Upper intermediate listening level 3


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Learn more listening and more vocabulary at the same time.

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Upper intermediate listening level 3

  1. 1. Live Free / Speak Free
  2. 2. Upper Intermediate Listening Level 31.Vocabulary2.Dialogues3.Passages4.Real Life5.LongPassages1 2 3 4 5
  3. 3. In this section there are 10 vocabulary words, press“Listen” button you will hear one word at a time and asentence using that word. Choose the best meaning forthat word. If you need help, click on “See Text” and readand then choose the best answer.When you are finished with that word, click “Next” to goto the next word.
  4. 4. Clean: Be sure you clean the dishes real well so thereare no germs.v. to make puread. of or about the system that includes the use of money,credit, investments and banksad. suffering physically or mentally with a disease or otherproblem; not in good healthv. to take part in; to become a part ofA.B.C.D.1.See TextListenAnswer
  5. 5. A.B.C.D.2.See TextReasonable: That seems like a reasonable plan, it mightactually work.ad. ready to listen to reasons or ideas; not extremead. having the color like that made by mixing black andwhiten. a spending planv. to bring together a male and a female to create anothercreatureListenAnswer
  6. 6. A.B.C.D.3.See Textn. the part behind the frontv. to send to another countryv. to work toward something; to tryad. important; needing careful considerationExport: Thailand’s biggest export is rice.ListenAnswer
  7. 7. A.B.C.D.4.See TextThrow: Please don’t throw trash on the side of the road.n. the system of sending and receiving signals or soundsthrough the air without wiresv. to cause to go through the air by a movement of the armv. to live; to happenn. a small part of an atom that has an electrical forceListenAnswer
  8. 8. A.B.C.D.5.See Textv. to fall or let fall; to go lowern. a large object in space that orbits the sunn. work done to fix somethingn. a small mountainHill: Oh yes, his house is on the hill over there.ListenAnswer
  9. 9. A.B.C.D.6.See Textn. the smaller of the two groups in the governments ofsome countries, such as in the United States Congressv. to give as payment; to usen. the fine material that grows from the skin, especiallyfrom the headad. in what way; to what amountHair: She has long brown hair and is very beautiful.ListenAnswer
  10. 10. A.B.C.D.7.See Textn. that which is known; learning or understandingv. to fire artilleryv. to make one happy; to give enjoymentad. moving or working at great speed; quickShell: The army shelled the enemy for hours today.ListenAnswer
  11. 11. A.B.C.D.8.See Textad. not high or tall; below the normal heightn. the offices of an ambassador and his or her assistantsv. to permit to do or to be; to make possiblen. a member of a cabinet; a high government officialMinister: I have a good friend who is the Minister ofTransportation.ListenAnswer
  12. 12. A.B.C.D.9.See Textv. to be; to livev. to get free; to get away fromn. the direction in which the sun goes downn. a valuable stone, such as a diamond or emeraldEscape: You cannot escape, there is no way out.ListenAnswer
  13. 13. A.B.C.D.10.See Textad. tall; far upad. quiet; peacefuln. a grain used to make bread; the plant that producesthe grainn. the act of learningEducation: You must have a good education, if you want toget ahead in this world.ListenAnswer
  14. 14. In this section there are 12 Dialogues, press “Listen”button you will hear each dialogue. Choose the bestanswer to the question that follows. Remember there isonly ONE correct answer. If you need help, click on “SeeText” and read and listen and then choose the bestanswer.When you are finished with that word, click “Next” to goto the next dialogue.
