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Java Magazine May/June 2012


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Java Magazine May/June 2012

  1. 1. //table of contents / COMMUNITY COMMUNITY 40 02 Java Architect From the Editor What’s New in Java DB JAVA IN ACTION 04 in JDK 7 See why it’s even easier to Java Nation use databases and SQL in News, events, and happenings your apps. in the Java community 44 JAVA TECH Java Architect 21 Using the OpenJDK to New to Java Investigate Covariance JAVA TECH The End of the Game in Java Michael Kölling shows us how See how generics and to finish our turtle game and wildcards provide a type-safe share it with our friends. alternative to covariant arrays. 24 48 New to Java Java Architect Build a Web App in Introduction to JIT ABOUT US Wicket 1.4 Using Compilation NetBeans in Java HotSpot VM Combine Wicket and Java Learn how to use the EE 6 to build a Web app PrintCompilation switch in easily by separating markup Java HotSpot VM. from business logic. 55 35 Mobile and Embedded Java Architect Java SE 7: Shaped and How to Tag Your Pictures with Location 12 16 31 51 Translucent Windows Information Java in Action Java in Action Java Architect Rich Client Deep Dive Josh Marinacci shows us how Vikram Goyal gives us a lesson in geotagging. DEVICE GAME ON! For two app OPENJDK: THE INTERVIEW USING PROPERTIES CONVERGENCE to enhance our applications in developers, Java Oracle’s Donald AND BINDING 64 ME is the key to new and interesting ways. Smith talks IN JAVAFX 2.0 Fix This winning in India’s about the place Try your hand at this JavaFX Oracle’s Jim mobile games for Java SE Weaver shows you code challenge. Jargon Technologies creates unique market. blog collaboration. how to implement interactive and immersive experiences the power of with Java. binding. COVER ART BY I-HUA CHEN PHOTOGRAPH BY PHIL SALTONSTALL 01ORACLE.COM/JAVAMAGAZINE  ////////////////////////////////////////////////   MAY/JUNE 2012
  2. 2. //from the editor / COMMUNITY W JAVA IN ACTION GIVE BACK! JAVA TECH hat’s not to love about crowdsourcing? Without a clear and obvious topic in mind for this note—and cursed with a follow-on case of writer’s block—I went to you, the community, via Twitter for sug- ADOPT A JSR gestions. There were several of them, but the desire for a status update about JDK 8 seemed to be a common theme. So, let’s do that. As previously announced, the GA date for JDK 8 is currently expected to be September 2013. The main drivers are, of course, the Lambda and Jigsaw projects. Each of these projects could arguably represent one Find your JSR here ABOUT US of the most significant and anticipated changes ever to the Java platform, to say nothing of two of them. The curiosity about JDK status offers a welcome opportunity for us to deep-dive into the OpenJDK project overall—for example, to explore its expanding role in the community ecosystem and its relationship to the Oracle JDK. In this issue, we’ve banked on that opportunity via an interview with Donald Smith, a member of Oracle’s Java SE team who helps steward the OpenJDK community. As you’ll learn, one of the project’s main objectives—and great successes thus far—is to bring a diversity of viewpoints into the development process. And speaking of diverse viewpoints: before you turn the page, I want to thank you for helping Java Magazine break the 100,000-subscriber barrier after only a handful //send us your feedback / of issues. Without your interest and support, this publication would not, and could We’ll review all suggestions for future not, exist. Do you see a pattern here? improvements. Depending on volume, Justin Kestelyn, Editor in Chief BIO some messages may not get a direct reply. blog P.S. Starting in this issue, the “Java Champion Duke” next to a byline signi- fies the author’s membership in that august community. They deserve it! PHOTOGRAPH BY BOB ADLER 02ORACLE.COM/JAVAMAGAZINE  ////////////////////////////////////////////////   MAY/JUNE 2012
