team Sites & Workspaces (Non Customized Light branding) Yammer • Groups Office 365 • Team Sites On Prem Cloud SharePoint 2013 • Department ECM • Doc Mgmt • Workflows • Custom Apps SharePoint 2013 • Search • News • Navigation Personal Storage Fav & Follows • SkyDrive Pro • My Site • My Tasks • My Documents • Docs I’m following • People I’m following Unstructured
    37. 37. Hybrid Enterprise Information Architecture UnstructuredStructured Intranet Central Portal Departmental Sites Groups and Team Sites & Workspaces Yammer • Groups Office 365 • Team Sites • Email Personal Storage Fav & Follows • SkyDrive Pro • My Site • My Tasks • My Documents • Docs I’m following • People I’m following On Prem Cloud SharePoint 2013 • Department ECM • Doc Mgmt • Workflows • Custom Apps SharePoint 2013 • Search • News • Navigation
    38. 38. ROADMAP
    39. 39. Where are we going?
    41. 41. Enterprise Social Networking is the first step Used by more than 400,000 companies worldwide including 85% of the Fortune 500 Social Yammer groups Enterprise Graph
    42. 42. Laying the foundation Yammer Guidance Yammer & SharePoint On-Prem Integration Yammer for Dynamics CRM Yammer Default in Office 365 Yammer App for SharePoint Windows 8 & Windows Phone Apps SSO & DirSync Guidance Starting Document Conversations (“Post”) Simplified Login SharePoint Service Pack 1 2013 2014 Yammer Enterprise in Office 365
    43. 43. Go Yammer! Yammer is our big bet for enterprise social, and we're committed to making it the underlying social layer for all of our products. It will power the social experiences in SharePoint, Office 365, Dynamics, and more. -- Jared Spataro, Senior Director, Microsoft Office Division enterprise-social-roadmap-update.aspx
    44. 44. Drink the Yam Juice! • Post Agile Approach to Development • Belief that pace of Organizations need to change • Cloud First! • Fail Faster • Transparency
    45. 45. Yammer Continues to Evolve with Office 365
    46. 46. Inline Social Extends social collaboration to Office 365, Dynamics, and other apps, services, and line-of-business systems. Enables you to participate in social conversations from the tools of your choice
    47. 47. Conversations…
    48. 48. Groups Unifies People, Profiles, Conversations, Emails, Calendars, and Files across Office 365 and beyond. Provides you with a rich and seamless collaboration experience across applications
    49. 49. Content and signals across Office 365 auto-populating the Office Graph for teams. Insights derived with machine learning to help YOU get the job done right NOW Office Graph
    50. 50. Takeaways… • Start a pilot of yammer if you haven’t. • Join SharePoint Office365 & Yammer Community on Yammer in SPYam • Understand Microsoft’s BIG BET for Cloud, Social, Mobile investment Strategy…
    51. 51. Q&A Let’s Connect!! @joeloleson