  15. 15. 1.Question: What is the man’s problem with the conference center?1. It has double-booked his room.2. The rooms are too small for his group.3. It does not do catering for small groups4. The available rooms cost too much.See TextBrookfield Conference Center.Hello. I’m interested in reserving a conference room for August 25th.Certainly. How large is your group?Thirty people. Can you also do catering?Yes. However, I’m afraid none of our small rooms are available on that date. Wehave two larger rooms, but they’re more expensive.Well, I have a limited budget. How much would one of those be?$350 per hour, not including food.I see. I think I’ll try somewhere else.ListenAnswer
  16. 16. See Text2.Question: What do we learn about Toby?1. He does not trust the woman.2. He had a good impression of Pete Davies.3. He thinks the woman should not gossip.4. He took over Pete Davies’s job.Hey Toby, did you hear that Pete Davies was arrested for stealing money from hiscompany?What? Pete Davies who used to run this department?That’s right. It’s all over the news. I never did feel like I could completely trust him.Really? He always seemed like a decent guy to me.Yea, but you’re always too trusting of people.Maybe. I wonder if he did anything like that when he was here.I wouldn’t be surprised.ListenAnswer
  17. 17. See Text3.Question: What did the man think of the movie?1. He agreed with the interviews.2. It failed to meet his expectations.3. He enjoyed the jokes most of all.4. It was better than the book.What did you think of the movie, Danny?Considering the great reviews it got, I wasn’t that impressed.Really? I enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun.Well, I suppose it had its moments.What was the problem then?I guess I was hoping for too much. The book was really funny, but the movie justdidn’t live up to it.Yeah, the books are often better than the movies.ListenAnswer
  18. 18. See Text4.Question: What does the woman offer to do?1. Assist Callum in getting a job.2. Redecorate Callum’s apartment.3. Try to find a decorator for Callum.4. Help Callum search for a new apartment.Hey, Callum. You’re in early today.Yeah, my new apartment is much closer to work.How is the new place?Very spacious, but the wallpaper and carperts are horrible. I really need to redecorate.Did you know that I was an interior decorator before I joined this advertising agency?Really? You wouldn’t consider doing it, would you? I’d pay you, of course.Unfortunately, I’m just too busy. But I probably know someone who’d be interested. I’llask around.Great, thanks.ListenAnswer
  19. 19. See Text5.Question: What will the man do?1. Reschedule his fishing trip.2. Leave the party early.3. Go fishing with his neighbors.4. Invite his brother to the party.What’s all that wine for, dear?Don’t you remember? The neighbors are coming over for dinner on Saturday night.I thought that was next weekend.No. it’s on the calendar. And I mentioned it to you on Monday.Ah, I totally forgot, and I’ve made plans with my brother to go fishing early Sundaymorning. I’ll never get up in time if we have a late night Saturday.Can’t you go the following weekend instead?I guess we’ll have to. I’ll call him now.ListenAnswer
  20. 20. See TextListen6.Hello. Can I help you?Yes, I’m looking for a flight to Milan on February 20th.OK. Right now, Air West is offering a special price on its economy class fares to allEuropean cities.Do the fly direct?No, you’d have to transfer in London. The stop over is only 4 hours, though.Only! What else do you have?The cheapest direct option is Central Airlines, but it’s almost $300 more.That’ll be fine.Question: What does the woman decide to do?1. Fly with Air West.2. Take a direct flight.3. Change her destination.4. Travel on a different date.Answer
  21. 21. See TextListen7.Honey, now that Zack has gone off to college, how would you feel about gettinga dog?I thought we already discussed this and agreed that having a dog would be toomuch trouble.But the deciding factor then was Zack’s allergies. He’ll probably only be aroundduring winter vacation.True, but dogs are a real handful. Are you willing to take it to the park every dayno matter how bad the weather is?Hmm…maybe you’re right.Question: Why is the woman opposed to getting a dog?1. There are no parks nearby.2. The couple’s house is too small.3. Her son is allergic to gods.4. Caring for dogs is a lot of work.Answer
  22. 22. See TextListen8.Meg, I need some advice.Sure.I’m looking into teaching English abroad. I heard you took a certification coursebefore you went to teach in Korea. How long did it take?Six months. There’s also a three-month intensive option, but I couldn’t fit thatinto my schedule.Was the course you took expensive?Actually, it was very reasonable. It was all online, and there was notextbook, which saved money. I’ll send you the link to the website.Thanks.Question: What is one thing the woman tells the man aboutthe course she took?1. It was difficult to pass.2. It lasted for three months.3. It did not require a textbook.4. It could not be completed online.Answer
  23. 23. See TextListen9.Question: What will the man probably do?1. Cancel his meeting.2. Take the afternoon off.3. Wait to see if the pain decreases.4. Go to the dentist this morning.My tooth is killing me!When did you last see the dentist, honey?Maybe a few years ago. I never seem to have time.And look where that’s gotten you! Well, Dr. Prashad opens at 8:30, but she’ always busyin the mornings, so you’d have to wait awhile. Or you could take the afternoon off.I have an important meeting after lunch, so that’s out. I’ll just have to go to the officelate this morning.Answer