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  4. 4. //java nation / COMMUNITY Global JUGs JAVA IN ACTION Growth Continues Three new Java user groups (JUGs) have recently joined the growing JUG community. In Croatia, Branko Mihaljević, Stjepan JAVA TECH Matijašević, Hrvoje Đurđević, Marin Orlić, and Slavko Žnidarić founded HUJAK, the Croatian Java User Association; the group also hosts a Croatian language home site, In May, HUJAK will be collaborating ABOUT US with the Croatian Association of Oracle Users to hold Croatia’s first ever “Java Day” event. In Vilnius, Lithuania, Vaidas Pilkauskas, Kasparas Rudokas, and Aleksej Šipulia founded the Vilnius Java User Group; the Vilnius JUG has JAVA.NET In recent months, Michael Hüttermann and others in the Java user groups (JUGs) lists, and more. In addition, the resources include links to information on how to start/ also created a Google Group, and they are using Eventbrite ENHANCES community have devoted considerable time to updating and enhancing the platform and improve your JUG, blog postings, the JUG wiki, and the Adopt-a-JSR program. to organize meetings, the first of which took place in March. ITS PLATFORM services offers to JUG members. One of the most popular updated features Finally, Mahmut Bulut has FOR JUGS New and updated features include the JUG on the JUGs site is the Jug Profile worked with other Java pro- events calendar and JUG Member Spotlights. Map, a Google Map that shows the location of fessionals and enthusiasts Hüttermann focused special attention on JUGs across the world. More than 175 JUGs are in the Eskişehir Province JUG resources, a set of tools that allow you to already on the map. If you’d like to get your region of Turkey to form the blog browse the JUG community, submit JUG onto the Jug Profile Map, just fol- Eskişehir Java User Group. your own JUG for membership, join mailing low the instructions. Congratulations and good luck to all of these new JUGs. 04ORACLE.COM/JAVAMAGAZINE  ////////////////////////////////////////////////   MAY/JUNE 2012
  5. 5. //java nation / COMMUNITY JUG-Africa Raises Money for Congo JAVA IN ACTION Max Bonbhel Lamine Ba Following the March 2012 JAVA TECH death of 200 Congolese citizens due to an explo- sion in Brazzaville, Congo, Lamine Ba, the leader of the Java user group (JUG) in Senegal, used Java to create an online payment Website to accept donations for the ABOUT US victims. Congo and Senegal are 2 of the 18 countries that are affiliated with JUG-Africa. This umbrella DEVELOP YOUR organization was created by Max Bonbhel in 2010 to share Java expertise among OWN GAME professional developers. For example, the community organized a dozen Java 7 JUG In this gallery at java_ Swedish video gaming company Mojang is encouraging gamers to go beyond just playing its games meetings in the summer of, tutorial users by learning game programming. Jens Bergensten, lead designer and developer for Mojang’s Minecraft 2011. Ba hopes that JUG- can share the games that game, created a getting-started guide to programming for beginners using the source code from Africa will be the network they have created. that will change the conti- “Catacomb Snatch” and the Eclipse integrated development environment. “Catacomb Snatch” is a popular 2-D shooting strategy game. The game was part of a Humble Bundle Mojam, a 60-hour char- nent. “If we can create an ity programming marathon from which half a million dollars in proceeds went to charity. In addition impact through this project, to playing with “Catacomb Snatch” source code, gamers have access to Java 2-D and 3-D gaming then we can become a major blog resources. They can also share their games and enter competitions such as the one-hour “Let’s Get force when it comes to sup- Petite” competition. porting the too-frequent crises in Africa,” he says. MAX BONBHEL PHOTOGRAPH BY ALLEN MCINNIS/GETTY IMAGES 05ORACLE.COM/JAVAMAGAZINE  ////////////////////////////////////////////////   MAY/JUNE 2012
