My report, stay at home mum starts a business


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Are you struggling to earn your own money whilst being a stay at home parent? I was, and I would like to share...

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My report, stay at home mum starts a business

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  2. 2. Stay At Home Mum Starts A BusinessIs This You?.....Or Maybe This Is You?...
  3. 3. http://joellaclare.comAre you struggling to earn your own money whilst being a stay at homeparent? I was, and I would like to share...My Story....After having my daughter,I made the decision to stay at home rather than goback to full time employment, many mothers have different reasons for notreturning to work, I faced the trouble of not being able to afford the full timechildcare as my previous work was not in any way a career, I worked anormal job,for minimum wage, so affording childcare would actually leave meleave me short of money at the end of the month.After a couple of years struggling by on just my partners wages, and thestandard work allowances I started to look for an option that would allow meto stay at home with my daughter and earn me some money.So I looked into catalogue delivery, Avon, Betterware and such,but Isoon realized my local area was already exhausted with these types of “jobs”The idea of having my own business, working hours to suit me and being myown boss soon turned into walking around in the rain, knocking on doors tocollect back my catalogues ( which we had to pay for ) and getting noguaranteed orders.So I looked on to thinking of the next venture that could possibly earn mesome extra cash, Maybe I would try domestic chores, I mean I was alreadydoing my own, so charging others to do theirs wouldn’t hurt? Which ratherrapidly turned into the thought of...Well I don’t particularly like doing my ownironing why would I want to do someone else’s???
  4. 4. http://joellaclare.comMy next idea was actually re starting something I already had previousexperience with, an eBay shop! It was something I knew how to do, I had alittle shop once before, selling makeup, jewelry and such stuff, now when Idid this 6 years ago, I had started by selling off all my unwantedclothes,shoes,handbags to make a little money in order for me to re-invest insome stock, this worked nicely for a year or so, buteventually I stopped due to high fee’s and not being ableto get the stock cheap enough to make a decent profit,and seen as I didn’t actually have much to sell, Icouldn’t afford the stock this time around, not only thatbut I didn’t really have the room to store it either.So I thought I would stick with the internetas it was something I enjoyed, and my nextventure or disaster as it turned out to be!... waspaid surveys, now I had heard people hadmade a great full time income doing these paid surveys, so I signed myselfup to tons of companies paying for surveys, It wasn’t long before they cameflooding through,
  5. 5. http://joellaclare.comUnfortunately I hardly qualified for any of these paid surveys,and the ones Idid qualify for were paid in points ( I had to get a lot of points to get not a lotof ££$$) I think I must have made $50 in 2 months!So off I went and did some more research, I typed in Google theusual, make money from home,work from home etc, I found and thenresearched internet marketing, I came across tons and tons of opportunities,and was soon very overwhelmed. I realized there were so many “guru’s”online telling me if I bought their products/services etc I would soon see themoney flowing into my account, I could be lounging by the pool, raking it in. Happy Days!!!To be honest yes I did get a little sucked in by this idea, so I started doingmore research, looking into everything I lay my eyes on for FREE...and I didfind quite a bit of useful, and not so useful information.This is when I realized I really wanted to learn how to do what theseguys are doing, I wanted success, I wanted life freedom, and above all Iwanted to do this myself, I wanted my own business!!But where do I start? I have little to no technical knowledge? I have noproducts to sell?I soon realized there was one answer...LEARN.I had to learn how to build my own business, So naturally I started lookingfor help!, I needed to find someone to teach me to do this!, I was under noillusion this was going to be easy, nor that I could do this for free, but I did
  6. 6. http://joellaclare.comsee that it was possible to do this even on my very small budge, I was justgoing to have to work for it, If they say it will take me 3 months I expect it totake me 6!I looked into affiliate marketing, ( selling someone else’s product and gettingcommission)WOW easy right??!! Hardly!I needed to learn how to market these products, I needed a website, I neededmy website to be seen!, I needed to learn....So I did more research, I finally came across a training system, that notonly would teach me everything I needed to know, but would also give me away to earn whilst I learnt!, not only that but it gave me access to fantasticcommunity of fellow marketers, from the 6&7 figure earners to completenewbies, all under one roof ready to teach and willing learn.I soon learnt there was so much more to internet marketing, not only could Iset up a website ready to advertise products I could earn commission from,but I was able to learn that I could produce my own products simply by usingmy knowledge on the things I love!, Now I love baking cupcakes, well thatsgot nothing to do with the internet? well you would be surprised, there areplenty of cupcake recipes,products etc selling on the internet, there areproducts and services all over the world wide web for anything andeverything, this is where I learnt about niche marketing, I know plenty ofmarketers making a living from their hobbies and passions and things theylove, it is their niche, and they serve the masses by providing solutions thatpeople simply Google everyday! But we learnt the basics first!Why not try it yourself?Maybe create a blog, blogging about your interests is very easy as youalready know what to write about, If you are unfamiliar with blogging or thinkyou may not be able to create a blog, Please check out my blog HERE