  24. 24. See TextListen10.Hi, Joe. I heard you bought a new apartment.Not quite. I moved into a new place, though.Oh, so you’re just renting?Yes, I don’t think I’ll be able to buy a place anytime soon.I know what you mean. I couldn’t buy my condo until I’d paid off my college loans.That’s my plan, too. I aim to pay off my current loans before even consideringtaking out any more.Well, that shouldn’t take too long now that you’re a doctor.Question: What do we learn about the man?1. He is looking for a new apartment.2. He is saving money for medical school.3. He does not want to go further into debt.4. He cannot afford to pay his rent.Answer
  25. 25. See TextListen11.Are you making progress with our new budget, honey?Yeah, it’s almost finished.You didn’t completely cut out traveling and entertainment, did you?Well, we only have a limited amount of money we can spend. I’d really like to reduceour debt this year.Me, too. I just think it’s important to have some fun from time to time.OK, but we’ll have to find ways to do it that won’t break the bankQuestion: What is the man’s opinion?1. The couple should eat out less.2. The couple should not take a vacation this year.3. The couple’s budget should include leisure.4. The couple’s budget should not change.Answer
  26. 26. See TextListen12.Hey, Brad. How’s the new tablet computer you bought?Well, it’s handy for some things, but not really worth the price.Are you having problems with it?No. But I was hoping it would make life easier. It hasn’t replaced my laptopcomputer as I’d hoped, so it’s just one more electronic device to carry around.I know what you mean. Technology doesn’t always simplify our lives.Question: What does Brad say about his tablet computer?1. It is not working properly.2. It is less useful than he had hoped.3. It is better than his laptop computer.4. It is making his life easier.Answer
  27. 27. In this section there are 6 passages, press “Listen”button to hear the passage. After there are twoquestion for each passage. Use the arrows to go backand forth between the passage and questions. Choosethe best answer for the question. If you need help, clickon “See Text” and read and then choose the bestanswer.When you are finished with that word, click “Next” to goto the next passage.
  28. 28. FluorideIn 1945, the chemical fluoride started being added to public watersupplies in the U.S. within a few decades, tooth-decay rates inAmerican children decreased by 60%. Today, fluoride is added to thepublic water supplies of about 70% of American towns and cities.The future of fluoride in water is not assured, however. Some studieshave claimed that drinking water containing fluoride can lead tomedical conditions such as bone cancer and arthritis. These claimshave not been proven, but the U.S. Environmental Protection Agencyplans to reduce the safe upper limit for fluoride in public watersupplies. The reason it gives for doing this is that exposure to fluoridefrom other sources is increasing. For example, fluoride-basedchemicals are used in food-processing plants, and these chemicalsoften remain on food.Listen
  29. 29. Questions:13. What have some studies claimed?1. Water quality varies greatly between cities.2. Fluoride in water may result in health problems.3. People drink less tap water than in the past.4. Adding fluoride to the water does not prevent tooth decay.14. Why will fluoride levels be more strictly controlled in the future?1. The public is concerned about fluoride.2. Fluoride affects the taste of drinking water.3. People are consuming fluoride in other ways.4. The cost of adding fluoride to water has increased.ListenAnswers
  30. 30. The Great BustardEurope’s biggest bird, the great bustard, was extinct in the U.K. by the1840’s. The birds originally lived on plains or grasslands, but started livingin cultivated fields when humans developed large-scale farming. As aresult, their nests were often damaged during planting and harvesting.The birds were hunted, until they eventually disappeared completely.Great bustards have also faced threats in other parts of Europe and inAsia, but more than 35,000 still survive there. In 1988, conservationists inRussia began raising great bustards in captivity and releasing them intothe Russian wilderness. The population there eventually became stableenough for some birds to be sent to the U.K. for reintroduction. In 2009,great bustards from Russia that had been released in the U.K. gave birthto young for the first time. Conservationists hope this will become thefirst step toward the reestablishment of a wild U.K. population.Listen
  31. 31. Questions:15. What is one reason the bustards became extinct in the U.K.?1. Their food supply disappeared.2. Their nests were disturbed by farmers.3. They were forced to move to grasslands.4. They could not compete with birds from Asia.16. What happened in 2009?1. The last wild great bustard died in Russia.2. Breeding of great bustards began in Russia.3. Russian conservationists travelled to the U.K.4. Russia-born great bustards reproduced in the U.K.ListenAnswers