  6. 6. //java nation / COMMUNITY JAVA IN ACTION Duke’s Choice Award 2012 CALL FOR JAVA TECH NOMINATIONS Submit your entry for the Duke’s Choice Awards 2012 awards, which celebrate extreme innovation in the JAVA USER GROUP PROFILE world of Java technology. JUG Chennai These awards are granted to ABOUT US the best and most-innovative Tamil Nadu, India projects using the Java plat- form. The primary judging IN MOST INDIAN FAMILIES, JAVA IS VIEWED EXCLU- really happy: community leader, mentor, speaker, advi- Scenes from JUG Chennai, left to right: criterion for this prestigious SIVELY AS A MEANS FOR GETTING A GOOD JOB, says sor to college students, and more—which I never did a speaker captivates award is innovation, putting Rajmahendra R Hegde, a Java/Java EE project lead at before as a normal Java professional.” the group, holding small developer shops on Logica in Chennai, India. In 2006, though, Hegde discov- JUG Chennai currently has at least one meeting per a Java Summit, an equal footing with multi- ered Java user groups (JUGs) on, and his interest month, but the demand from the Chennai Java commu- celebrating the national giants. The 10 most in Java’s community aspect was piqued. Hegde went on nity is such that the group will soon move to two meet- launch of Java 7 innovative submissions will to found JUG Chennai in September 2010. Judging by its ings per month. The group also hosts special events, be chosen and showcased rapid growth (430 members today), Java as community is such as the Chennai Java Summit; the Java 7 launch; at Java One, September really catching on in India. and NetBeans certification, JavaFX, and Web 2.0 events. 29–October 4. There are no But it was by no means an easy start for JUG Chennai. JUG Chennai is also participating in JDuchess, a predetermined categories— Hegde reports that no more than seven people showed up Java community for women, helping to form JDuchess it’s all about innovation. for the group’s first three meetings in 2010. But, the January Chennai. The group has also started a student awareness Past winners are welcome 2011 meeting, in which he gave a talk about Java Virtual program through which it brings Java to students and to apply. Nominations are Machine languages, drew close to 20 people. That meeting involves them in Java community activities. In addition, due July 20, 2012. Get your blog was a major turning point in the Chennai Java community. JUG Chennai joined the Java Community Process and is nomination form here. “For me, being a JUG lead is a tough and interesting active in the Adopt-a-JSR program. Several special inter- job,” Hegde says. “I am playing many roles that make me est groups have also formed. PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF JUG CHENNAI 06ORACLE.COM/JAVAMAGAZINE  ////////////////////////////////////////////////   MAY/JUNE 2012
  7. 7. //java nation / COMMUNITY JAVA IN ACTION Weaver and Chin Join Oracle Jim Weaver and Stephen Chin—two recognized JavaFX technology luminar- ies and “rock star” speakers from the Java community—have joined Oracle’s Java evangelist team. Jim Weaver is a JAVA TECH Jim Weaver Java and JavaFX developer, author, and speaker with a passion for helping rich- client Java and JavaFX become preferred technologies for new application devel- opment. He is the author of Inside Java (New Riders Pub, 1997) and Beginning Stephen Chin J2EE (Wrox Press, 2003). Stephen Chin Participants in is a Java technical expert specializing ABOUT US Round Two of the Java Olympics in UI technologies, an open source hacker, and a seasoned showed laser conference speaker. Both Weaver and Chin are coauthors of focus during the Pro JavaFX Platform (Apress, 2009), the leading technical competition, and then ROUND TWO OF reference for JavaFX, and Pro JavaFX 2 (Apress, 2012). This is a win for the entire Java community. celebrated their achievements. JAVA OLYMPICS ENDS; FINALS LOOM Round Two of the 2011–2012 Java Olympics finished in March, with Round One’s top achievers JavaSpotlight Podcast (from 151 universities in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan) competing in 11 Listen to the JavaSpotlight podcast cities across the region. Each competitor was provided with a PC preloaded with Oracle JDK 1.7u2 for interviews, news, and insight for and NetBeans 7.1 and was presented with six problems (designed by a team of 12 Russian engi- and from Java developers. Hosted neers) to solve using Java. Alexander Belokrylov of Oracle St. Petersburg reports that although all by Roger Brinkley and Terrence Barr, six problems were successfully solved, no one individual competitor solved all the