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Teacher Librarian's role in supporting School Improvement Plan


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The role the Teacher Librarian plays in the School Improvement Plan goals to support student learning.

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Teacher Librarian's role in supporting School Improvement Plan

  1. 1. Supporting SIP Goals toMeet the Needs of Students The Teacher Librarian’s Role Joel Krentz Wilkinson Jr. P.S. Library
  2. 2. Working with the Teacher-Librarian❖ opportunity to design, deliver and assess as a team❖ access to the library and its resources❖ research expertise❖ technology integration❖ lens of critical literacy
  3. 3. Wilkinson’s SIP Goals focus on ...❖ non-fiction writing❖ inquiry based math❖ embedding equity, social justice, character education & eco-literacy
  4. 4. ‘computer class’ image courtesy of woodleywonderworks - under Creative Commons Attribution Licence Supporting Non-Fiction Writing
  5. 5. ... through the use of digital technologies ... KidBlog Bitstrips Storify StoryBirdComic Life Twitter
  6. 6. ❖ usingdigital technologies to support writing provides students and teachers with engaging, collaborative and authentic ways to explore and learn about writing
  7. 7. Teacher Librarian’s Role❖ offer a series of ‘Lunch and Learns’ introducing these❖ manage any accounts and logistics that need to be set up in advance❖ partner with teachers to design, deliver and assess units of study❖ provide students with opportunity to share with a wider audience through posting writing on Library’s websites
  8. 8. ‘100511 A Bit Dicey’ image courtesy of comedy_nose - under Creative Commons Attribution Licence Supporting Inquiry Based Math
  9. 9. ❖ Inquiry based Math uses ‘real life’ problems to engage students❖ students create questions about these problems they want to answer❖ They explore solutions using investigation, research, digital technologies and manipulatives
  10. 10. Teacher Librarian’s RoleI will create Math Inquiry Lab including❖ a centre for question creation with Q-charts and organizers❖ a space for manipulatives and hand-on exploration❖ online portals to relevant resources and sites❖ a multi-media centre with access to a wide variety of technology and tools❖ a space to share and publish student findings and solutions
  11. 11. ‘Slithering Solutions to Small Garden Pests’ image courtesy of Bush Library - under Creative Commons Attribution Licence Supporting Social Justice, Equity, Character Education & Eco-Literacy
  12. 12. ❖ embedding the themes of social justice, equity, character education and eco- literacy in all areas of teaching and learning❖ reflectswork being done on a Board wide level that is supported with resources and professional development
  13. 13. Teacher Librarian’s Role❖ participate in planning meetings to establish themes within units of study and curricular area❖ offer advice around projects, assessments and culminating tasks related to themes❖ support teachers and students with print & online resources❖ share and publish the teaching and learning that occurs and highlight the themes using multimedia or digital means
  14. 14. Measuring Success ❖ teacher and teacher-librarianSuccess partnering and created assessmentsupport from me, as the ❖ student/teacher co-createdTeacher-Librarian, will be assessment (rubrics)measured in a number ofways: ❖ student interviews, conferencing and surveys ❖ comments & anecdotal records ❖ feedback from teachers ❖ feedback from students