  32. 32. Lasting MysteriesMore than a century after Arthur Conan Doyle created fictionaldetective Sherlock Holmes, the mysteries featuring Holmes and hisassistant, Doctor Watson, remain popular worldwide. Conan Doyle’sinspiration for Sherlock Holmes was one of his teachers, a medicalprofessor named Dr. Joseph Bell. Bell diagnosed illnesses using logic andscientific observations. Conan Doyle himself was a doctor, but hispractice was not successful. Ironically, his lack of patients gave him timefor writing.Although the Sherlock Holmes mysteries made Conan Doyle rich, he hadalways wanted to write historical novels. To allow himself to do this, hewrote Holmes’s death into one of his stories in 1893. Almost 10 yearslater, Conan Doyle was attracted back to mystery writing by money anddemand. He brought Holmes back to life and wrote The Hound of theBaskervilles, his most successful story.Listen
  33. 33. Questions:17. What do we learn about Arthur Conan Doyle?1. His medical practice was not busy.2. He taught at a medical school.3. His patients appeared in his stories.4. He did not like his medical-school teachers.18. Why did Conan Doyle write the death of Sherlock Holmesinto one of his stories?1. His stories were not selling well.2. His readers suggested that he do it.3. He wanted to try a different kind of writing.4. He wanted to return to his previous career.ListenAnswers
  34. 34. Working from HomeTelecommuting, or working online for a company from home, is agrowing trend among Americans. Some studies predict that by 2020nearly one-third of the U.S. workforce will telecommute. The mainbenefits of telecommute are increased job satisfaction and reducedenergy for transportation. However, the benefits actually go deeper.Telecommuting expands employment opportunities for thehandicapped and elderly, and it helps working parents balance familyresponsibilities with their careers. It is also good for employers as itgives them access to a bigger workforce and they can save on office andparking space.Morley Winograd, a former AT&T executive, believes young workers aredriving this trend. He says they consider traveling to an office a waste oftime and money because they are accustomed to connecting with theworld mainly through the internet. It seems likely, then, thattelecommuting is here to stay.Listen
  35. 35. Questions:19. What is one benefit of telecommuting?1. Companies can reduce their work forces.2. Companies can recruit workers living overseas.3. People who telecommute earn higher salaries.4. People who telecommute are happier in their jobs.20. What does Morley Winograd believe about young workers?1. They prefer to work part time.2. They prefer to work for internet companies.3. They are not adjusting well to telecommuting.4. They are the reason behind the increase in telecommuting.ListenAnswers
  36. 36. Investigating FruitA recent study at Florida State University suggests apples can reduce risk ofheart attacks. The researchers originally hoped to find out whether prunesinfluenced bone density. As part of their study, they asked one group ofwomen to eat prunes every day and another group to eat apples. In theprocess, they discovered the benefits of apple consumption: It increaseslevels of HDL, a type of cholesterol that helps clear arteries, and reduces LDLcholesterol, which blocks arteries.The Environmental Working Group, a public-health NGO, claims there arerisks to eating apples, however. It puts apples at the top of its list of fruitsand vegetables that contain pesticides. But Ray Gilmer, vice president of theUnited Fresh Produce Association, criticizes the group. He is worried its listunnecessarily discourages people from eating apples and he points out thatthe pesticide levels are within federal safety limits.Listen
  37. 37. Questions:21. What did the Florida State University study reveal?1. Prunes have little effect on bone density.2. Apples seem to be good for the heart.3. Cholesterol levels appear to be rising in women.4. Methods of measuring cholesterol are inaccurate.22. Why does Ray Gilmer criticize the Environmental Working Group?1. It did not consult health professionals.2. It is funded by the fruit industry.3. Its list may make people avoid eating apples.4. Its list does not name the pesticides found.ListenAnswers
  38. 38. River DolphinsThough most dolphins are marine mammals, four known species live inrivers. They share the rounded body shape, pointed snout, and sharpteeth of marine dolphins. However, because these dolphins live inwaters too cloudy to see in, their eyes are underdeveloped. Riverdolphins use echolocation to find their way around. They make clickingsounds and listen to how the sounds bounce off underwater objects.The dolphins also navigate by swimming on their side and trailing onefin along the river bottom.Threats to river dolphins such as pollution and getting caught in fishingnets have led to a drop in populations. The Chinese river dolphin is nowthought to be extinct. In India, the government is trying to persuadefishermen to change the way they fish. It hopes this will help to savethe dolphins that live in the countries rivers.Listen
  39. 39. Questions:23. What is one way river dolphins differ from marine dolphins?1. They do not rely on vision.2. They have a rounded body shape.3. They use their fins to catch food.4. They cannot communicate vocally.24. How is the Indian government trying to save the countries riverdolphins?1. By banning river fishing.2. By reducing pollution in rivers.3. By introducing dolphins from China.4. By encouraging different fishing methods.ListenAnswers
  40. 40. In this section there are 5 Real Life passages, read thesituation and the question as you listen to the passage.Press the “listen” button to listen. Choose the bestanswer for the question. If you need help, click on “SeeText” and read and then choose the best answer.When you are finished with that word, click “Next” to goto the next passage.