problems. this weekly show includes a rotating Participants submitted their solutions to a remote server, where a tweaked version of the panel of all-star Java developers. Ejudge Contest Management System analyzed the solutions. The results were delivered in real blog time as the competition progressed. “I followed all the contests,” says Belokrylov. “It is a really exciting experience, like a horse race or football game!” JIM WEAVER Round Two winners will travel to Astana, Kazakhstan in late April to compete in Round Three, PHOTOGRAPH BY the 2011–2012 Java Olympics championship finals. STEVE GRUBMAN 07ORACLE.COM/JAVAMAGAZINE  ////////////////////////////////////////////////   MAY/JUNE 2012
  8. 8. //java nation / COMMUNITY JAVA CHAMPION PROFILE MICHAEL HÜTTERMANN: Up Close and Personal MOVING JAVA Java Champion Michael people and seeing new JAVA IN ACTION Hüttermann, developer, places. I don’t regret being FORWARD architect, consultant, and a freelancer today; after my author of three books on first book was published, it agile development, recently was a good decision to leave IN JAPAN took time off from his my job then. I have much demanding schedule to tell more freedom now and Java Magazine a bit about his enjoy every minute. It’s most nonworking life. important for me to be able JAVA TECH to learn from others, and to Java Magazine: Where did find collaborative working you grow up? environments. Hüttermann: I grew up in Java Magazine: Anything much enjoyed team sports. Ruhr, an urban area in North else you want to share? Any I’ve played soccer for years Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. plans? actively. But lately, I’ve run Now I live in Cologne, Hüttermann: What makes out of time to do so. I’m also Left to right: Oracle’s the fourth-biggest city in me excited now is that my a passive sportsman: I enjoy ABOUT US Nandini Ramani; Oracle’s Germany and a great place fourth book, on agile devel- Jasper Potts; Duke watching soccer matches to live. opment, is in progress. I like welcoming attendees; on TV, and live matches in Java Magazine: What was writing; without writing, Fujio Maruyama, visiting arenas as well. professor at Waseda your first computer and pro- staying in hotels around the Java Magazine: What else do University, explaining why gramming language? world every night would be you do in your spare time? Java is back Hüttermann: My first com- pretty boring. And I hope that Hüttermann: Work! Also, I puter was a Commodore 64. some people will find the have a cat that is always a I played around and pro- book useful to read. JavaOne Tokyo 2012 was held in Tokyo, Japan, April 4–6, 2012. With more than 1,100 attend- pleasure to play with. His grammed with it in the early ees, this second of four regionally executed JavaOne conferences included informative key- name is Doctor Snuggles, ’80s. My very first languages And so, the Java Champion note and technical sessions, vendor participation, an Oracle Technology Network lounge, and named after the main char- included BASIC, Pascal, goes back to his work. interactive local Java community involvement. acter in a British/German/ and, later, Cobol and Java. You can read more about A major focus of the conference was the Java roadmap. At the Java Strategy keynote on Dutch TV series that aired But the C64 was definitely Michael Hüttermann in the the first day of JavaOne Tokyo, Oracle’s Java engineering executives Cameron Purdy, Nandini from 1979 to 1980. Watching the initial kickoff for me for recent article “Agile ALM: Ramani, and Henrik Stahl stepped through Oracle’s technology roadmap for Java SE, JavaFX, the Doctor is a lot of fun; computers and program- A Conversation with Java Java ME/embedded Java, and Java EE. The key takeaways: Java SE 8 will include Project Jigsaw actually, it’s very clear every ming. I guess I share this Champion and ALM Expert and Project Lambda; Java ME/embedded Java will synchronize CLDC and JDK releases; and Java day that cats are related to history with many others. Michael Hüttermann.” You blog EE 7 will support elasticity for capacity on demand and multitenancy. Sharat Chander, group tigers. Cats are small tigers! Java Magazine: What do you can also visit his blog and director of Java technology outreach at Oracle, also called on local Japanese developers to con- Java Magazine: What “side enjoy for fun and relaxation? find him on Twitter tinue their active participation in the Java community by joining Oracle Technology Network. effects” of your career do you Hüttermann: I’m a team (@huettermann). enjoy the most? player, and I’ve always very PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF ORACLE JAPAN Hüttermann: Meeting many 08ORACLE.COM/JAVAMAGAZINE  ////////////////////////////////////////////////   MAY/JUNE 2012
