Mobile ideation (for human beings) 4.4.12


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  • Mobile ideation (for human beings) 4.4.12

    1. 1. Mobile Ideation (for Human Beings)1
    2. 2. What’s coming up How brands use mobile Things to think about If you only remember one thing…2
    3. 3. How brands use mobile3
    4. 4. To access website content  Brands want users to access their content on the go  Rise of responsive design: One website that works across devices4
    5. 5. A marketing channel  Advertising that mixes offline and online (AXA print ad + mobile)  Location-based mobile marketing like Foursquare check in deals  Quick Response (QR) codes for in store sales promotions  Banner ads that offer rich media content  Mobile commerce lets users buy things anywhere. M-commerce is expected to be worth $31 billion by 2016 (Forrester)5
    6. 6. Offer utility  Mobile applications may not be marketing oriented  This borough council app from Norway lets users of a local community access news, jobs, weather information, traffic cams, etc  Another app by the British Library lets users discover historical manuscripts6
    7. 7. Quick recap Common uses of mobile by Website access brands: Marketing Utility7
    8. 8. Quick recap All well and good but how do we I need an idea! actually come up with ideas for mobile?!8
    9. 9. Here are some things to think about9 9
    10. 10. People are lazy  Your app user might be half asleep, distracted or even drunk The app needs the simplicity of consumer electronics: micro-waves and washing machines  Think simple. Think OBVIOUS10
    11. 11. We love shortcuts  Cut out steps  The more steps a customer has to go through, the lower the chance of a sale  Amazon has one-click purchasing  Simplify your process11
    12. 12. Think indoors  „Mobile‟ does not mean users are outside all time  People use their mobiles at home while doing something else such as watching TV, cooking, taking a dump, etc  What can you do with mobiles in a home context?12
    13. 13. The power of small  „Paper Toss‟ is a game that lets you toss crumpled paper into a bin  Angry birds is not as elaborate as Modern Warfare  Ideas don‟t have to be big (or cost the earth) to be a bit hit13
    14. 14. Start with problems  The photo printing industry was surprised that people kept and viewed photos on Facebook and Flickr  People are unhappy with search engines not because they don‟t know how to search. They are unhappy because they don‟t know what they want  Is there a problem that needs fixing?14
    15. 15. People are sheep  Traffic jams are caused by large numbers of people following GPS instructions blindly  Expect people to blindly follow instructions on mobiles  Be careful of what you ask people to do – they may well do it! So think through your process or user journey15
    16. 16. Introduce complexity s.l.o.w.l.y. Wii Sports Resort game doesn‟t let you play 100 pin bowling until you master 10 pin bowling Apple doesn‟t release all their new features at once. They release functions incrementally  Avoid overloading your user; introduce complexity slowly16
    17. 17. The most important thing…17
    18. 18. A clever fellow once observed “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and Im not sure about the universe.”18
    19. 19. But seriously In other words: Technology changes. Human nature does not.19
    20. 20. But seriously In other words: Technology changes. Human nature does not.20
    21. 21. Human Beings: Feel the <3  We want to love. We want to be loved Grindr is an app that helps bring men together. Quite literally21
    22. 22. Human Beings: have egos  Here‟s the most expensive app ever sold: „I Am Rich‟ app sold on iTunes for $999.99  Clicking on the app icon would fill the screen with a large, ruby red gem on a red and black background  Eight people actually bought the app until it was pulled from the App Store22
    23. 23. Human Beings: are competitive  Involve a whole city in gianourmous game of tag Click to watch video mini-getaway23
    24. 24. Human Beings: like to share the things they like  Merely rating things is so 2010  Be a greedy pig with OINK: Discover + add location + shoot + rate + share24
    25. 25. Human Beings: want to avoid pain  A community of real time traffic reporters  Never be stuck in traffic again. That‟s the idea, anyway Click to watch video Cqig&feature=player_embedded25
    26. 26. Human Beings: have a funny bone  Apple claims „there‟s an app for everything‟. It‟s true. There‟s even an iFart Click to watch video h?v=6OXONkzmIfE26
    27. 27. Human Beings: like to discover new things  Nike True City. Rediscover your city with real insider knowledge Click to watch video ?v=Qet4NGswKfA&feature=rel ated27
    28. 28. Human Beings: have doubts  Will the red armchair look bad against my teal-coloured wall? See it virtually with your mobile Click to watch video v=tqeLNxoBtjM&feature=player _embedded#!28
    29. 29. Human Beings: love to play  It takes a brave client to launch a new car through an iPhone game. The results will make your heart race Click to watch video ?v=wdpO_Any1as&feature=pl ayer_embedded29
    30. 30. Go forth and ideate for human beings!30
    31. 31. Contact usTel: +44 (0) 20 7173 2810Reading Room65-66 Frith StreetLondonW1D
    32. 32. References  Collection of responsive websites  Mobile Mania by Simon Silvester  And the stuff in Joel‟s head32