  41. 41. ListenAnswers25.I’ll now explain the arrangements for tomorrow’s ceremony. You should allreport to the lobby at 9:15 and line up alphabetically by family name. After themusic begins, follow the faculty into the ceremony hall. Students with familynames beginning with A to J will sit in Row 2. Students with family names K to Rwill take row 3, and those with family names S to Z will be in Row 4 if you’re anhonors student, you’ll be sitting in Row 1 regardless of your name.See TextSituation: Your name is Susan Roper. You are a high-school honors studentand are graduating tomorrow. Your principal is giving instructions for thegraduation ceremony.Question: What should you do after entering the ceremony hall?1. Got to Row 1.2. Got to Row 2.3. Got to Row 3.4. Got to Row 4.
  42. 42. ListenAnswers26.See TextOur team-building workshop will be on the last Saturday of the month. Asusual, you’ll be team leaders. Team members will be given T-shirts to wear atthe workshop, so let Jenny know your team’s sizes by the end of today. If youfind you cannot attend the workshop, let us know as soon as possible so we canchoose someone else to lead your team. Speak to Kaori after the meeting if youalready know you can’t attend. Oh, one more thing. We’ll be eating lunchtogether, so inform Larry of any special dietary requirements for your team.Situation: You are at a manager’s meeting. The head of your department makesthe following announcement. You will attend your son’s wedding on Saturday the29th.Question: What should you do?1. Return your T-shirt to Jenny.2. Speak to Kaori after the meeting.3. Cancel your special lunch order.4. Find someone to take your place.
  43. 43. ListenAnswers27.See TextMagazine World has the best deals on hundreds of magazine subscriptions.Check on line at MWorld.com to see our wide selection at unbelievable prices.Get Newsframe for only $60 a year. That’s 48% off the cover price! Simply callour toll-free number and choose to pay by credit card now or be billed later. Ifyou pay now, we’ll take an additional 5% off. But that’s not all. Subscribe for twoyears and you’ll be eligible to win a two-week vacation in Hawaii.Situation: you want to subscribe to Newsframe Magazine. You hear thefollowing commercial on the radio.Question: What should you do to get the best price?1. Pay when you place your order.2. Order the magazine online.3. Subscribe for at least two years.4. Order more than one magazine.
  44. 44. ListenAnswers28.See TextYou have reached the Slater Health Clinic automated phone service. The clinic iscurrently closed. Regular hours are weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. if you have amedical emergency, please hang up and call 911. If you are registered as apatient and are experiencing symptoms of a nonemergency kind, enter yourpatient number to speak to our Advice Nurse. To make an appointment to see adoctor, please call again during opening hours or go to the websiteSlaterhealth.com.Situation: It is 7 p.m. on Monday. You have a mild stomachache and want totalk to someone about your symptoms today. You call the clinic where you areregistered and hear the following recorded message.Question: What should you do?1. Go to the clinic.2. Visit the clinic’s website.3. Enter your patient’s number.4. Call a different phone number.
  45. 45. ListenAnswers29.See TextFirst- semester students from overseas are only allowed to work on campus.Unfortunately, you didn’t put your name on the employment list when youapplied for admission, and all on-campus positions have been filled. Jobssometimes come up during the semester, though, so go online right away andadd your name to the list. If you earn at least a 2.5 grade point average in the firstsemester, you’ll be allowed to work off-campus from the second term. Once youstart a job, you should register with the Citizenship and Immigration Servicewithin one week.Situation: You are a new overseas student at a U.S. university. You want to workpart time as soon as possible. Your student advisor tells you the following.Question: What should you do first?1. Take the job on campus.2. Find employment off campus.3. Put your name on the employment list.4. Contact the Citizenship and Immigration Service.
  46. 46. In this section there are 2 Long passages, followed by 10questions (5 questions - vocabulary and 5 questions –understanding. Press the “listen” button to listen to thepassage. Us the arrows to go back and forth betweenthe passage and the questions. Choose the best answerfor the question. If you need help, click on “See Text”and read and then choose the best answer.When you are finished with the first passage, click“Next” to go to the next passage.