  9. 9. //java nation / COMMUNITY MAY GeeCON 2012 platform in 135 technically Java Forum The No Fluff Just Stuff MAY 16–18 focused sessions‚ includ- JULY 5 Software Symposium Tour POZNAŃ, POLAND ing 25 hands-on work- STUTTGART, GERMANY JAVA IN ACTION Since 2001, the No Fluff GeeCON focuses on Java- shops‚ centered around The Java Forum offers Just Stuff (NFJS) Software and Java Virtual Machine– architecture, cloud, participants the opportu- Symposium Tour has based technologies, with security, enterprise Java, nity to inform themselves delivered more than 275 special attention paid to languages on the Java about topics related to events with more than dynamic languages such Virtual Machine, build/ Java and the Java environ- 40,000 attendees. NFJS as Groovy and Ruby. test, mobility, and agility. ment. The forum includes is known for knowledge- ÜberConf is part of the No basic lectures, presenta- able speakers and timely Maker Faire Bay Area Fluff Just Stuff Software tions, and information MAY 19–20 Symposium Tour. about and demos of JAVA TECH presentations that cover the latest trends within SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA specific products. the Java ecosystem and See how Java will help JAZOON’12 agility space. Upcoming build the future at JUNE 26–28 FISL symposium dates include this festival of inven- ZURICH, SWITZERLAND JULY 25–28 the following: tion, creativity, and Jazoon, the international PORT ALEGRE, BRAZIL resourcefulness. conference on the modern Sponsored by the Fórum Lone Star Software art of software, will cover a Internacional do Software GOTO Conferences broad range of topics and Livre (FISL), this event is EVENTS ABOUT US Symposium: Dallas MAY 18–20 MAY 21–25 cater to a wide audience one of the world’s largest DALLAS, TEXAS COPENHAGEN, DENMARK of professionals involved free software events, and OSCON JULY 16–20, PORTLAND,OREGON MAY 24–26 in software development. includes technical, politi- Central Ohio Software AMSTERDAM, The main track covers cal, and social discus- Join the world’s open source pioneers, builders, and innovators for Symposium NETHERLANDS programming and markup sions about open source five days of sessions and keynotes on open source languages, plat- JUNE 8–10 These conferences are languages; frameworks, software. designed for software tools, platforms, and forms, and development. OSCON features more than 200 speakers, COLUMBUS, OHIO developers, IT architects, methods; and more. JVM Language Summit hundreds of technologies, and 3,000 hackers. Tracks include Java Salt Lake Software and project manag- JULY 30–AUGUST 1 and JVM Languages, Geek Lifestyle, JavaScript and HTML5, Mobile, Symposium ers in the Java, mobile, JULY SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA Tools and Technologies, and much more. .Net, open source, Lean/ The 2012 JVM Language JUNE 29–30 The Developers SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH agile, architecture, new Conference 2012 Summit is an open languages, and process JULY 4–8 technical collabora- Greater Maryland communities. SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL tion between language Software Symposium One of Brazil’s largest designers, compiler writ- JULY 13–14 JUNE developer conferences, ers, tool builders, runtime ÜberConf engineers, and virtual blog COLUMBIA, MARYLAND this conference offers 35 JUNE 19–22 tracks, several of which machine architects. DENVER, COLORADO are Java related. Explore the evolving PHOTOGRAPH BY JOE SOHM/GETTY IMAGES ecosystem of the Java 09ORACLE.COM/JAVAMAGAZINE  ////////////////////////////////////////////////   MAY/JUNE 2012
