Building Social Intranets - MS Days Bulgaria by Joel Oleson


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The traditional portal is on its way out. Employees demand more social tools and dynamic content that brings in content from across the enterprise. Facebook, Twitter, and blogs in the consumer space are changing what we expect in our businesses in the tools at our finger tips. In this session we’ll look at this transformation of information portals to engaging portals. Information is going through a revolution, and people are demanding to be heard. We'll explore building the water cooler for enterprises using real world examples.

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  • “Social media usage now exceeds email as a method of communication. It is now a relied upon way of doing business within the enterprise.”
  • Building Social Intranets - MS Days Bulgaria by Joel Oleson

    1. 1. Building Social IntranetsJoel OlesonLDS Church
    2. 2. 11+ Year SharePoint VeteranCollab Solutions ManagerWorld TravellerTwitter:
    3. 3. Agenda• Sharing Information has fundamentally changed…• The Evolution of Traditional Portals• Building Social Interfaces… –THIS IS AN INTERACTIVE SESSION!
    4. 4. Remember this… Intranet design challenge… never "set and forget” When employees use the web then intranet, they shouldnt feel like theyve gone from driving a BMW M3 to an old Trabant… – Adapted from 10 Best Intranets 2012: Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox
    5. 5. Споделянето е различноThe Way We Share has changed...
    6. 6. Ways We Communicate are Changing Social networking now exceeds online email usage
    7. 7. Migration alone is not the answer… боклук в отпадъците…
    8. 8. Stop the ConfusionСпри объркванетодоведи яснота
    9. 9. Traditional Portals vs. Social Portal Engage Inform “Two thirds of organizations today have sprinkled some kind of social media pixie dust on their intranets Most businesses today they are still well behind… what most users have in their personal lives. Gartner Report
    10. 10. The Enterprise Water Cooler…Water cooler апарата за вода
    11. 11. Social Media in SharePoint2007 2010Blogs Enterprise Managed Metadata ServiceWikis Advanced routing (based on metadata)My Sites Extensible User profiles (My Sites)Team Sites Status updatesDiscussion forums Activity feedsShared calendars Knowledge miningAlerts Social TaggingRSS Feedback/ratingPeople Search Noteboard (Wall)Mobile accessible Podcasting kitPresence awareness Social taggingInbound Email Expertise taggingCommunity Kit for Blogs & Wikis Wikis (including wiki edits of Team Sites) Share & Track tab Individual and team blogs Group Calendar Rollup People and social search
    12. 12. Why Invest???
    13. 13. Gartner’s Predictions:“When it comes to collaboration, IT organizations areaccustomed to providing a technology platform ratherthan delivering a social solution that targets specificbusiness value.This will result in over a 70 percent failure rate in IT-driven social media initiatives. Fifty percent ofbusiness-led social media initiatives will succeed,versus 20 percent of IT-driven initiatives.”
    14. 14. Current Environment
    15. 15. The Catalog
    16. 16. Don’t forget to submityour feedback and win agreat Nokia smartphoneand Kindle e-reader!