  47. 47. FlagsThe first flags were probably in China. People flew flags in China over 4,000 yearsago. Each part of the army had its own flag so the soldiers could see theirleaders. Early flags were sticks of wood. They had pictures cut into the wood.Iran had metal flags about 3,000 years ago. Old Greek coins show pictures offlags. People in Rome also used flags over 2,000 years ago. People first madeflags of cloth about 2,000 years ago. Those flags looked like today’s flags.Flags are important at sea. Most ships fly their own country’s flag and the flag ofthe country they are visiting. When a ship flies only its own flag, it is ready tofight. Every country now has a flag. Every U.S. state has a flag. Clubs, teams, andschools have flags.The Olympics has a flag. The Olympics flag has five rings of five colors. Each ringstands for, or represents, a continent. It means that people from five continents –Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America – come to play.Railway lines also use flags. Railway flags tell the trains what to do. For example,a red flag tells the train to stop, just like a stop sign. A blue, white, or green flagtells the train that it can go. A blue flag on the side of a train means someone isworking on the train. It means nobody can move the train.Listen
  48. 48. Vocabulary:1) Another word for cloth is…A. color.B. fabric.C. metal.D. wood.2) Ships are…A. boats.B. coins.C. flags.D. teams.3) Another way to sayrepresents is…A. flies.B. visits.C. works on.D. stands for.4) Continents are…A. countries.B. kinds of games.C. large pieces of land.D. pictures cut in wood.5) If you tell someone informationyou…A. receive information from them.B. want information from them.C. take information from them.D. give information to them.ListenAnswers
  49. 49. Questions:1) The first flags were made of…A. woodB. clothC. ringsD. metal2) How many flags do mostships fly?A. 0B. 1C. 2D. 33) The Olympics flag has…A. five ringsB. five colorsC. five countriesD. Both A and B are correct.4) A white flag tells a train that…A. it can go.B. it should stop.C. it has to be careful.D. nobody can move the train.5) People flew the first flags…A. less than 2,000 years ago.B. about 2,000 years ago.C. about 3,000 years agoD. more than 4,000 years ago.ListenAnswers
  50. 50. Ice FishingThe first tip for a good day of ice fishing is to wear the right clothes. You shoulddress in layers. Wear 2 or 3 shirts, so you can take off a layer when you arewarm. Wear a face mask, a warm hat with ear flaps over your ears, and warmgloves and boots.The second tip is to stay warm. Some people put up cloth tents when they goice fishing. Some people own small ice houses where they can stay warm. Youcan use a small heater inside the tent or outside on the ice. Be sure to take ahot drink like hot chocolate. You should move around to stay warm. Somepeople take ice skates.The third tip is to check the ice. Look at it carefully. The ice must be 4 or moreinches thick. This is the ice rule: “Thick and blue, tried and true. Thin andcrispy, way too risky.” Thick ice is safe for ice fishing. Thin ice is dangerous.The fourth tip is to take the right tools. You need to drill a hole in the ice withan ice drill. Then make the hole bigger with a chopping tool, like an ax. Youneed to carry your bait in a bait bucket. Use worms or small fish for bait. Youneed a chair to sit on. Take a folding chair so you can carry it easily. Be sure totake your fish hooks and fishing rod! Pull all your tools on a sled. Take your cellphone. You might need to call for help.Listen
  51. 51. Vocabulary:1) Tents are…A. hatsB. bootsC. heatersD. shelters2) Another way to say check is…A. look over carefully.B. cut with an ax.C. follow the rule.D. use the right tool.3) Something that is risky is…A. safe.B. thick.C. crispy.D. dangerous.4) What is bait?A. Something the fish want to eatB. A kind of pail or bucketC. Something to sit onD. None of the above.5) A folding chair is a chair that…A. you should take ice fishing.B. you can fold to make smaller.C. you can carry easily.D. All of the above.ListenAnswers
  52. 52. Questions:1) You need ear flaps over your earsto…A. keep water out of your ears.B. protect your ears from noise.C. keep your ears warm.D. Both A and B are correct.2) You should move around to…A. keep warm in the cold weather.B. keep from falling in the water.C. scare the large animals away.D. make the fish come to you.3) How should you check the ice?A. Look at the ice carefully.B. Chop a hole in the ice.C. Drill a hole in the ice.D. Skate on the ice.4) What can you use forbait?A. Hot chocolateB. Small fishC. WormsD. Both B and C arecorrect.5) How thick must the icebe?A. 2 inchesB. 3 inchesC. 4 inchesD. 5 inchesListenAnswers