  10. 10. //java nation / COMMUNITY JAVA BOOKS DEVELOPERS JAVA IN ACTION WANT JSR 310 IN JAVA 8 Should JSR 310 (Date and Time API) EXPERT ORACLE AND JAVA THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO JAVA PROGRAMMING: PROGRAMMING CLOJURE, be included in Java 8? Based on a recent SECURITY: PROGRAMMING NETBEANS PLATFORM 7 A COMPREHENSIVE SECOND EDITION poll and the attention Stephen SECURE ORACLE DATABASE By Heiko Böck INTRODUCTION By Stuart Halloway and JAVA TECH Colebourne’s JDK Enhancement Proposal (JEP) APPLICATIONS WITH JAVA Apress (December 2011) By Herbert Schildt and Aaron Bedra 150 has garnered, the broader Java developer By David Coffin The Definitive Guide to Dale Skrien Pragmatic Bookshelf community has a clear view on this: it’s very Apress (September 2011) NetBeans Platform 7 is a McGraw-Hill Higher Education (April 2012) important that JSR 310 is included in Java 8. This book provides resources thorough and authorita- (December 2012) Programming Clojure, The poll asked, “How critical is it for that every Java and Oracle tive introduction to the Java Programming: A Second Edition is a signifi- JSR 310 (new Date and Time API) to be imple- database application pro- NetBeans platform. The Comprehensive Introduction cant update to the classic mented in Java 8?” Rarely does a grammer needs to ensure is designed for an introduc- book on the Clojure lan- book provides a completely poll produce as unified a response as this one ABOUT US that you have guarded the updated definitive guide tory programming course guage. You’ll get thorough did. A full 75 percent of the 891 developers using Java. This text takes security of the data and iden- to the NetBeans platform, coverage of all the new who voted consider including JSR 310 in Java 8 tities entrusted to you. You’ll using the latest APIs, cod- a logical approach to the features of Clojure 1.3, and “very” important, agreeing with Colebourne’s learn to consider potential ing patterns, and method- presentation of core topics, enjoy reorganized and statement in JEP 150 that “the existing Java vulnerabilities and to apply ologies. It focuses strongly moving step-by-step from rewritten chapters that date and time classes are poor, mutable, and best practices in secure Java on business features in an the basics to more-advanced reflect the significance of have unpredictable performance.” user heathm undoubtedly spoke and PL/SQL coding. Author application, with the author material, with objects being new Clojure concepts. Many for many in commenting, “Given the fact that David Coffin shows you how covering how to use OSGi, introduced at the appropri- code examples have been we were expecting this in Java 7, I think it’s to develop code to encrypt how to add authentication/ ate time. The book is divided rewritten or replaced, and something that’s long overdue and must be data in transit and at rest; security, and how to mone- into three parts. Part One every page has been re- included in Java 8.” A late February update to to accomplish single sign- tize from a modular applica- covers the elements of the evaluated in light of Clojure JSR 310 states, “With successful progress it is on with Oracle proxy con- tion. You’ll learn how to get Java language and the fun- 1.3. As the authors show you intended that this JSR can be considered for nections; and to generate started using the NetBeans damentals of programming; how to build an application inclusion in Java SE 8.” Java developers have and distribute two-factor platform with or without Part Two introduces graphi- from scratch, they provide made it abundantly clear that they prefer authentication tokens from cal user interface program- a rich view into a complete using the NetBeans IDE, that outcome. the Oracle server using pag- ming using Swing; and Part Clojure workflow. You’ll also how to set up a modular blog ers, cell phones, and e-mail. application, and more. Three explores key aspects of get an education in thinking Java’s API library. in Clojure. 10ORACLE.COM/JAVAMAGAZINE  ////////////////////////////////////////////////   MAY/JUNE 2012
