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Boosting Productivity through Successful Engaging SharePoint Portals by Joel Oleson


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In this new world of working social, it’s no longer acceptable for Intranets to simply link to tools and resources. People expect engagement for real adoption and improved productivity. In this session we’ll look at gamification techniques, social engagement including Yammer integration as well as techniques to increase adoption through a richer interface. We’ll dig into what success looks like with the Top 10 successful Intranet Portals report as a resource as well as recent AIIM data around success and failures in SharePoint deployments.

During this webinar, Joel will demonstrate how to engage portal users, gain insights on portal usage and use these insights to improve the portal. He will look at gamification techniques, social engagement including Yammer integration as well as techniques to increase adoption through a richer interface.

About Joel Oleson:
Joel is a social media strategist, new media mobile guru and global SharePoint evangelist. He is well known in the SharePoint community as an enthusiastic trainer, evangelist and architect, and he maintains a popular blog. Joel is a frequent speaker at popular technical conferences, such as Microsoft TechEd, and often presents to local SharePoint user groups.

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Boosting Productivity through Successful Engaging SharePoint Portals by Joel Oleson

  1. 1. Boosting Productivity Through Successful Engaging SharePoint Portals Joel Oleson @joeloleson Yarin Negri @cardiolog Recording:
  2. 2. SharePoint Joel @joeloleson • First SharePoint Admin • #1 SharePoint Influencer 2012 by Forbes Columnist • Voted Most Popular SharePoint Blogger 2012 • Epic Traveler - – Speaking and Traveling to over 140 Countries 2
  3. 3. Agenda • • • • • The Mission and Purpose The Difference is the Destination The Strategy The Crew The Success
  4. 4. The Mission • What are the goals? • What resources are required to achieve the goals • How will you determine and measure success or failure
  5. 5. 5 Characteristics of Purpose • Participant magnetism: Motivate people to participate, build within them a compelling need to participate. If you have to create interest among users, you've chosen the wrong purpose. • Community draw: resonate with enough people to catalyze a community and deliver robust user-generated content. The best communities are heavily unbalanced - community contributes far more content than the supporting enterprise • Organizational value: The purpose should have a clear business outcome. This is the "what's in it for the organization" clearly measured and shared with the community as feedback and motivation • Promoting evolution: Select purposes that you and the community can build on • Low community risk: Choose low risk over high reward Gartner 2013 “Characteristics of Purpose”
  6. 6. Intranet Evolution
  7. 7. AIIM Infographic based on 2012 & 2013 Survey Built for
  8. 8. Harsh Reality feel they have only achieved a basic deployment compared to their original ambitions... 31% AIIM 2012 Survey
  9. 9. Provide and Pray… • Although social technologies are employed by 70 percent of organizations… Gartner, Inc. said most social collaboration initiatives fail because they follow a worst practice approach of "provide and pray", leading to a 10 percent success rate.
  10. 10. Why Social Collaboration Fails Social collaboration initiatives that have a clear and compelling purpose from the outset tend to succeed. While this may seem obvious, the vast majority of organizations treat collaboration as a platform decision, rather than a solution to a specific business problem or a route to a desired outcome. -- “Gartner Says the Vast Majority of Social Collaboration Initiatives Fail Due to Lack of Purpose” 92_member_237431818
  11. 11. Engaging Ideas… Shared from SPYAM Brand it • Company brand and culture • Responsive Web Design • Simple Navigation: Easiest place to start for a search or browse • User Contributed Ideas • Scorecards and Dashboards / IT Uptime / Project Status • Favorites Content is King • Classifieds • Cafeteria/Lunch Menu • Quick Poll / Survey • Quotes/ Tips • Most Popular/Top Rated/Most visited – Bubbled up Content search rollup • Data mine the most popular links and expose content
  12. 12. Marketing Campaigns • CEO Blog/Video • Highlights/Featured Articles • Official and Department and Market/RSS/subscription based news • Public Press Releases • Community/Social feeds/Company twitter feed • Employee of the month/ Featured Employee • Benefits/ Employee Discounts • Games: Find Easter egg, Match employee to name, Dilbert / XKCD Comic Compelling Features and Widgets • People Search/Expert Finder/Phone Number list • World Clock/Stocks/Weather Company Content • Employee-centric content which impact employee life cycle such as important forms, payroll links, reimbursements and opinion polls. • Policies • Online services/Tools/Apps • Culture reflected • Dynamic Content/Navigation/Relevant Contextual Personalized / Personal KPI dashboard • Make it everyone’s home page
  13. 13. Predictive Search
  14. 14. Global Navigation and Notifications “Feature Bar” built by Darin Dickey, Lance and Jared Buttars Notifications example from CRN Solutions
  15. 15. Easy to Use Navigation
  16. 16. Mobile - Responsive Design
  17. 17. The Difference is the Destination!
  18. 18. Featured Articles, Events and Blogs Leader Boards and Trends Dev by
  19. 19. CEO Blog, Chats Likes & Comments Dev by
  20. 20. Predictive Results Featured Apps Top Intranets Report
  21. 21. SharePoint Leader Board
  22. 22. Leaderboard Example on Yammer
  23. 23. Who is in the Crew?
  24. 24. Team + Skills is Critical It’s not possible to piece together a first-rate intranet that informs and motivates employees and increases productivity and sharing unless you have the staff to design, develop, deploy, write, manage, and govern. It’s not fair to ask a tiny team to take on an endeavor as great as designing and managing an intranet, even if you are “simply deploying” an outof box solution. - Norman Nielson “Top Intranets Report 2013”
  25. 25. Out of Box = Not an Engaging Intranet Plan for design customization and development to make SharePoint work well for your organization. It’s a misconception that any out-of-box product will be great for an organization; such products typically require considerable design and development work. Indeed, you might need to hire external resources to help with development. - Norman Nielson “Top Intranets Report 2013”
  26. 26. The Team Running SharePoint lacks the experience to be successful “Lack of expertise to maximize its usefulness” is given as the biggest on-going business issue How to fix this… AIIM 2012 Survey SharePoint: un-planned, under-developed and but not un-popular 11/1/2013 CONFIDENTIAL 27
  27. 27. Engage & Build Community
  28. 28. Learn from Success or Failure
  29. 29. Q&A