  7. 7. http://joellaclare.comIf you are unfamiliar with the technical side ie: setting up a website, blog,hosting etc, then I offer a quick start service for this, more about that at thebottom of the report :-)Ok so I have written a little bit about how you may like to start a blog and turnit into a business that you can be proud of and enjoy.First you need to choose a domain name for you blog/website, whenchoosing a domain name, I suggest you brand yourself, this way you haveoptions on what you market and this can be your primary business. Buildingyour personal brand will enable you to build a reputation, and relationshipswith your prospective clients.Next you will need to host your domain, this means it will be alive on theinternet for all to see, there are many many hosting sites available on theinternet but my suggestion is My Express Site. It is very easy to use and haslots of training videos, an amazing support system, and also so many optionsto produce amazing websites, landing pages, templates and themes.You can even buy your domain name from here and install it straight ontoyour blog.So you have your domain name, and your hosting site ready,Now you will need to install Wordpress, this is basically the internals of yourwebsite, where you produce all of your blogs, and control your whole sitefrom behind the scenes, there are a lot of amazing features to personalizeyour website.There is training available on this also.Now once this is ready and depending on how you want to use yourblog, you can get right on with blogging, blog about your journey, you havejust achieved the first step in setting up a business, blog about your ideas andwhere you are going, what you are doing and what you intend on doing, blogabout what your interested in, what you love and have passion for.
  8. 8. http://joellaclare.comSo how will this earn you money? The easiest way to start, is tobecome an affiliate, and affiliate is someone who promotes other peoplesproducts and gets paid a commission, this can be anything from smalleBooks, to high end products, also affiliate marketing can earn you a residualincome, this is a recurring monthly income that you can get for introducingsomeone to a subscription, like a monthly newsletter, or course, or serviceoffered by someone else, you get paid a percentage of the subscription everymonth for as long as the member subscribes to that particular service. |Thereare so many products and services out there, Im sure you will find somethingyour interested in to promote within moments, anything from an eBook for thebest cupcake recipes to a monthly subscription for improving your golfingtechniques, If you can google it, you can buy it, but you have to have passionto promote it! so make sure you choose something your interested in.How do you find these products to sell? There are a affiliatemarketplaces you can join, Commission Junction, Clickbank, Linkshare,RegNow, just to name a few, they provide you with digital and tangableproducts ready for you to promote, not only that but you will discover yourown affiliate products along the way, most things you buy in order to helpyour journey along are affiliated so you can then offer these to your readersand clients as they may need them too.Once you are blogging away, you will need people to visit your blog,this is what we call traffic, we need lots and lots of traffic to put our blogs andproducts in front of, I use my blog posts as articles, I then submit my articlesinto article directories, Ezine Articles is the main one I use, and once mylatest article is published on there I also publish them on other articledirectories, this can be a way of getting your blog and ideas in front of themasses. I also use social media, Facebook, Twitter, Google+,You Tube, getyour message out there!You can learn a little more about affiliate marketing and blogging HEREWhen you have readers visiting your blog, it would be an idea to keep incontact with them, as you can then go on to build a relationship with them,
  9. 9. http://joellaclare.comYou may want to add an opt-in box to your website/blog, this willenable your readers to enter their names and email address into yourpersonally automated system, where you can then send your newsletter andupdates to everyone in one go, I use a fantastic auto responder called AWeber, I can send these people anemail and keep them up to date on my new blog posts, offers and value, thisis building me a list who I can have a relationship with, as these people puttheir names and email address’s in themselves it means they are actuallyinterested in you and your business.It would be an idea to offer your readers something in return for puttingin their names and email address’s, something free and full of value.Keep providing fantastic value to your subscribers and they will loveyou for life! Get your hands on as much free value associated with yourcommon interest or niche as possible.So what is your next step?If you think that setting up your first blog/website may be a little challengingalone, even though technical skills are not mandatory, you will need to learn afew of the basics, then I do offer a couple of packages that could help you, assetting up your own business can be time consuming and hard workespecially if your trying to do it by yourself, Even to have a website handed toyou isn’t going to be much help if you can’t work it so I can also be here tohelp you learn. So if you want to cut out the hassle of doing it yourself and cutstraight to the blogging and affiliating then have a look at what I can offer,Package 1: Starter Package $197 I will supply you with a fully functioning blogging website, with Wordpressinstalled, domain name of your choice (depending onavailability),personalized banner to include your photograph and name (or
  10. 10. http://joellaclare.combusiness name depending on your type of blog), I will also installSEOPressor, this is a brilliant plugin, that will help you keep on top of searchengine optimisation when entering your blog posts, as we all want to be onthe front page of Google don’t we! This usually would cost $49!I will also install a book marking plugin which will allow you and your readersto share your blogs on all social media sites,email etc. On top of that I willhost your website free of charge for the first 6 months. $197Package 2: The Six Figure Mentors Package, $97 + VAT MonthlyThe Six Figure Mentors is a training community of which I am a member.This package can give you the full training in building your own successfulbusiness and also give you the opportunity to earn while you learn with itsown affiliate system ready and in place, and I will be in there to help you!Who is The Six Figure Mentors For?
  11. 11. http://joellaclare.comThe Six Figure Mentors is for anyone who wants to become a successfulinternet entrepreneur and has a mind open to learning.To find out about TheSix Figure Mentors and what it is all about please click HERE$97 (+ vat) monthlyIf you have any queries about the packages or would just like to know morethen please contact me.I love being a stay at home mum, and I love helping others in their journey tosuccess what ever that may be. I don’t know everything! and to be honest Idon’t want or have any need to know everything, but i’m pretty sure I nowknow someone amongst my fellow marketers and mentors that can help meout, and that is why I love being part of this amazing online world.I don’t have a job...I have a business, and I do this in MY time, while the restof my life is spent with my family. I have life freedom, It takes a lot of time andeffort to start and build your own business, but its worth it.If you would like to find out more about starting your own online businessthen I would love to hear from YOU!
  12. 12. http://joellaclare.comI would love you to join me on my journey, and to teach you everything Iknow, and the rest we can learn together!Joella BrownStay At Home Mum & Internet Marketer
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