  11. 11. Data Quality Tools for Java BEFORE Telephone Verification Name Parsing & Genderizing john smith iii phd melissa data corp. Geocoding 22382 Empresa 92688 7145895200 john@800miAL.con Address Verification & Standardization AFTER Melissa Data Corp. Email Address Verification John Smith III PhD 22382 Avenida Empresa Ste 100 Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688-2112 949-589-5200 Delivery Indicator: Business *Highlights indicate added and/or corrected data. Realtime NCOALink Change-of-Address Web Services & APIs Web Service available Duplicate EliminationNow, finding the right data verification tools doesn’t have to be so puzzling. • Global address verification for 240 countriesMelissa Data offers customizable APIs, Web services and enterprise appli- • Clean and validate data at point-of-entry or in batchcations to match your budget and business needs. For solutions to cleanse, • Correct misspellings, missing directionals, and confirm deliverabilityvalidate and standardize your contact data, we’re ready to help you find the • Enhance addresses with County, Census, FIPS, etc.perfect fit. • Append rooftop lat/long coordinates to street addresses • Update records with USPS and Canadian change of address infoRequest free trials or call 1-800-MELISSA
  12. 12. COMMUNITY JAVA IN ACTION C hildren’s movies often contain powerful themes for adults—and sometimes a striking parallel to real life. So it was for Bhanu Srikanth, CEO at Jargon Technologies, a small company specializing in Java solutions for the media industry. Like the characters in the popular movies that her company works on—from Rio and Ice Age to Alvin and the JAVA TECH Chipmunks—Srikanth’s professional career has followed a series of twists and turns, a real-life “hero’s journey” that has included unexpected sojourns in distant lands, over- coming a mounting series of obstacles, and, finally, discovering new professional horizons in a warm, hospitable climate. ABOUT US DEVICE CONVERGENCE Jargon Technologies advances home entertainment frontiers with Java. Bhanu Srikanth, CEO, blog BY DAVID BAUM Jargon Technologies PHOTOGRAPHY BY PHIL SALTONSTALL ART BY I-HUA CHEN 12ORACLE.COM/JAVAMAGAZINE  ////////////////////////////////////////////////   MAY/JUNE 2012
  13. 13. COMMUNITY Troy Mockenhaupt, innovative use of Java technology—specifi- senior engineer at cally, to help special-needs children realize Jargon, tests out their full potential.” various devices. The market reached a tipping point in JAVA IN ACTION 2008 when several studios and distributors shifted their allegiance to the Blu-ray for- expertise that mat. On February 19, 2008, Toshiba officially was lacking in the announced that it would stop the develop- industry, and there ment of HD DVD players. Blu-ray had won the were only a few format wars, and, almost overnight, Jargon companies that found itself at the center of a revolution in were able to do interactive entertainment. this,” she recalls. “From the outset, we saw this opportunity JAVA TECH “We founded Jargon as much more than just content for Blu-ray Technologies to players,” Srikanth says. “We were thinking realize the vision of about communications, about home net- SNAPSHOT Srikanth grew up in India, where she also the creative community in Hollywood, as well works, and about connected devices. We said, attended college and obtained a master’s as in other industries such as education.” ‘Let’s see how much Blu-ray can do. . . .’” JARGON degree; she then worked in Japan helping an TECHNOLOGIES elite group of software engineers automate a BIRDS OF A FEATHER TAKING FLIGHT ABOUT US steel mill. She transitioned into media tech- Jargon’s other founding members included Be careful what you wish for. It was around Headquarters: Burbank, California nology in 2002 when she joined Panasonic Jeff Schulz, chief platform architect, and this time that Twentieth Century Fox Home Industry: Hollywood Laboratories (PHL) in Southern Nathan Epstein, COO. Srikanth donned Entertainment asked Jargon to implement Media and entertainment California, where she was part of the core the mantle of CEO, taking responsibility for a new type of game for the Blu-ray release Employees: R&D team that developed the Blu-ray Disc account management, business develop- of the movie Rio, a very successful animated 15 high-definition optical media format. It was ment, and overall corporate strategy. The new film about a domesticated macaw from Java version used: an exciting time for the home entertain- company soon landed high-profile projects small-town Minnesota who takes off on an Blu-ray Disc Java, based on ment industry. Along with Sony and Philips, with Panasonic, Walt Disney Pictures, Warner adventure to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The the- Java ME CDC/PBP Packaged Media profile of Globally Panasonic was working diligently to gain Brothers, and Twentieth Century Fox Home atrical release had been a worldwide success, Executable MHP (GEM) market acceptance against the rival HD DVD Entertainment. Its forte was with box office earnings nearing format backed by Toshiba. Srikanth repre- developing interactive applica- THE POWER OF BD-J US$500 million dollars. Now sented Panasonic at several meetings of the Blu-ray Disc Association and also worked tions that reside on the bonus discs distributed with popular Blu-ray Disc Java it was time to bring the family adventure to the cable and home with some of the Hollywood studios to create Blu-ray titles. powers bonus view entertainment market. Blu-ray content. “Slowly, we started doing more content including Jargon’s technology team blog As consumer interest in high-definition video content increased, Srikanth and her and more Blu-ray work, but we also branched out into connected network access, brainstormed with Fox Home Entertainment’s content direc- colleagues saw an opportunity to strike out TV, mobile, and other areas,” picture-in-picture, tors about ways to push the on their own. says Srikanth. “Our goal is to and local storage. boundaries of Blu-ray Disc Java “We started seeing a need for Blu-ray reach a wide audience through (BD-J) to enhance the consumer 13ORACLE.COM/JAVAMAGAZINE  ////////////////////////////////////////////////   MAY/JUNE 2012
  14. 14. COMMUNITY JAVA IN ACTION POSTCARDS FROM RIO Rio on Blu-ray viewers JAVA TECH can create postcards using scenes, images, and words from the movie and then display, print, or send them to another device. ABOUT US experience. They came up with the idea of props. Viewers could use their remote con- immersive applications that Jargon creates an interactive game called “Postcards from trols to pick a scene they liked and then adorn for Hollywood studios. To bring the images, Rio” that lets viewers create postcards using it with beach balls, umbrellas, headdresses, icons, and bits of dialogue to life in an inter- scenes, images, and words from the movie. and other bits of movie memorabilia. The active game, Jargon used two standard Java “We had this idea of letting viewers cre- game was an immediate success. technologies: BD-J and BD-Live. ate postcards by grabbing frames from the “The amount of customization allowed here BD-J is a specification for creating advanced movie, adorning the scene with stickers, impresses, as does the fluidity of content on Blu-ray Discs—it’s TOP TITLE and then adding bits of dialogue,” explains the exercise,” noted one promi- what makes Blu-ray Disc titles Srikanth. “The program would format it like a nent DVD critic on his Website. Thanks in part to its so much more sophisticated real postcard and then let you display it, print it, or send it to another device.” “This may exceed every DVD set-top game I’ve seen in terms innovative interactive than similar content on a standard DVD player, including Fox Home Entertainment provided the of enjoyability.” content, Rio reigned network connectivity, picture- blog cinematic content based on memorable as the #1 Blu-ray on in-picture (PIP), and access to scenes in the movie, such as a beach theme and a carnival theme, along with sticker-like DEEP DIVE Rio is bright, colorful, and full of retail charts for four local memory storage. In this case, it lets Rio viewers capture, RIO IMAGES COURTESY OF TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX images of the characters, backgrounds, and surprises—much like the highly weeks in a row. resize, rotate, and position their 14ORACLE.COM/JAVAMAGAZINE /////////////////////////////////////////////// MAY/JUNE 2012